How To Hide Likes on Instagram App

Just make a scenario that you have a met-up plan with your friends and have finished getting dolled up. Then you take selfies from multiple angles when you look at all photos, and one of them you like the best. Then, you decide to post it on your Instagram profile. Eventually, you get very few likes from your followers, which makes you disappointed, and it makes you stressed. In this situation, we have great news. You don’t have to worry about likes on your IG. You can use a new feature to hide your Instagram likes from your own and others’ posts.

Let us hover over the detailed instructions on hiding like and view counts on your post on the IG platform.

Why Instagram Users Want to Hide the Number of Likes

Instagram is a social networking site that enables social assessment, feedback-seeking procedures, and motivation for using Instagram, which is most appropriate for youth. Likes actually signify numeric calculative feedback and are measured as a form of social reward.

In recent Spanish research, grab a group of 182 youth students (110 girls and 73 boys) between the ages of 13 and 18. in that study, these students had to imagine a circumstance where one of their Instagram posts got a masses of likes. At the same time, one of their posts got very few likes.

The students who imagined getting few likes had more negative opinions than positive ones, particularly those more vulnerable to feedback. This research consequently elaborates that likes on social media can negatively impact a user’s mental health, empower user involvement, and less concern about a rival in the popularity race.

Why Brands Conceal Likes Count on Instagram App

Suppose a brand turns off the like feature from its Instagram account. They will get numerous more benefits. In fact, the IG likes boom in massive bulk, and many users have been pressured to post content that will make them widespread online.

As a result, the server has gained criticism for fostering a poisonous deception and making a stronger environment among its users. Actually, the Instagram server discovered in an early trial that users who elected to hide likes felt less pressure and had more control over their behavior.

However, the Instagram platform hopes that by undertaking away with the likes. Posting online will become less stressful, and social comparison won’t be necessary. But fortunately, there are some other reasons to hide, like on IG.

Such as outcomes qualitative content, removal of social media bias, reduced want for social authentication, and, most importantly, does not affect the server’s algorithm.

How can I Hide Likes on my Instagram Posts?

Are you wondering about how you can turn off like on your post on the IG platform? The server has been trialing this to grasp what users think of the change in their feed. The platform actually offers the option to hide the like count on your feed.

Below we share methods you can apply to hide likes on the IG server easily.

Turn off the Like Feature on Instagram Post Before Sharing

  • Open your device and hover over the Instagram app.
  • Here start to create your new post by selecting a picture or video.
  • Then add filters to your selected content if you want.
  • After that, tap on the è icon you see on your screen’s top right side.
  • Type your post’s caption on this page, and then tap advanced settings.

post's caption
post’s caption
  • Here tap on the hide like and view counts on this post option to activate it.
hide like and view counts
hide like and view counts
  • Then just post it as you generally do. That’s it.

NOTE: Users can also turn off commenting and sharing the post to Facebook options in the advanced settings option.

Hide Likes on your Instagram Post After Posting

  • Navigate to the post where you want to hide the likes.
  • Tap three dots menu at the top right side of that post on your screen.
  • Here tap Hide like count option from the pop-menu list.
Hide like count
Hide like count
  • Now you will see liked by (……) and others on this post. That’s it.

NOTE: After posting your content on Instagram, users can edit their posts, caption tag people, and add a location.

Disable Likes and View Counts on Other’s Posts on Instagram

Actually, this is a great option that Instagram offers users to turn off likes on other’s posts. However, it helps a user to compare personal accounts to their own.

 Follow the steps below to hide the number of likes on other users’ posts on Instagram.

  • Open your Instagram account. Navigate to your Instagram profile page from the main page.
  • Here tap on the three horizontal lines you see at the top right side of the screen.
  • Now hit the settings menu option from the popup page.
hit the settings
hit the settings
  • Select the privacy option and then tap posts option.
  • Here activate the hide like and view counts option. That’s it.


Meta company has been trying to find how a user can hide the likes feature since 2019 on Instagram. But fortunately, it allows Instagram users to hide, like, and view counts on their own and other users’ posts.

Those mentioned above were simple techs you can track to turn off the like and view count feature. So, if you want to know more about the likes on Instagram, tell us in the comment section.

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