How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft? Explore Its Effective Ways

How to make a saddle in Minecraft unveils as you enter the world of gigantic mechanics in Minecraft. Ardent players indeed gauge the expertise for crafting Minecraft items via its instructions. Riding horses is an exciting experience for most Minecraft fans while getting around quicker attempting amazing things. Most of its players opine to get into the smoother Minecraft journey using saddles, without which the Player seems curious on how to craft its helpful tools. Saddles aren’t only essential in riding horses and help in riding pigs and Striders of the Nether Realm. The Player has to be consistent in his skill to craft and get items.

Minecraft has substantiated its prominent position in the minds of its ardent fanbase by allowing for the construction of creative artwork using blocks from almost anything. Because of the understood restriction, its players can only craft hardcoded items using crafting instructions. Players indeed have different ways to utilize saddles in their Minecraft gameplay. A saddle in the game is only attainable in survival mode, thanks to opting for one of the various methods. It implies looking for a dungeon chest that enemies or mobs in Minecraft have abandoned or dropped, sometimes obtained through fishing or traded in exchange for goods from villagers.

how to make a horse saddle in minecraft
how to make a horse saddle in minecraft

Explore Ways To Acquire or Make A Saddle In Minecraft

Searching for a saddle in Minecraft can surely add a valuable item to your inventory. Creative mode lets you locate the horse saddle in the Minecraft BedrockEdition in the Creative Menu. Be careful to switch to Creative Mode first. In the case of running an older version, you can look for Transportation.

As we are all well-acquainted with the saddle’s essential importance, it is one of the rare items in the Minecraft crafting ambiance. Similar to one other transportation item, Elytra, the Player always needs to search for it rather than construct it. With several methods for pursuing saddles, you might require some insight on saddles and how you can acquire them. Moreover, the tricks for controlling the mobs are an augmented feature that you might need to saddle up your horses. Now, precisely speaking, you can search for saddles in treasure chests, trade with villagers, fish in the deep water, and hunt.

Seek For a Saddle In Minecraft Treasure Chest

Treasure chest exploration can be visible in Dungeons, Desert Temples, Bastion Remnants, End Cities, Nether Fortresses, Jungle Temples, Villages, and Strongholds. The propensity to locate a saddle relatively changes with its destination. For instance, NetherFortress takes on the lead position with a 35.3% chance of having the highest level of saddle availability. Dungeon chest lags with 28.3% and 23.5% chances, suggesting a third spot for finding saddles in DesertTempleChest. Village with 16.2%, Bastion Remnant with 13.6%, End City with 13.3%, and Jungle Temples with 12.9% likelihood for a successful attempt on a Minecraft saddle.

  1. Nether Fortress, built along the path of the Nether Portal constructed from
  2. The dungeon chest is visible in the Overworld alongside the caves that you can discover in digging up the Cave.
  3. In the Desertbiomes, you will find Desert The treasure chest is available at the heart of the pyramid in the enclosed room. Beware of the TNT trap that can explode the treasure chest if you intend to step on it.

Hunt For Ravagers And Striders To Get A Saddle

The saddles are potential rewards for exploring almost every valuable item in the chest, for which keeping vigilant attention is mandatory. Mobs like Striders and Ravagers drop their items when you kill them, which can help you acquire saddles and add up your reward. Striders have a low chance of dropping it, whereas ravagers always drop it at the last moment of their death. So, if you’d love to gather up the saddles while on a thrilling hunt to slay the ravagers or striders, they are stringent, bull-like enemies accompanying pillagers on raids.

Trade Valuable Jewels From Expert Leatherworkers

Barter for costly diamonds and emeralds with some amicable countrymen who are experts in crafting leather saddles can be a smart option. You can transform an untrained villager into a leatherworker without a skillful leatherworker. You can do so by placing the enormous metal cauldron in their way. Let these unskilled leatherworkers get trained in making saddles until they reach master status. You will then be able to barter your emeralds for a saddle. In the Bedrock version of Minecraft, the Player gets almost 50% opportunities to sell the valuable emeralds for a saddle trade.

how to make a saddle in minecraft ps4
how to make a saddle in minecraft ps4

Where Can You Find or Make a Saddle In Minecraft Survival Mode?

