How to Find a Village in Minecraft [An up-to-date Guide]

Are you exploring to know how to find a village in Minecraft? Minecraft is one of the most satisfying game experiences in modern gaming and has been for a while now. The game came out to an overwhelmingly confident reception in 2009. And has only gone from strength to strength with each new addition.

Moreover, Minecraft has been able to not only hold a sizeable large player base but also attracted new players over the years. There is a tonne of ways by which Minecraft rewards the most curious players and rewards exploration.

One of the most interesting parts of a Minecraft world, all of which are unique and randomly generated, are villages. They appear seemingly randomly in the world, and every planet in Minecraft will have them spawned in different locations.

There are a few ways through which you can find the village in Minecraft in Creative or Survival mode.

What are the Villagers?

Merriam-Webster describes a villager as an inhabitant of a village. That about sums it up. If you need more information, villagers are peaceful mobs that reside inside procedurally-generated villages in your Minecraft worlds. Villagers can trade a wide variety of goods with you in exchange for emeralds and other goods. which makes them a valuable commodity if you’re not the exploring type.

More than that, they add a fair bit of liveliness to your worlds, instead of a variety of different-colored trees and weirdly-shaped land masses being your only company. Having a village nearby has limited—but fiercely significant—benefits if your playstyle aligns with them. They come in a ton of variations, most often according to the job they have.

Farmers use straw hats, while blacksmiths use leather aprons, and so on. This gives a quick method to find which variety of villagers you’re looking for, as each profession will create the villager to trade different things. Villagers will also behave differently depending on their job.

A farmer will tend to crops and give food to the other villagers. An unemployed villager will walk around a lot more, while a nitwit (a special kind of villager that is unable to take a job) will do nothing but walk and sleep.

How to Find a Village in Minecraft

Villages spawn randomly throughout the world, and as far as we can tell, at least one will always generate in each world. It’s probable that more than one village can spawn, as well. While there isn’t a specific, full-proof method for village finder (other than utilizing console commands, which we’ll get to shortly).

There are things you can do to make them easier to track down. For starters, these are the biomes that typically include villages:

  • Dessert
  • Plains
  • Sunflower plains (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Savanna
  • Taiga
  • Taiga hills (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Snowy taiga biome (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Snowy taiga hills (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Snowy tundra

Additional Tips to find the village in Minecraft

We also found that villages tend to spawn near water, so be on the view for bays and beaches. It’s recommended to skip searching the mountaintops, jungles, and areas with thick, massive forests. Villages are small, but they still need some room to produce. which is why it’s best to bypass looking for them in areas that are crammed.

In Survival mode, the most reliable method to find a village is to visit a high point and look off into the distance. Creatively, the same concept applies, but you can fly up to the clouds to get a better look. With that being said, a good command of thumb is to jump into Settings, then head to Video, and go down to Render Distance. Here, it would be best if you increased it to its maximum, which will improve the game’s draw distance, making it easier to see areas from far away.

Your experience with this trait will vary depending on the machine you’re on. High-end PCs will be able to perform much more at any given time than a Nintendo Switch or mobile device.

The other technique to quickly find a village is by typing in the following console command: /locate Village. Typing locate village will show you the coordinates of the villages on-screen. Which you can follow to the exact location of it. Again, this will be different for each world.

However, if you’re having trouble finding a village, although of which mode you’re in. So, you can create a new world, or type in a preferred seed to generate a specific world you enjoy.

How to Find a Village in Minecraft: Zombie-Type Villages

Be alert in your approach to exploring many villages you find in Minecraft. There’s a 2% chance of a village generating as a zombie village instead. The spawned villagers of a zombie village will instead be zombie villagers who may attack you.

You’ll notice that a village is a zombie village by detecting the absence of doors or torches in the villagers’ houses. Some cobblestones are replaced by cobwebs, while brown stained glass panes replace glass panes. It produces a horror atmosphere in the whole village.

This is why it’s essential for you to indeed pay attention to how to find a village in Minecraft. So, you can avoid any danger in the future.

Frequently asked question

Question: How typical are villages in Minecraft?

Answer: A village has a possibility of generating as an abandoned village (formerly a zombie village). This chance is 2% in Java Edition and appears to be 25%-30% in Bedrock Edition. In an abandoned village, all created villagers are rather zombie villagers, and each door and light source is missing.

Question: Can I spawn a village in Minecraft?

Answer: Minecraft villages can be located in plains, savanna, taiga, snowy tundra, and desert biomes, and generate naturally. Village features create randomly, and the number of buildings making up a village can vary, as well as the building structure.

Question: Can villagers steal your stuff in Minecraft?

Answer: So here is my quick little idea. If a villager dislikes your quiet when you are not seeing he will go into a chest nearby, lift some of the stuff, then run away with it. The amount of things he steals depends on how much he hates you.

Question: Do Pillager banners attract pillagers?

Answer: In Minecraft, representing a Pillager banner will not bring Pillagers to your base. However, if you affect Bad Omen and you enter a village, then pillagers will come to your floor and attempt to attack you. The more major raid captains you win at the outposts, the more important your Bad Omen effect stacks.


in this post, we have shared how you can find the village in the Minecraft game and some additional tips to help you. If you want to know more about Minecraft so navigate to our site and find some other solutions related to Minecraft. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this guide in the comment section.

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