How to Get Stardust in Pokémon Go- 10 Best Options

How to Get Stardust in Pokémon Go to power up the level for Gym Battles and Raids? So, continue the reading and see various quick ways of getting Stardust.

As you know, Stardust considers the major currency in the game. The key to further progression in Pokémon Go is increasing combat power and unlocking new move slots.

Moreover, it also helps you trade with trainers, unlock second-charge attacks for Pokémon and purify Shadow Pokémon.

With the increasing level, the significance of Stardust also increases in the game, and sometimes trainers run out of an item.

Though it is available in thousand and used in bulk, you may need hundreds of thousands of Stardust, and it is not easy to build up quickly to support your strongest Pokémon.

Hence, continue with the page to see the various ways to acquire Stardust.

Are you looking out for Ways to Earn Stardust?

Thus, it is a suggestion to use a Shard Piece before trying any methods. Hence, let’s go through the next part to get the rapid and easy methods of acquiring Stardust:

1.      Get Stardust from Catches

The most reliable way to get Stardust is the catching every Pokémon on your way. However, two more factors will depend on the Stardust amount, Pokémon’s evolution stage and Weather boost.

Hence, those two options will also become the reason for Stardust. However, PokémonGo also offers a bonus for some special occasions.

Moreover, it also includes Raid Bosses that you beat and, after then, catch that Battle Raids. Undoubtedly it is dynamic in Pokémon Go Plus as long as you have Poke Balls to fuel it with, and you will get thousands of Stardust currency.

Here are describing the Stardust amount of three levels after catching Pokémon without a weather boost, so get to know about it:

  • At a base level, catch Pidgey or Snorlax Pokémonà you will get 100 Stardust.
  • In the 2nd evolution, catch Raticate or Blissey Pokémonà you will obtain 300 Stardust.
  • In the 3rd evolution, catch Beedrill or Dragonite Pokémon à you will acquire 500 Stardust.
  • On each daily catch bonusàyou will get 600 Stardust.
  • However, a 7-day weekly catch bonusàReceive 3000 Stardust.

2.      Through Weather Boosted Bonuses

Pokémon appear more frequently in certain weather conditions, so use the Weather boosted feature and get the Stardust bonuses by capturing Pokémon in these weather conditions.

For instance, if you want to see more, Water-type Pokémon, Squirtle, or Magikarp while raining. These Pokémon have higher CP and perform well in battle, so you can get the Stardust through weather conditions, which boosts Pokémon.

Hence, see the Pokémon’s summary of catching in Weather boosted conditions:

  • The weather boosted the base levelà125 Stardust on capturing Pokémon.
  • Weather boosted 2nd evolutionà you can acquire 350 Stardust on catching Pokémon.
  • In Weather boosted 3rd evolution à you will get 625 Stardust on catching a Pokémon.

Thus see also a Weather boosted Stardust of other following Pokémon with normal Stardust bonus:

PokémonStardustWeather Boosted Stardust
Delibird500625 (Snow/Windy)
Foongus500625 (Sunny/Cloudy)
Amoonguss700875 (Sunny/Cloudy)
Meowth500625 (Partly Cloudy)
Persian700875 (Partly Cloudy)
Alolan Meowth750938 (Fog)
Alolan Persian9501188 (Fog)
Paras500625 (Sunny/Rainy)
Parasect700875 (Sunny/Rainy)
Shroomish500625 (Sunny)
Breloom700875 (Sunny)
Combee750938 (Rainy/Windy)
Vespiquen9501188 (Rainy/Windy)
Sableye750938 (Fog)
Staryu750938 (Rainy)
Starmie9501188 (Rainy/Windy)
Trubbish750938 (Cloudy)
Garbodor9501188 (Cloudy)
Shellder10001250 (Rainy)
Cloyster12001500 (Rainy/Snow)
Chimeco10001250 (Windy)
Audino21002625 (Partly Cloudy)


3.      Hatched Pokémon Eggs to get Stardust


When you hatch an egg, you’ll also gain Stardust, though the amount is pseudo-randomly determined depending on the tier of the Egg you hatched.

Another option to earn a large amount of Stardust is through hatching eggs. However, the amount varies according to the type of Egg and also with time when you hatch it randomly.

One key point on hatching Eggs is that it also gives you a one-off Stardust boost.

  • You will get 400-800 Stardust on KM hatched Egg.
  • You will receive Stardust on a 5 KM hatched Egg.
  • Acquire 1600-3200 Stardust on 10 KM Egg hatched.

