How to Make Big In Little Alchemy 2 (Cheats Guide)

Are you unconfident about how to make elemental Big in Alchemy 2? Then, you are at the right place, where you will know the complete cheat guides regarding Big and other recipes that use Big as an ingredient.

According to Recloak, Little Alchemy helps the players to gain knowledge of experimental and scientific discoveries enjoyably. Through this game, you will get to know various combinations. Moreover, you can also make new items as well, like oceans and even the universe. However, it can occupy you through error or tap fest for a while with these combinations. Undoubtedly, Little Alchemy 2 is very spontaneous and appealing and has much more range than the old version.

Hence, you may feel stuck with all these combinations whenever trying to make an element. One such element is Big, which is a little tricky to create among them. Hence, from this article, you will learn every step, and another cheats guide for the elements in the next section.

Ways to Make Element Big with Fingertips

An essential element in Alchemy 2 is Big. Because it is required to make other elements like seas, continents, and even planets. As its name suggests, it can spread out all the small things. Furthermore, by large, you can turn earth into mountains and boulders into hills.

However, you need two main ingredients as a basis: philosophy and the universe. So, first, you must prepare the necessary ingredients: philosophy and the universe. Then, combine these two main items, and you get the element Big. Hence, let’s see the below part, which describes step-by-step instructions regarding Big:

The first step is making Philosophy:

  1. Water + Water àPuddle
  2. Puddle + Puddle àPond
  3. Pond + Pond àLake
  4. Lake + Lake àSea
  5. Sea + Earth àPrimordial Soup
  6. Fire + Fire àEnergy
  7. Earth + Water àMud
  8. Earth + FireàLava
  9. Lava + AiràStone
  10. Stone + MudàClay
  11. Clay + LifeàHuman
  12. Earth + EarthàLand
  13. Land + LifeàSoil(Animal)
  14. Soil + LifeàPlant
  15. Human + PlantàFarmer
  16. Farmer + Farmer àIdea
  17. Idea + HumanàPhilosophy

The second step is creating the Universe:

  1. Land + EarthàContinent
  2. Continent + ContinentàPlanet
  3. Planet + PlanetàSolar System
  4. Solar System + Solar SystemàGalaxy
  5. Galaxy + Galaxy àGalaxy Cluster
  6. Galaxy Cluster + Galaxy Cluster àUniverse

The final step is to combine the Philosophy & Universe:

Universe + Philosophy à Big element.

Recipes That Use Big as an Ingredient in Little Alchemy 2

how to make a big in little alchemy 2
how to make a big in little alchemy 2

Below are the following recipes that require Big as an ingredient, so let’s see them:

Sr No.IngredientsRecipe Name
1.Big + ExplosionAtomic Bomb
2.Big + SnowBlizzard
3.Big + Rock
Big + Stone
4.Big + CarBus
5.Big + VillageCity
6.Big + WatchClock
7.Big + LandContinent
8.Big + LizardDinosaur
9.Big + DucklingDuck
10.Big + RainFlood
11.Big + BoulderHill
12.Big + PlanetJupiter
13.Big + PondLake
14.Big + SoilLand
15.Big + Fairy Tale
Big + Story
16.Big + CatLion
17.Big + earth
Big + Hill
18.Big + SeaOcean
19.Big + BirdOstrich
20.Big + GrassPlant
21.Big + PuddlePond
22.Big + MouseRat
23.Big + StreamRiver
24.Big + PebbleRock
25.Big + LakeSea
26.Big + HouseSkyscraper
27.Big + RivuletStream
28.Big + AquariumSwimming Pool
29.Big + WindTornado
30.Big + PlantTree
31.Big + SafeVault


Alchemy 2 Cheats: List of Entire Element Combinations

In August 2017, the game was released, and if it seems like ancestors, then you will see various updated content with time. Hence, the list below includes some updated elements from the roughly 700 elements created in April 2018. But that does not include additional elements that are accessible in content pack supplements for the released mobile game.

