How to Fix Corrupted Data on PS4 in a Few Minutes

Everyone loves playing a variety of amazing and exciting games on PS4 Consoles. But it’squite frustrating whenthe error message pop up, such as “Corrupted Data,” cannot save the data because it is corrupted.”These arethe fewerrorsthat appearwhen you turn on your video game console like PlayStation4 and try to play a game.Frequently it does not even let you learn about this problem. You’ll notice that the game you’re trying to open takes a lot of time to load, eventually making it impossible to play.

Along with the PS4 corrupted error, you cannot not even access, edit, or update data on the PS4 or the Database. No matter which consoles you’re using,newer or more updated,even the computers get interrupted, and such issues in these devices are unavoidable.

In most cases, players speculate there’s something wrong with their PS4 console. However, this problem does not always associate with the console itself, but it occurs due to the game data, which can be addressed easily.

So, you don’t need to roam around anywhere as we’ll walk you through an in-depth guide onHow to Fix Corrupted Data on Ps4.

Signs that show Corrupted Data on Ps4

Firstly, you should look at the following factors that show corrupted Data on Ps4.

show Corrupted Data on Ps4
show Corrupted Data on Ps4
  • You will get the error message that the PS4 Database is corrupted and automatically restarts.
  • The game is strangely slow and takes a long time to load.
  • PS4 won’t read the disc.
  • PS4 stuttering when playing games.
  • It runs slowly through the menu.

Common Reasons behind this Issue

Here are some common reasons, particularly involving database/data corruption on PS4.

  • Due to an improper game file installation.
  • Hardware Failure.
  • Incomplete PS4 system software installation or update.
  • Corrupted file header.
  • Hard Drive is malfunctioning.
  • The system File gets corrupted
  • Due to the media storage corruption
  • Game glitch causing an error

Hopefully, you get to know your specific issuehere. Now let’s head straight to the corrupted data on PS4 fixing methods to get your gaming console run again!

Method-1 Find &Eliminate Corrupted PS4 Games Files Manually

Generally, the users manage to solve corrupted data ps4 errorsby deleting the corrupt data automatically. So, it would be great to try it by applying the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Open up the PS4 settings.
  2. Go to the System Storage Management.
  3. Now, move to the Saved Data and select the Media Player option.
  4. Here, you’ll see the Media player folder. Check out the “corrupt data” saved files.
  5. Tap on the Delete button to clean up thesaved corrupt data file.
  6. After removing thiscorrupted folder, your video game file might be deleted. Don’t panic!Feel free to reinstall the game that will fix PS4’s corrupted data.

Method 2 Reconstruct the PS4 Database

Another method you can try is to reconstruct the Database. Through this, the playstation4 will read the corrupted files and establish a database of all content for you.Before going into this process, you must boot in safe mode by applying the simple steps described below to reconstruct your corrupted PS4 database.

  1. Boot Your PS4 in safe mode by turning off your play station console. Later, tap on the power until you hear the sound of two beeps. One you’ll hear after pressing the button and the next after a few seconds.
  2. Once you’re PS4 Booted into a safe mode, get started with steps for reconstructing the PS4 Database.
  3. The first thing is to link your PS4 Controller to the console using a USB cable.
  4. Click on the Rebuild Database text and wait for the process to get done.

Imp Note: Let us tell you that this procedure can take a little longer. Therefore, you must turn off your console and wait until it completes. And don’t get mad if you see a black screen, as it is normal.

Method3 Uninstall the downloaded PS4 Files & Reinstall them

Do you know that corrupted game data can also get you closer to a PS4 corrupted error?Yes, and to fix the corrupt data error on PS4, we recommend you delete the original downloaded PS4 setups and Download them again!

Let’s start work on the steps to do so.

  1. On your PS4 console, head to the Notifications interface.
  2. Secondly, go to Downloads & pick the content.
  3. Now hit the options in your gaming controller & delete all the downloaded content.
  4. Finally, reinstall the files and double-check whether your problem is fixed.

Method- 4Recover PS4 License

There might be the possibility that your game license gets corrupted or goes out of sync with the account. It brings data corruption issuesto your play station. Especially in this scenario, restoring the game licenses can work for you distinctively.

Let’s start instructing to deal with it.

  • Open thePS4Controller and move toward the settings
  • Click on the option shown as Account Management
  • And select the Restore License button.

Method 5- Initialize PS4

Initializing your PS4 is pretty effective for sorting out the corrupted PS4 Database error. This method will rebuild the system settings to default values by removing the data secured on the system storage.

  • In a safe mode screen, connect Dualshock 4 Controller through USB.
  • Click the PS Home button to switch on your computer.
  • Now, choose Initialization and tap “Initialize PS4-Redownload system Software”.

Alert:While following this, you may lose all your data on the console. Instead, use a PS4 data recovery tool like stellar data Recovery to create a backup of your game’s crucial data to an external drive.

Method-6 Format PS4 Internal Hard Drive

Once in a while, you might face a database corruption error problem due to a corrupted or malfunctioning hard drive. This signifies some bad sectors exist even if your HDD does not store data properly.You can fully format your PS4 internal hard drive with simple steps.

Here they are:

  • Connect your Playstation4 set to a PC or laptop using the USB external hard drive enclosure.
  • When your PC recognizes it starts functioning in a full format.

Doing this will delete errors from your PS4 hard drive and restore performance. Now, check for the Database is corrupted. The Playstation4 will restart the error.

Other Solutions

Still, if you’re facing the PS4 data corrupted error with the game patch, try out the guidelines below.

  • Get into the home screen, highlight the game application & click on the Options button to choose Check for update.
  • Here, you need to identify the error with a game from the PS store. Then, open the library to select the application to download the file.
  • Are you still stuck but not getting this error fixed? It’s time to switch the original HDD and reinstall the system software from the Playstation official Website. As soon as the reinstallation is completed then, re-download the content.

Few Hacks to KeepYour PS4 Secure from Corrupted Database/Data Errors

It would be best to initially take care of and be aware of problems in PS4. Here’re a few preventives to keep your PS4 secure.

Corrupted DatabaseData Errors
Corrupted DatabaseData Errors
  • One of the easiest ways to encounter errors is to ensure your internet connectivity is stable and steady.
  • It’s better to enable rest mode or shut it down completely, so you can easily overcome issues in the Playstation console.
  • Try to connect your console to your router through an ethernet cable instead of wifi, which could tackle the signal interruption.
  • Create a backup of your PS4 hard drive every time.
  • Daily, rebuild the PS4 Database even if the Database is not corrupted.
  • Download the extended external storage to protect your game data.

We hope you find all these hacks and fixes helpful for solving all the errors you’re facing in your PS4 gaming controller. Moreover, if you have any other queries regarding this matter, let us know in the comment box.

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