How to Leave a Voicemail without Calling via Multiple Methods?

We always wish that we didn’t have to receive a call and have someone reply on our behalf. Furthermore, there are situations when we try to avoid specific essential calls. As if you call another person’s number, he might pick up the call, and you don’t get a chance to leave a voice message. So, we consider blocking that call or making a mobile on airplane mode, but there is an alternative method that you can use. The trick is to send a voice message, which is described in the next section, but the question arises here: how to leave a voicemail without calling?

Thus, there is one more point to remember is that you can only send the voice note if you have the same carrier. However, you can also use an application like Slydial or WhatCall, which applies charges and is not compatible with landlines. Moreover, you can also use other apps for your ease, but they work on the internet while the above apps will not. So, no need to be concerned; move to the following section to see the multiple methods for your convenience of sending the voice message directly.

The Reason for Choosing Go Straight to Voicemail

As mentioned above, it seems calling every time is a burst of anxiety. There are many instances when you are too busy to make a call or wait for the receiver to pick up the call. However, there are cases when you don’t have mobile data or Wifi to send the message.

So, it is better to use the traditional voicemail settings on the phone. Furthermore, if you don’t want to disturb another person when you know, he is busy. In that case, voice mail is the best option to avoid any trouble, and you are sure you have conveyed the message.

Two Ways to Leave a Voicemail Directly without Calling

There are two ways to send a voice message to another cell phone: that is through the carrier and apps. Then, you can apply any method according to your convenience. So, let’s move to the next section to explore the techniques in detail:

1.      Send a Voicemail without Calling via Service Provider

how to leave a voicemail without calling iphone
how to leave a voicemail without calling iphone

Some wireless carriers offer the option to their subscribers that, without ringing the other party’s lines, you can send a voicemail directly. But this option is generally available if both parties are on the same carrier. Here is the list of some wireless carriers who provide this option:

·         AT&T

Follow the steps to send a voicemail straightly to another AT&T subscriber:

  1. By holding the key 1, enter your voicemail box, and then tap the key 2.
  2. Type the 10-digit number to whom you want to send your message.
  3. Now, record a voicemail and click on the # sign.
  4. If you want to opt for the special delivery option, click on key 1. A few special delivery options are:
  • 2à urgent
  • 3à Private
  1. At last, click on the # sign to send the message.

·         Verizon

Apply the below steps to directly voicemail to other Verizon subscribers:

  1. Initially, contact to the voicemail access number.
  2. Tap on key 2 to send a message.
  3. Now, follow the on prompt instructions. Thus, you have an option; whether you choose to record the message and then type the phone number or use another method.
  4. For other options, you can set the delivery options:
  • 1à private
  • 2à urgent
  • 3à request confirmation
  • 4à future delivery
  1. Finally, click on the # sign to send the message.

·         T-Mobile: Leave a Voicemail without Calling

Here is the given step to send a voicemail directly to other T- mobile subscribers:

  1. Firstly, call the number 1-805-637-7243.
  2. Sign in to your voicemail account.
  3. Choose the option to send a message and follow the on prompt instructions.

·         Sprint

Following  is the method to send a voicemail straight to other Sprint subscribers:

  1. In the starting, call your voicemail number and log in.
  2. Opt for the option to send a message and follow the prompting instructions.

2.      Send a Voicemail without Calling via Apps

how to leave a voicemail without calling on iphone
how to leave a voicemail without calling on iphone

The next best option is to use an app to call directly. Even if you and others are not on the same network, you can use the app. Thus the most popular apps to perform this service are Slydial and WhatCall, which are described below:

·         Use Slydial App

You can use the Slydial app for both Android and iOS devices. Thus, it offers free accounts, but you have to listen to an ad before making a call. Hence, there are two tiers of paid accounts, giving you free ad access, other paid features, and the facility to use the Slydial app for multiple people at the same time. According to the majority of people, the free version is perfectly sufficient. So, let’s go through to see the method of using this service:

  1. Firstly, install Slydial on your phone.
  2. Secondly, log in to the account on the app.
  3. Now, dial 267-SLYDIAL to connect to the service from your phone app.
  4. On the prompting screen, enter the phone number you are trying to reach.
  5. At last, leave your message.

Slydial only works when you call on a mobile phone. It means this app will not work for landline phones. Or else, the process will avoid the live line automatically and go straight to voicemail.

·         Use WhatCall App to Leave a Voicemail without Calling

Another app for your ease is WhatCall, which is also compatible with Android and iOS like Slydial. It has a similar feature to Slydial, which means that you can call directly to another person’s voicemail without ringing their phone. Moreover, it is also a cell phone app, which is why it will not work for landlines.

Though, according to the reviewer’s concern, Slydial only works sometimes. While WhatCall brings in all your contacts, you just have to open the app and click on the contact from there. Now, you are directly connected to the voicemail. You can easily purchase this app from the iOS app store at the cost of $0.99.

Note: Thus, above, both apps have an issue that it works once in a while or sometimes, according to the reviewers. So, sending the voicemail through carrier providers or other apps is better.

Other Apps to Leave a Voice Message

There are several messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram, that offer the feature of sending a voice message without making a phone call to contacts. Usually, you send a voice note by holding the microphone on the app, and then you let go of the message to send it.

Thus, leaving a voicemail is an easy technique, but it only works when the internet is available. Another thing to remember is that iPhone users can only send voice notes to other iPhone users in the messaging app. As a result, you can change that message within two minutes before deleting it; otherwise, you can’t change it, and it will be sent as it is.

Furthermore, there is a feature that deletes the message after a limited time. So, if you want to save any voice messages, click on the Keep tab on your iPhone, which will preserve your message, or you can also alter the settings for voice messaging to Never, then the message will not disappear.

Final Words

Sometimes, it happens when you don’t want to answer or make a call. Then, it is more convenient to send a voice message for this purpose than to turn your phone into airplane mode or block it. Because it saves voice messages in your inbox in order that you can listen to them whenever you want.

So, hopefully, the above techniques will make your life easier and more convenient so that you can get a few free moments in this digital world without having any loss. Also, let us know your views by commenting on the blog.

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