How to Gameshare on Xbox (Easiest Steps to Gameshare)

Game share on Xbox is one of the most significant features the gaming world has ever seen over the last decade. So in this guide, we will let you know about it. If you know that your friend has a great game library on his Xbox consoles, you will become enthusiastic about learning how to gameshare on Xbox. As gameshare allows you to access the game library with your trusted friend. Additionally, you can even play the games together and also share your Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, and Xbox memberships. So let’s move on to the process of sharing the game with a friend.

What do you Mean by Game share on Xbox

Gameshare is a fun feature that allows you to share the games you have in your game library with your friends. It will enable players to share their whole digital Xbox console library with friends so that they can access and play their favorite games. Moreover, you can easily share the game with your buddies. Hence, you can also play together with your friends online. But, keep in mind that game share only works between Xbox One and Series S/A users, and only one person can utilize it at a time.

how to gameshare on xbox one
how to gameshare on xbox one

How to Gameshare on Xbox One

The game sharing feature on Xbox is an excellent way to cut the cost of games, and you can explore various games by accessing the friend game library. The given steps help you explain what you and your friend will do.

Before you start, you and your friend will need each other’s systems and be willing to swap your account info, such as email linked with your Xbox accounts and passwords. Moreover, you have to do the process again once you have linked your Xbox One to their account and another time when you have linked their Xbox One to your own account. So let’s explore the given steps to share the game.

  • First, you have to press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide.
  • Second, scroll and swipe left to the login tab.
  • Next, choose the “Add new” option.
  • After that, get your friend’s Microsft account email or phone number along with a password. They used to log in or allow them to sign in on your Xbox One.
  • Then, review the privacy statement summary and tap on the “Next” option.
  • Next, make your preferences.
  • Push the Xbox button on the controller to view the guide, and then select “Home” to go back to the home screen.
  • Next, scroll left, choose your friend’s Gamertag, and choose “Sign in.”

By following the above steps, your friend’s Xbox profile is now on your Xbox One, but there’s one more set of steps to go through before you have productively got their games. So let’s move to the steps.

  • When you log in with your friend’s Xbox account, push the Xbox button on the controller to view the guide.
  • Then, choose System > Personalization and then go to My Home Xbox.
  • After that, create this “My Home Xbox” to allocate the consoles as your home Xbox.

Once you have added each other’s accounts to your Xbox consoles and correctly set up your related home Xboxes. You will be able to access each other’s game libraries and game passes.

Guidelines For Gameshare on Xbox

Here, we will discuss some tips while playing the game on Xbox One. So let’s learn.

  • Keep in mind that game sharing is restricted to two people at a time. So you will not be able to add another person into the mix unless you discontinue game sharing with your original game share partner.
  • You can only gameshare with the person you trust the most. Your account details are sensitive, and you do not wish them to end up in the hands of someone. Who may use them for wicked purposes.
  • It will only work with digital copies of games. So, you would not be able to gameshare with the physical copies because they can only be used with one Xbox at a time.


Q1. How many times can we share the game on Xbox?

When the accounts are shared with the partners, they can play the games infinite times. Keep in mind that one account can only be shared with one player at a time. Meanwhile, you must know that the My Home Xbox account can be changed only five times a year.

Q2. How do I remove my Xbox account from other Xbox consoles?

You can easily remove your account from someone else’s Xbox by following the given steps.

  • Push the Xbox button to view the guide.
  • Choose “Profile & System” > settings > account > remove accounts.
  • After that, choose the account you wish to erase and tap Remove to confirm it.

Final Words

Take advantage of your Xbox gameshare feature to start sharing your game library with a trusted friend. Hence, Microsft introduced this user-friendly feature that helps users access their friends’ accounts and their game libraries to play whatever they wish. This feature saves users a lot of money and is the best way to cover their gaming expenses. Still, if you have faced any issues with gamesharing, please let us know about your issue in the comment section. So that we will come back to you with an easy solution.

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