How To Fix Controller Drift with Several Methods

How to fix controller drift? We see nowadays that the gaming industry is booming and generates income for gamers. Gaming is far more expressive than ever before. If we talk Controller drift, it is your money generator if you are an Xbox or PlayStation gamer. And using it too much may cause some harm to your console, and the consequences shall be damage to the controller drift because the console drifts while playing are used a lot.

There are various techniques to fix a gaming console either we’ll open it to fix it or try to fix it softly. Fix by opening things you need to rub alcohol on the analog stick controller roller. Moreover, a quick solution is toggling the controller drift repeatedly, which might resolve the problem.

To find the solution for setting up your controller drift, I think you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the topic.

What The Heck Is Console Drift

The controller drift is the analog stick, mainly two on a single console. Controller drift is designed differently. Both the Xbox & PlayStation console is diverse, so the performance and activity of those two are also different. You can set the work for your drift by going to video game settings and setting it up for which purpose the drift will be used. The drift can be controlled by using a thumb. However, wiggle it with the help of your thumb and give movements to your game character.

Fix Controller Drift By Opening It

Fix Controller Drift By Opening It
Fix Controller Drift By Opening It

Most of the time drift of your console needs to suffer because when you are into a video game, you might hardly use the drifts. In case the right side of the analog stick harm mostly. So without further, let’s go into the process.

1.     Apply alcohol to the analog stick

We used a special type of alcohol called isopropyl in the procedure. Take a cotton stick and apply the alcohol to it and then grab your console and apply this gently to your analog thumb stick. Apply it to all the corners of the thumbstick. Clean it with alcohol properly because sometimes the dust goes in and dilemmas your drift.

2.     Test your console drift

After cleaning it up, test your console drift by opening your game and using it. If it still troubles you and your object in the game is moving twice the time though you move it once. Then we need to go into the depth of the problem. We’ll figure it out in the next step.

3.     Open the controller with T-9 or T-8 Torx& fix

Open your pad with T8 & T9 Torx. After you open the hardware looks complicated and typical to you. Roll the analog sticks to ensure the console’s functions are working perfectly; check if stick drift is loose.If they are loose, exchange them for new ones by installing them with plastic or silver shim. Test it again to ensure that your issue got resolved.

4.     Change springs to fix controller drift

Removing the spring will solve the issue if none of the above techniques work. To change the spring on the green motherboard of the console, pry off sea green plastic covers and take out the springs. And install another spring, either take it from another controller or buy a new one. After then, place the sea green cover back again and test your operation.

5.     Install new stick drift

To Install the new analog drift, remove the circuit board. For this process, you’ll need a desoldering iron gun to apply a new stick drift. Remove the old one, apply the new drift by soldering, and go for the operation test.

Change The Batteries of the Console to Get the Problem Solved

Sometimes issues detect from a place that you’ve never expected. While you struggled with changing and fixing the issue, you came to know that it was a problem with the batteries. That situation will be horrifying for you. However, before getting into the technical stuff, check if your battery is alive or dead; if it’s dead, change it with a new one. Possibilities are that this might solve the issue.

Update Your Joy Con Controller inThe Nintendo System

Are you a Nintendo Switch controller player and often use it most of your time? I think updating it is the finest solution. You need to consider one thing the controller needs an update after a while. In case of not updating, consequences should be faced in the form of stick drift issues like glitches or lacking in video games.

To do a controller system update, follow the process step by step.

  1. Head to your Nintendo system, go to the main menu, and select system settings from the bottom right.
  2. Six option shows on the next screen. Select the fourth option of controller and sensors.
  3. On the right side of the screen, more option appears. Click on update controllers.
  4. After clicking the update controller, the system goes updating. Wait for a moment once the system updates – click “ok.”

Calibrate Joysticks for Better Control Sticks Performance

Better Control Sticks Performance
Better Control Sticks Performance

Recalibrating is like refreshing a system often used for a joy-con refresh. Players used to recalibrate when they found issues with the drift stick. But calibrating without any problem makes it worse. This process is for users who have issues with their analog stick.

  1. Click on system settings from the main menu.
  2. Head towards the control and sensor option.
  3. A new window opens under the update controller’s option. Click on calibrate control sticks.
  4. Then the system asks you to press down the stick that causes an issue. Turn down the stick.
  5. After then, the system gives you a disclaimer that recalibrates when the stick is not working perfectly, so play safe. Press the x to recalibrate and select calibrate option. Follow the on-screen instruction.
  6. When all is done, click ok.


  1. how to fix ps4 controller drift

Ensure your controller is turned off and follow the steps until the PS4 controller works properly.

  • Reset PS5 Controller – reset the dualshock4. It can resolve issues that suddenly pop up and if a soft reset doesn’t work, try a hard reset process.
  • Get Your PS4 Controller Repaired or Replaced by Sony – if you know your controller is relatively new and still under warranty. Go to the PS repair and replace page, choose DualShock4, and follow the prompts to see if you qualify for a free repair or replacement.

2. how to fix Xbox controller drift

Consider following the steps to fix the Xbox controller drift issue that is easy to understand.

  • Remove the controller batteries (If you are using a wired controller, disconnect the wire).
  • Pour 70% isopropyl alcohol on the cotton ball.
  • Rub the cotton ball from the edges of the thumbstick.
  • Let the controller dry for 40 to 60 sec and repeat the steps more than 2 times or until the thumb sticks no longer drift.
  • Now connect your controller to see any drift problems in the game.

3. how to fix ps5 controller drift

follow the fixes that will resolve your PS5 controller drift.

  • Adjust the input threshold for the DualSense controller
  • Clean your DualSense controller
  • Lift and rotate the thumbsticks
  • Reset & update the DualSense controller
  • Return back to DualSense Controller to Sony

Fix Controller Drift: Final Verdict

There are various categories of consoles designed and modified according to their company terms and conditions. That’s why keeping this in mind – We created a basic pattern that will somehow apply to all the consoles, and you possibly find some issues while fixing them. So don’t get confused because the interior might look different. However, the form & structure will be the same.

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