However, the lower levels are more complex, unfortunately. Still, your Stardust will grow if you invest in Incubators and walk more steadily.

4.      Get Stardust for 30 Minutes through a Star Piece.

Star Piece
Star Piece

The great possible way is a Star piece to boost your Stardust deposit in Pokémon Go. You can easily purchase it from 100 Pokecoins, and a bundle of 10 costs 640 Pokecoins.

Basically, Star pieces are those items that increase Stardust rewards by 50% for 30 minutes.

It is worth activating a Star Piece if you have half an hour to take full advantage of this window.

This is an effective method if you spend 30 minutes completing high-value encounters through Field Research rewards and a Star Piece that can lead to a very good result.

Hence, you can earn it through the shop or earn rewards from Special Research tasks to boost Stardust yields by 50%.

5.      From Gyms: Get Stardust in Pokémon

From battling at Gyms, you cannot gain Stardust. But you can get it for feeding Pokémon if they are from the same team.

  • On a gym, you will receive 20 Stardust per berry fed to a friendly Pokémon.
  • Obtain 500, stardust on raid boss beaten.

So feed a Berry to 10 Pokémon or feed 10 Berries to a single Pokémon, and you get 200 Stardust. But it costs 10 Razz, Pinap or Nanab Berries.

Feed 10 Berries to 10 Pokémon, and you obtain 2000 Stardust, but it costs you 100 Berries. Thus, to equal the maximum reward from the old Defenders Bonus, you will have to feed 250 Berries at the cost of 250 Berries every 21 hours.

Hence, everyone is interested in Stardust and competing to feed the same friendly Pokémon in the same Gyms. Opportunities can be complex to come by. It means Stardust is to come by.

Moreover, you can also get from beating Raid Bosses:

  • Receive 500 Stardust per Raid Boss beaten.

That’s it added to the usual amount for catching them afterward.

6.      Receive Stardust from Field Research Tasks

To acquire Field Research, you need to do tasks like catching certain Pokémon, hatching a few eggs, throwing each in total or in a row, etc. Hence, rewards include Pokémon encounters, items, and Stardust.

The amounts may vary greatly from 100 Stardust for winning a Gym battle to 4000 Stardust for capturing a Ditto.

  • Complete 7 Field Research tasks and get 100-400 Stardust.
  • You will get 2000 for accomplishing 7 days of field research.
  • Complete Special research tasks and received 2000-10000 Stardust.

7.      Get Stardust for Opening Gifts

Opening Gifts
Opening Gifts

Stardust will add to the potential rewards on opening gifts. You may not get any gift, or you may acquire all Stardust.

So ensure to open Daily Gifts from your friends in Pokémon Go. Every gift contains 100-300 Stardust; you can open 30 gifts daily.

  • Opening per gift 0-300 (in lots of 100)

8.      Getting Stardust from Events in Pokémon Go

During a themed event, on Community Day, or even as a reward for global achievements, Pokémon Go often boosts the amount of Stardust players can get for a limited time.

Setting aside extra time to play during these limited events can get you loads of Stardust. PokémonGo seldom releases events that reduce the Stardust requirement for specific tasks. Otherwise, increase the amount you get from defeating Grunts and other tasks mentioned above. Ensure to participate in such events.

9.      Battle League and Raids

You can also get Stardust; the reward depends on the league; by winning trainer battles against Blanche, spark, and candela.

  • Great Leagueà 300-600 Stardust
  • Ultra Leagueà 400-800 Stardust
  • Master League à 500-1000 Stardust

Hence, visit the Battle section in Pokémon Go and search Blanche Candela and Spark representing Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct, respectively.

10. Use the Advanced Sync Feature in Pokémon Go & Received Stardust

When you reach Levels 5 Trainer and above, Adventure Sync permits the game to record your kilometers traveled when the app is not open.

You will get a push notification when an Egg is about to hatch, or a Candy is found. Though, you can also turn the feature on through the Settings menu.

Hence, you get 1500 Stardust every Monday at the local time by finishing the Weekly Fitness Report; that depends on how far you have walked.

Worthy Tips to Raise the Amount

The initial tip is to catch lots of Pokémon. Though, you can optimize the area if you have limited daily time. Where pocket monsters drop more Stardust when captured than others, thus, choose your result wisely.

Moreover, Stardust can be taken out from higher resolution Pokémon. So if you notice Charmeleon and Chamandar, grab it in the end. It will get you more worth Stardust due to evolution.


I hope so you will be handy to get Stardust in the game with this guide, where you have seen multiple ways of getting one of the main gaming currencies. So do share which trick you have used by leaving a comment.

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