How to Fix a Dev Error 6634 (Quick Solutions & Hacks)

Searching for how to fix dev error 6634?

Call of Duty: Warzone is played, loved, and cheered by many in the gaming world. However, lately, a large number of players experiencing the error of “Dev error 6634.” This error evicts the players between the game, which is quite frustrating. Besides, the reason behind this error varies. Still, we have curated a list of practical solutions that will end this error.

The Scanning and Repairing of the Games Files – dev error 6634

This error of Dev error 6634 points to the integrity issue in the game files. The typical solution one could do is to uninstall and reinstall the game. But, you can instead scan and repair the game files to wipe out this issue. This process can quickly be followed in the following steps:

  1. Go to the client and open it.
  2. Present on the left menu, choose the option of Call of Duty: Warzone, and press on the options to select Scan and Repair.
  3. Now press the option of Begin Scan. It will complete in some time
  4. As soon as it is done, open the game and play as usual

The graphic Driver needs to be Updated.

It is often reported that crashes in the Call of Duty series are primarily attributed to graphic-related. This means your game is stuck in between or had a compatibility issue. It will probably be because a graphic driver has been outdated or broken. So, it is highly recommended that the games update their drivers on time. The importance of new drivers is several. They improve the experience of your game. Besides enhancing your gaming experience, compatibility issues such as lagging and constant crashing are also fixed. The process of the graphic driver update can be done in two ways manually or automatically.

Update Manually

The updated GPU driver is manual and can be easy. To update it, visit the GPU manufacturers of your computer’s graphic Driver. The famous GPU manufacturers are NVIDIA, AMD, and INTEL.

Check for your in-built GPU model. Now, remember to download the latest driver installer in line with your OS. As soon as the download is completed, go to the installer, open it, and follow the instructions to update.

Update Automatically

To update manually takes time and a lot. Instead, updating automatically is a quick and easy way to update your graphic drivers. In this case, Driver Easy will help you automatically assess your system to find the right drivers for your graphic card.

warzone dev error 6634
warzone dev error 6634

Dev Error 6634 – All Windows Updates Need to be Installed

Microsoft routinely launched Windows updates that include a range of security patches and other important stuff. Consequently, besides drivers, you also need to make sure that your system is up to snuff and avoids other strange errors.

How to update manually?

Check the following steps to find out how to do it.

  1. Press the logo of Windows on the keyboard. In the left corner of the bottom screen, click on the options icon of Gear to open the settings.
  2. Navigate down to the option of Update & Security and select it
  3. Left-click on the Windows update
  4. Now click on checking for updates as soon as the process is completed. When the process is completed, start your computer again.

When all the system updates are installed, the message “You are Up to Date” will show up as you click on the option of Check for updates for the second time.

As soon as the Windows updates are installed, start your computer again and see if the error is gone.

Try reinstalling all shaders.

Shaders are used to render various pixels of any program. There were reports by some Warzone players that their dev error 6634 ended with installing the shaders again. Give it a shot!

Below are the steps to follow to reinstall the shaders

  1. Open Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and launch the options
  2. Scroll down to the tab graphics. Press the option of Restart Shaders Installation
  3. Press the button of RESTART to go-ahead
  4. As soon as the process is completed. Then reopen the game and check if the error of Dev error 6634 is ended.

Dev Error 6634 – Change Your Gears

This ‘dev error 6634’ can also be occurred due to a glitch in the game. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare switching to loadouts of Modern Warfare end this error. As a result, say you are playing with the gears, including loadout operators in the COD: Black Ops, then change it to COD: Modern Warfare and see if the problems solve or not. On the other hand, all the skins in the should be removed.

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