How to Get Mega Energy in Pokémon Go-3 Quick Ways

It seems frustrating to feel low while evolving Pokémon in Mega Evolution. But what can you do to get power, especially if you are evolving for the first time? For that purpose, you need to have MegaEnergy to get Mega Pokémon. So, no need to be concerned. You are on the right page where you will know how to get Mega Energy in Pokémon Go, which you can collect in multiple ways.

Hence, when you have Mega Evolved Pokémon, you don’t need MegaEnergy further because it can last up to several days. For the reason that Mega Evolution is temporary but essential so if you want Mega Pokémon to survive in the battle, you need MegaEnergy.

However, Mega Evolution is considered one of the exciting and game-changing elements that have been added to Pokémon Go. Although, there are a few restrictions and conditions, especially after introducing the feature of Mega Energy. But this feature is the most crucial thing for Mega Evolutions. Hence, let’s move to the next section to see the details regarding the MegaEnergy of Pokémon in Mega Evolution.

How Do Mega Evolutions Work?

The mechanics of Mega Evolution are different in Pokémon Go than in the core games. Like regular evolution with Candy, MegaEnergy is required, but it is particular for Pokémon to feed them and activate a Mega Evolution.

For instance, if you want to evolve a Charizard into a Mega Charizard, then you need to have a Charizard Mega Energy. Though the initial cost is high, after that, every subsequent Mega Evolution species is considerably reduced, and you have to wait for the next chance. However, all the Pokémon that can Mega Evolve are the final forms of a Pokémon species. This means that while you can Mega Evolve Charizard, you cannot Mega Evolve Chameleon.

The other way for mega evolutions is like the regular game functions, which are temporary. Hence, you can select your Pokémon from storage, you can only Mega Evolve one Pokémon at a time, and the evolution will last for eight hours only. After that, it will return to its earlier form. However, you can also check the remaining time evolution for convenience on the map screen. Though it seems a slight letdown, Mega Evolution is now included in your PokéDex permanently.

The Purpose of Using Mega Energy

According to the latest updates, Mega Levels power up the boost and bonuses, allowing trainers to get Mega Pokémon in battle. But the point to consider is how much Mega Energy is required to remove the cooldown. Hence, if you are doubtful about the cooldown, the new updates will help you, making each Mega Evolution free after the first. But trainers have to wait sometime until they do it again.

Earn Mega Energy via Raid/Walking/Research Tasks

how to get mega energy in pokémon go by walking
how to get mega energy in pokémon go by walking

Mega evolutions are available for a short time in Pokémon go; that is why you may need more power constantly to boost your favorite Pokémon’s Energy to survive in thorny battles. Fortunately, the game offers you the three foremost tricks to assemble this precious resource. Here are the three ways to receive Mega Energy:

  1. In Mega Raids
  2. From walking
  3. From doing Research Tasks

1.      Get Mega Energy in Mega Raids

Among the three ways, the first and the foremost difficult are to accomplish Mega Raids. It is an exclusive raid because you battle as the boss with Mega Evolved Pokémon. Actually, the Mega raid is like the Level 5 raids, but the latest update denies its difficulty, reducing the number of needed trainers. So, by defeating a Mega Venusaur, you will receive Mega Venusaur energy.

However, its amount of Energy depends on how quickly you and others defeat it. So, the faster you conquer Mega Pokémon, the more power you collect. Thus, as a trainer, you receive Mega Energy between 50 and 90 after every battle, which was augmented by 35-50 mega energy trainers; that was achieved when the feature was initially released. Hence, see a few of the steps to get Mega Pokémon in Mega Raid:

  • Initially, at a gym, find a Mega Raid.
  • Then, beat the Mega Pokémon alone or with your friends at the end of the raid. With friends, the task could be more accessible.
  • The more rapidly you and your team beat the Mega raid, the more Mega Energy you will receive.

Note: Remember the key point that Mega Pokémon appears on a rotating basis in Raids. Usually, a single Evolution comes out for about a week before it’s changed in Mega Raids.

2.      Collect Mega Energy from Walking

Walking is the central part of the gameplay mechanics in Pokémon Go. However, after Mega Evolution’s initial launch, Niantic executed another way to acquire Mega Energy through the game’s buddy system. So, if you set it up, then you can even get some Mega Energy if they Mega Evolved that species. Hence, let’s see how this trick works:

  • Select the Pokémon as your buddy to earn the Mega Energy.
  • Now, walk with your buddy and get Candy and Mega Energy as rewards.
  • Keep in mind that it only works for current Pokémon who have Mega Evolutions, and you already have made Mega Evolved that Pokémon.

3.      Obtain Mega Energy from Research Tasks

The last trick is performing Research tasks where Niantic rewards trainers for completing Timed base or Field Research, usually during the special event. However, there are some rotating Research tasks through which you can earn a few accessible Mega Energy.

Nevertheless, these tasks will constantly change, especially when new events launch. So, you will never know what tasks you might have to do, and you should finish them as fast as possible. Or else, if it offers any, it also provides Mega Energy.

Accessible Mega Pokémon That Can Mega Evolve Now

how to get pidgeot mega energy in pokémon go
how to get pidgeot mega energy in pokémon go

You can track how many Mega Evolutions with regular Pokémon you have encountered in Mega PokéDex. However, the primary game’s time has 48 Mega evolutions (including Mewtwo and the two Charizard each have access to each), with debuting feature in Pokémon Go having four mega Evolutions. Here is the table describing the details of the current Mega Pokémon with Mega Evolutions, its type, and sources:

Mega EvolutionsTypeSource
Mega VenusaurGrass / PoisonMega Raids
Mega Charizard XFire / DragonMega Raids
Mega Charizard yFire / FlyingMega Raids
Mega BlastoiseWaterMega Raids
Mega PidgeotNormal / FlyingMega Raids
Mega BeedrillBug / PoisonField Research and Special Research
Mega HoundoomDark / FireMega Raids
Mega GengarGhost / PoisonMega Raids
Mega AbomasnowGrass / IceMega Raids
Mega AmpharosElectric / DragonMega Raids
Mega GyaradosWater / DarkMega Raids
Mega ManectricElectricMega Raids
Mega LopunnyNormal / FightingMega Raids
Mega AltariaDragon / FairyMega Raids
Mega SlowbroWater / PsychicMega Raids
Mega AbsolDarkMega Raids
Mega SteelixSteel / GroundMega Raids
Mega AerodactylRock / FlyingMega Raids
Mega KangaskhanNormalMega Raids
Mega LatiasDragon / PsychicMega Raids
Mega LatiosDragon / PsychicMega Raids


To get Mega Pokémon in Mega Evolution, you need Mega Energy, which is essential for battle. But there are a few conditions but not impossible as you know now, and you are handy in accessing it in different ways and further details regarding Mega Energy. So, let us know your views in the comment box about the blog.

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