How to Get Your First Stand Up Comedy Gig (Best Tips)

Are you wondering how to get your first paid stand up comedy gig? If so, then you are on the right page. We will give you some tips to help you secure gigs and get your start on the comedy shows. However, getting the first ever paid standup comedy gig will be a dream for comedians, and it can be nerve-worrying to get the gig & to perform it, especially if it’s your first performance. But, sometimes, it’s fun and rewarding.

In earlier days, it was quite difficult for people to look for comedians to give them a call. But now, with different How to Get Your First Stand Up Comedy Gig, finding a comedian and giving a gig is quite easy. So, you can easily book your favorite comedian with a simple click.

Although it will be great if you get the first ever gig, soon it will become your way to get more gigs. Hence, to become a famous successful comedian, you must learn how to get gigs is a significant and challenging step. Any aspiring comedian will have to keep the given tips in mind to get the gig and start to ensure you succeed in your first comedy show.

First Stand Up Comedy Gig
First Stand Up Comedy Gig

10 Useful Tips to Get Your First Stand Up Comedy Gig

Here are some tips we have come across after attending and interviewing some stand-up comedians over the years to help you calm your nerves or shake off any stage fright you may have. Now let’s move to the next section to discuss some helpful tips.

1.      Start Performing in Open Mics

The best option for starting your career as a comedian is to go for an open mic night, get on stage, and introduce yourself to an audience. Although, it is best to do open mics or stand up nights. Getting a chance to perform your set in front of a casual audience can be a great way to test your content. It will boost your confidence and time in your delivery.

Furthermore, it allows event managers and venue owners to look for new talents to book. However, performing regularly at open mics and other events puts you on display and helps you become popular in the circle. Once you get a reliable audience response, you will definitely get a paid gig.

2.      Record Your Show

It would help to record your sets since you will play at open mics and other events. So invest in quality equipment and set it up before starting a show. A reel of your masterful performance should be kept as a record of your accomplishments on days when you do an outstanding show. Sooner or later, you might even be able to gather some of the great bits into a showreel. So, you can use it to post your work while pitching for gigs.

3.      Use Social Media Platforms to Interact with Massive Audiences

You should take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which are the best for helping creators gain fame. So keep posting high-quality performing reels of your set and live performances on social media platforms.

Moreover, Keep up with Instagram’s most popular content formats and create similar content for utmost reach. Additionally, learn some social media tricks to get the right amount of attention and a higher reach, such as using popular hashtags. However, comedy’s social media pages help you check what people are looking for & how it may help you get the one.

4.      Connect with Other Professional Comedians to Get Stand Up Comedy Gig

Getting in touch with fellow comedians from the local shows can be a massive benefit. You can learn different tips and have them refer you to a venue or an event manager. Moreover, you can even work together on social media to reach more audiences.

5.      Participate in Competitions

Another tried method to get the standup comedy gigs is to participate in different comedy contests, whether it is on a Youtube channel or mainstream TV, and give it an honest shot. Although, there are various successful comics that first got noticed in comedy competitions.

Hence, if your content is truly funny, judges will talk about you & will recommend you to the right people. If you win the contest, it will undoubtedly open up a lot of new doors for you. Moreover, it will help you to get to create a good fan base by appearing on a show.

6.      Pitch for shows like Crazy to Get Stand Up Comedy Gig

You might have to pitch too many venues often in your starting days to try your luck. It might seem like a lot at first, but it does help you get the chances of getting booked. But, always be constant but professional, write proper emails to the host venues and collaborate with them. Be willing to send your previous showreels in case they show interest. Don’t hesitate to connect with them on the Phone.

7.      Host a Comedy Show

We can understand how difficult it is to get a paid stand-up gig. If you are also stressed about finding a gig, You can even try to pitch to the organizers to allow you to host a show. It will provide you with some buffer time before and after each comedy performance. So, you can utilize that time to chat with your audience and deliver some jokes to hook them. This will create a bond with the audience and help you get noticed as a comedian yourself, and the organizers may also be interested in booking you for your next show if they like your content.

8.      Get Inspiration From Other Comedy Shows

It will assist you in keeping up with what’s significant and what’s not. So, go to your local comic club to get a sense of who’s performing, what jokes are making the audience laugh, and what not. Moreover, you could also try to attend different comedy shows, also watch other popular mainstream shows, and get inspiration from several comedians, but never try to steal their jokes and style of delivery. It will give you a bad name in the comedy circle.

9.      Ask For Feedback from the Fellow Comedians

If you see any other fellow comedians on your show. So go to them after the show to see if they like your show or have any reviews. Although you don’t have to take their opinion as gospel, it might be useful to hear suggestions from professionals in the industry.

10. Appoint a Manager

It is another best way of entering the game; as an artist manager who works closely with you can take care of many of your back-end processes. It lets you focus better on creating your content. The manager can use his experience in the field to get you gigs. They know how to pitch to the locations and talk to planners. Hence, it will also relieve the uneasiness of pitching for yourself.

Finally! Get Your First Stand Up Comedy Gig

Performing as a stand up comedian will be a fascinating experience once it will able to generate continuous laughs. But getting paid for the performance is an incredible experience. If you are looking for tips that help you get your first standup comedy gig, then this blog is for you. Hence, the quicker you can make people laugh with your standup comedy consistently, the faster gig opportunities you will get. Hope this article will be helpful for you. Let us know about your hurdles in getting the gig in the comment section.

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