Sr. No.ElementIngredient Combinations
1Acid Rainrain, smoke / rain, smog / rain, sickness / cloud, smoke / cloud, smog / cloud, sickness / rain, city
2AirAvailable from the start.
3Bacterialife, primordial soup/life, small / mud, life
4Bakerhuman, bakery / human, bread / human, banana bread / human, pizza / human, toast / human, batter / human, pie / human, donut / human, cookie / human, cookie dough / human, dough
5Cable Carcar, mountain / wire, mountain / car, mountain range / wire, mountain range / mountain, rope / rope, mountain range
6Cactusplant, sand / sand, tree / plant, desert / tree, desert
7Dambeaver, river / wall, river / tree, beaver / beaver, stream / wall, stream / house, beaver / beaver, lake / water, beaver
8Darknesssky, night/sky, twilight
9Eaglebird, mountain/bird, a mountain range
10EarthAvailable from the start.
11Fabricthread, machine/tool, thread/wheel, thread house, chimney/house, tool
12Fairy Talestory, monarch / story, castle / knight, story / dragon, story / unicorn, story
13Garagehouse, car / house, ambulance / house, motorcycle / house, bus / car, container / ambulance, container / motorcycle, container / bus, container / car, wall / wall, / house, sleigh / sleigh, container / wall, sleigh / barn, sleigh / house, 14electric car / electric car, container / wall, electric car / barn, electric car / house, snowmobile / snowmobile, container / ambulance / wall, motorcycle / wall, bus / barn, car / barn, ambulance / barn, motorcycle / barn, bus/ wall, snowmobile / barn, snowmobile / house, tractor / tractor, container / wall, tractor / barn, tractor / house, RV / RV, container / ice cream truck, container / wall, ice cream truck / barn, ice cream truck wall, RV / barn, RV / house, ice cream truck /
14Gardenplant, grass / plant, house / flower, flower / grass, flower / plant, flower / house, flower / flower, lawn / plant, lawn / flower, container
15Hackerhuman, computer / human, computer mouse / human, glasses / human, internet
16Hailcloud, ice / rain, ice / storm, ice / wind, ice / steam, ice / sky, ice
17Icewater, cold/cold, puddle/puddle, solid/water, solid
18Ice Creammilk, cold / milk, ice/milk, snow
19Jack-O-Lanternfire, pumpkin / pumpkin, candle / light, pumpkin / night, pumpkin / ghost, pumpkin / skeleton, pumpkin / skeleton, vegetable / ghost, vegetable / night, vegetable
20Jamjuice, sugar / fruit, machine / fruit, juice / juice, machine / fruit, heat
21Kitewind, paper/sky, paper/air, paper
22Knifeblade, cook/sword, cook
23Lakewater, pond / pond, big / sea, small / pond, pond
24Lampmetal, light bulb/steel, light bulb
25Mac and Cheesecheese, pasta
26Machinetool, wheel / tool, tool / boiler, wheel / boiler, tool / boiler, chain / tool, chain / tool, engineer
27Narwhalfish, unicorn / sea, unicorn / water, unicorn / unicorn, shark / unicorn, swordfish / unicorn, flying fish ocean, unicorn
28Needlemetal, thread / steel, thread / tool, thread
29Oasisdesert, river / desert, stream / tree, desert / desert, palm/ water, desert / desert, puddle / desert, pond / desert, lake
30Obsidianlava, glass /water, lava/lava, cold
31Paintwater, rainbow/ tool, rainbow/pottery, double rainbow! / tool, double rainbow! / rainbow, liquid / double rainbow!, liquid / pencil, liquid/water, double rainbow! / water, pencil / pottery, rainbow
32Painterhuman, paint/human, canvas/human, painting
33Quicksandsand, swamp
34Quicksilvermetal, liquid
35Rabbitanimal, carrot/rabbit, rabbit
36Raincloud, heat/cloud, pressure/cloud, water
37Sackflour, container / salt, container / letter, container
38Saddletool, horse/horse, fabric,/ horse, leather
39Tabletlaptop, small
40Tailorhuman, needle/human, sewing machine/ human, thread
41UFOrocket, alien / alien, space station / sky, alien / alien, container/ airplane, alien / alien, spaceship
42Umbrellarain, tool/rain, fabric/storm, fabric/storm, tool
43Vacuum Cleanerelectricity, broom/broom, machine
44Vampirehuman, vampire/human, blood/human, bat
45Wagonhorse, cart / cart, fabric / house, cart / cart, wall / cow, cart
46Wallbrick, brick/wood, wood/stone, stone
47Yetimountain, story / mountain, legend / mountain range, legend / glacier, legend / Antarctica, legend / story, mountain range / glacier, story / Antarctica, story
48Yogurtmilk, bacteria/bacteria, ice cream
49Zombielife, corpse / human, zombie/ corpse, story / corpse, bacteria
50Zooanimal, container/animal, cage



It is best to apply a few scientific techniques and discoveries and have fun through games. Then, Little Alchemy 2 is the best game for your experiments. But if you get fixed somewhere during your experiment, then this blog will be very helpful for you. So go through it and let us know about your experiments by commenting.


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