How to Make a Map in Minecraft – Minecraft Guide

Curious to understand the way of how to make a map in Minecraft? When a map is crafted in Minecraft, it’s blank until it’s held and used. As you explore, the map is going to be drawn to point out where you’ve got been. Once the map is activated, the map that shows the player’s surroundings from a top-down view. The highest of the map will point north, and therefore the player, themselves, are going to be marked by a little oval pointer. This pointer will move in real-time because the player progresses throughout the terrain.

As the player explores, the map is recorded because the world is at that moment. If that area is modified, it’ll need to be “re-explored” for the map to be accurate. Another player is often displayed on the map as long as they need a map in their inventory that’s just like the map that’s being checked out.

how to make a map wall in minecraft
how to make a map wall in minecraft

How to Find a Map in Minecraft

You can get maps from chests in stronghold libraries. Strongholds aren’t the only comfortable places to seek out as they’re building underground but are massive in size and rewarding for what you’ll find in them. The most straightforward strategy to seek out them is to use an eye fixed of ender. This item will point you in the direction of the closest stronghold. If you are doing not have a glance for Enders, you’ll always get the ingredients to form a book yourself.

Another place you’ll get a map is thru trading with cartographer villagers. Due to the standard of the item, you’ll get to have seven or more emeralds for the trade.

How to Get Paper

Paper is one of the required crafting items in Minecraft and is employed to make and expand maps. To craft paper, you’ll need a minimum of three sugar cane and a crafting table.

Arrange three sugar cane during a horizontal row within the middle to get a stack of three papers. You’ll need eight papers in total to craft your map. Combine three sugar cane on your crafting table to make three sheets of paper.

How to Get a Compass

You’ll also get to craft a compass to form a map. You’ll require one Redstone dust, four iron ingots, and a crafting table.

Place the Redstone dust within the center, and surround it on all four sides with iron ingots. Craft a compass on your crafting table with one Redstone sand and four iron ingots.

How to Make a Map in Minecraft

Once you’ve got your paper and your compass, you’re able to assemble your map. Use your crafting table another time, and place the compass within the center. Surround it with eight pieces of paper. Now you’ve got your empty map. Combine a compass and eight sheets of paper on a crafting table to supply a replacement, open map.

Are you able to turn your empty map into a drawn map of your surrounding area? Drag it to your Hotbar then “use” it. This may imprint a map of your immediate surroundings. The white dot on the map marks your current location.

How to Craft an Expanded Map with a Crafting Table

Your initial map shows a comparatively small area of 128 x 128 blocks, or 8 x 8 “chunks” of 16 blocks — a typical measurement in Minecraft. You’ll use more paper to “expand” your map to point out a way larger area using either your crafting table or a singular cartography table (see below).

To expand your map using the crafting table, place the map you would like to grow within the middle, and surround it with eight blank sheets of paper. This creates a “zoomed” version of your map. Whenever you expand your map, it makes a map with a better zoom level. Your initial map is at zoom level 0, and it can go all the thanks to zoom level 4. At the very best level, the map covers 2048 x 2048 blocks or 128 x 128 chunks. You would like 32 total pieces of blank paper to expand your initial map to the utmost level.

How to Craft a Cartography Table

To craft a cartography table, you would like four planks of wood (any combination of planks will work) and two pieces of paper. Place the four planks within the bottom left corner and place the two parts of paper on the highest row, above the planks like this:

Create a cartography table with four wood planks (any type you wish, and you’ll mix and match) and two sheets of paper. Now you’ve got your cartography table and can do some pro-level things with maps in Minecraft!

You can also discover cartography tables in villages that have a cartographer’s shop. These tables are often utilized in the town or “mined” so that you’ll steal them and place them wherever you wish.

How to Clone Maps with a Cartography Table

Using your cartography table, place a map you would like to repeat alongside an empty replacement map, and your original map is going to be cloned. This clone map will change whenever the first is modified. Cloned maps are excellent for hanging in several locations or for providing to friends in multiplayer games.

How to Expand Maps with a Cartography Table

You can develop your maps on a cartography table, and it’ll utilize much less paper than once you grow them on a daily crafting table. To broaden your map to the subsequent zoom level, place your map with a replacement piece of paper. Combine your original map with one piece of paper on a cartography table to expand it to the subsequent “zoom” level.

How to Lock Maps with a Cartography Table

Maps in Minecraft update whenever the terrain changes. For instance, if you’ve got a map of an empty field but later build an enormous castle thereon, the map will update to point out the court.

If you don’t want your map to update with changes, you’ll “lock” it employing a cartography table. To try to do this, combine your map with a typical glass pane on your cartography table. Note you would like to use a classic clear glass pane — colored glass panes won’t work.


Now that you have learned the way to make a Map in Minecraft, it is often wont to frolic the planet and remember where you’ve got already walked around. The map will draw the encompassing region while you progress around up to 128 by 128 pixels.

Maps are often made within the nether and therefore the Over world and wish to be in hand for it to draw. Maps are often combined by crafting the map with eight papers to extend the radius of the Map 2 times larger. You’ll mix it a complete of 5 times to form it shows the dimensions of 2048 by 2048 blocks.

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