How to Invert Colors on iPhone (Lesser Eye Strain & Darker Theme)

One of the accessibility features that most of us have admired is Invert Colors. There are a bunch of good things about it and since you are here, I’ll let you in with some bonus information. Apple integrated the inverted color feature in all of its iPhones above iPhone 5s. This is why it is something you can experiment with. let’s learn how to invert colors on iPhone.

Let’s see how to invert colors on iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings and scroll to the Generals tab.
  2. In the Generals tab, scroll down toaccessibility.
  3. Look for Display Accommodations.
  4. Click the Invert Colors
  5. You have two options to choose from.

Smart Invert

Smart invert will inert every color of your screen except the media and some apps that have a darker interface. This option can fix the issue of brighter screens when used at night. If you are using the iOS 12, this is great for night mode, if you have iOS 13, there should be an option separately for Dark Mode.

Classic Invert

Classic invert is something we’d think of when hearing invert colors. The classic invert inverts every color of your screen. That includes all the media, buttons, apps, and especially when you chat with someone-Emojis.

how to invert colors on a picture on iphone
how to invert colors on a picture on iphone

Add Shortcut for Invert Colors

This would be for you if you want to switch between normal and invert more often. I would switch when I need it at night and back to normal during the day. But the hassle of going into the settings app is just too much, you can access it through the Accessibility Shortcut.

  1. Go to your settings.
  2. Go into the General tab and click accessibility.
  3. Scroll down and click Accessibility Shortcuts.
  4. Go on and click Add Shortcuts.
  5. Check the Invert Colors
  6. Press the Home button and land on your home page.
  7. Now click the Home button three times and a pop-up will appear.
  8. Giving you every option that was checked in Accessibility Shortcuts.
  9. Click Invert Colors and this is how you turn on the invert colors.
  10. To turn off the invert colors, simply repeat the process and you’ll turn it off.

How to Get Rid of Invert Colors

you learned how to invert colors on iPhone, now let’s learn how to stop that. If you have turned on the invert colors, possibly, to use it at night or for whatever reason it is-now you want to turn it off. For starters, what I have already told you-the accessibility shortcut-will help you do that in an instant and you won’t need any other process to “dismantle your destruction”-just kidding, bad choice of words-sorry.

So, we’ll go on to repeat the process to turn off the invert colors option after you have turned it on.

  1. Go into the Settings.
  2. Swipe down in the middle of the screen.
  3. A search bar will appear-save the hassle and search “color invert”
  4. Click the first search result and you’ll be on the color invert page.
  5. Simply turn off the color invert

Now, if you want to turn off the accessibility shortcut options too, follow the steps below.

  1. Search for Accessibility shortcuts in the search bar.
  2. Go into the settings of Accessibility Shortcuts and uncheck the invert color option.
  3. When you click the home button thrice, there shouldn’t be any invert option.
how to invert colors on a picture iphone
how to invert colors on a picture iphone

Dark Mode for iPhones and iPads with iOS 13

If you have an iPhone with iOS 13, there’s a better option for you here. You already have a dark mode which is much better than the smart invert. Dark mode can be used especially if you dislike the lights in a phone like me, this is it-the Dark Mode. You can adjust how bright should it be from the settings and add it in the Accessibility Shortcuts and switch it on or off whenever you like it.

Do You Have an Eye Restrain Problem?

If there’s stress on your eyes, maybe you can use this section as a bit of extra help.

Use Night Mode.

The night mode is a blue light filter. It helps take the stress off of your eyes at night. There’s blue light in natural lighting conditions and it is in our phones’ screens as well. The blue light helps up keep up with the day and keeps the brain awake and active.

Naturally, we’re designed to have nights when there’s no sunlight and with that-no blue light. So our brains can rest take the strain off of our eyes. Although with the phones in our hands till late. There’s a disbalance in the natural process of resting and taking the natural break from Blue Light.

The best solution is to just put the screens away at least an hour before you sleep. But if you still need to use your devices till late, you can use Night Mode. The night mode lowers the intensity of blue light in your iPhone/iPad or whatever device you are using.

The Night Mode or Blue-Light Filter is a much better choice than the invert colors if you have a night light problem. Although you can still use them with the inverted colors if you must. And if you happen to have iOS 13, you can use the Dark Mode to further take restrain off of your eyes.

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