You can get the saddle in Minecraft following three different locations in Survival mode.

  1. Search for DungeonChest
  2. Locate chest in NetherFortress
  3. Find the chest via fishing rod while fishing

Locate Your Treasure Chest In Underground Dungeon

If you are searching for a saddle, look for a chest in the underground dungeon. It is a small room where you find a monster spawner inhibit in its centre to protect one or more treasure chests full of pearls and jewels. You have to search for a dungeon made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone by digging underground. Another way could be to switch quickly to spectator mode by flying underground. Afterward, you can change back to creative and survival mode as soon as you grab your chest from the underground dungeon. After locating the dungeon, you can gather up the saddle and other precious items like iron ingot, music disc, strings, gunpowder, or buckets. After receiving it, you can transfer your saddle to inventory.

Search For Chest In Fortress Of Nether Portal

Nether fortress is another location that seems like a castle where you can find your desired chest. Building the Nether Portal could be your first spot if you are unfamiliar with nether. When you get there, it will transcend between the location of the Nether and Overworld. After getting into the Nether Fortress, you can search for several chests inside the fortress.

Grab Your Saddle Chest In The Fishing

While fishing in Minecraft, you can add the additional saddle to your inventory. You have to cast your fishing net into the deep water. Soon after that, if you notice bubbles popping out of the water, you’ve got a saddle on your fishing hook. Wait for some time as you find bubbles getting closer to the fishing line, and there you get your bobber under the water. Reel in to drag your saddle out of the water. You can automatically add it to the inventory once you get it out of the water. However, the chances of getting a saddle in a deep waterbody seem to be negligible, with almost less than 1%.

How Can You Use Your Acquired ASaddle In Minecraft?

Now it is time to gather up how to use your saddle in Minecraft once you have acquired it. Striders and Pigs can be exciting options if you want to ride your animals using harnesses. You can pick up the horses, mules, or donkeys to tame by regularly mounting them until they get familiar with you and let you ride over. It’s a rough estimate of how many times you’ll have to mount over them to tame your animals. Once you have efficiently domesticated them, you can saddle up these animals. You can even retrieve it by hopping on the animal by pressing the inventory button. You can easily take the saddle from it whenever you need it with your inventory collection.

Ride Your Pig Using Carrots

Starting with ride-on pigs, grab their attention with a carrot and move it using a carrot on a stick. Just drag its attention while keeping it in front of the pig to move in the direction you want. Because pigs like carrots, you can easily do it by hanging the carrot on the sticks. Then try to equip a saddle on the Hotbar by using it on a pig.

Ride Your Striders Via Coveted Warped Fungus

On the other hand, Striders inhibit and roam across the Lava Ocean near the Nether. If you want to acquire the saddle from striders, riding over them will surely let you cross the lava ocean without any danger. Warped fungus is the most enticing cuisine that excites drag Striders’ attention. After you’ve completed it successfully, you can equip your saddle in your Hotbar and use it on a strider. After that, you can then get closer to it via the “use” action to mount it. Attaching warped fungus to a fishing rod or any other stick can assist you in leading your strider wherever you want.


Minecraft has the propensity to attract its own game lovers thanks to its exhilarating gaming experience. It is where they can turn their best farming ideas into reality. With the diverse landscape and mountains around, constructing Minecraft ambience surely takes you into another world with your reliable horse. However, without acquiring any saddles, it remains futile. Wrapping up a discussion encompassing how to make a saddle in Minecraft surely exhibits flexibility in choosing the location. A convenient and easy-to-navigate route makes it handy to take full use of your rare found item in the Minecraft surroundings.

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