How To Get Better At Valorant Tips That Nobody Tells You

Getting better at valorant is not a big deal if you are passionate about it. It’s common to be failed every time but keep practicing is what creates legends. Word NOOB you often hear from your gaming surroundings. It mostly happens to everybody at their start. Even the pros you see also go through this.

However, you need to perform some practices and tricks to become a valorant expert. In addition, it is a long journey instead of present cookie chunks, so there is a lot to handle in the beginning stages. But at last, success will be on your feet.

We’ve come up with some tips & tricks which you might not have heard before, but we were going to explain how you can become a badass valorant player in this article. Let’s dive and knockout mockers in the valorant.

Tips That’ll Make You Better At Valorant

It’s a complete journey that puts your efforts into life slowly, but we have some important tips which will fasten your time span and make your dream come true of becoming a better valorant player.

You Better At Valorant
You Better At Valorant

1.     Improve your aim

Everyone love practicing their aim but developing that initial foundation for aiming can be tough. However, we’re going to review some basics. If you feel that your aim is pretty much fine, maybe reading a little will give you some extra information.

Therefore, the most common way to start working on our aim is by first getting into the practice range. Timeline for how you can track your progress and gradually bump up the difficulty with your aiming.

Grab any gun and focus on spraying down bots on easy mode and getting headshots. Moreover, it works your way toward being able to work consistently. Try shooting at least 30 bots every time to get the medium range.

In the medium range, stand still and spray down to enemies before they get disappear. This improves your ability to track enemies fast and have good crosshair placement. Aim right at enemies’ heads if you want to get rid of these enemies.

Aim a little higher if hitting mostly body shots though aim lower if you are hovering over the enemy’s head. However, aim a bit slower if you are hitting off to the side. Only flick faster when you get better at aiming. Add movement after achieving your 25-30 targets.

2.     Better positioning yourself at valorant

No matter if you have the best aiming qualities without any positioning, it isn’t very worthy. Most peoples start off valorant, aimlessly running around. Chances are, if you’re one of theseplayers, you probably run into the faces of multiple enemies at once.

No matter how good your aim is, you’re not going to win most of your duels if you are against more than one enemy at a time.

However, the best positioning is focusing on which play you need to stand on rather than following others. Every duel you end up with is a 1 vs.1, and you have methods of escaping if that’s not the case, we can use the aim here we’ve just practiced.

Suppose I am on the A site, enemies are pushing through the main, and I choose to play right in front of the face of the A entrance. Given the situation, this is a decent position, engaging with the first player peeking out.

Plus, its angle is atypical of what most players are used to, making it a tougher shot for them to hit. I also have the wall by the side, so if the enemy hits me with a crazy multiplayer peek. I can easily backaway to safety.

You need to ask yourself 2 questions while positioning

  • Am I set up to only take a 1vs1 duel
  • Do enemies expect me to be here

3.     Use your abilities

Ability is the only key that decides your future role in the valorant. However, it is the most crucial thing we’ve seen many people not focus on. Most of the time, players wouldn’t understand whether they are putting their ability to their full potential or not.

However, ability helps in many aspects when you are not good at aiming in valorant, whether smoke to slow down a push or a good charge onto the site with a duelist. Moreover, abilities work in aspect if you are not shooting the heads.

Try this practice on your own by applying a new strategy to the game and analyzing whether this strategy works or not. Likewise, I experimented with my friend by giving him the fps games on one mission though he was not familiar with this before, and that was to use sage’s wall to block off A main every round.

This achieved 2 things 1. It got him using his abilities 2. It helps us cover 2 checkpoints that the enemy can go through. That was basically the worst idea because my friend didn’t know how to aim. So I distracted the enemies initially so that my friend knocked them off. This trick couldn’t have been done if I don’t use my ability. To boost your abilities, replace your old strategies with new ones repeatedly.

4.     Sense of Gaming

game sense is actually a thing that grows on you after time passes. It is an inner quality where you can sense from which place an enemy can attack you. Honestly speaking, you can not build this quality overnight, but you need to practice it.

However, this was the hardest thing to do because it naturally came out after the experience. You need to be put in certain situations and learn what plays work and what do not though the best way to do this is to record your match and watch it. You should put an eye on two scenarios: fall back with your teammates or go for greedy kills.

In my opinion, pinch with your teammates and learn every move they apply during a fight. Therefore, the benefit you get with this is you’ll be safe from the enemy while combating because your team partners fight along with you, and you get to know more about their playing abilities.

Take my word. In a short time, you’ll achieve your goal of becoming a better valorant player soon if you practice the strategy taught.


How much training should I do to perfect my aim?

There is no time limit because it all depends on your passion. However, if you still want to know the estimated time of your aiming practice. It is about an hour or half an hour a day minimum.

How can I enhance my abilities while playing valorant?

Ability is a thing that generates over time. Hence, to grow your ability on valorant, you need to watch your previous matches and make new strategies again and again. This is the only way you can enhance your abilities.

What is a sense of gaming?

When you get an expert in games, a feeling automatically creates inside you which tells you every single aspect of where an enemy should attack so you can make your strategy along.

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