For Minecraft Fans – How to Make Netherite Ingots and Armors?

Minecraft, a game that caught the world in its animated world. The sandbox game was hailed as one of the world’s greatest video games of all time. And why shouldn’t it be? It has all the elements to make you hooked into its gameplay—where you lost track of your time. Since its new 1.16 Nether update, many want to get the coveted and most difficult-to-getNetherite material. But luckily, you landed in the right place where you get to learn how to make netheritein Minecraft.

So, let’s waste no time and get on to make some Netherite, shall we?

Netherite – Minecraft’s New Mighty Resource?

Gearsin Minecraft are the main appeal of its game. Previous updateswere made up of Diamond. But since the Nether update came, the netheritetools have upped their durability, increased power, and enabled the items to float in the lava without being burned; which was previously unthinkable in the Diamond gear.

Making Netherite Ingots?

Hold this for a second; first, we will have to find Netherite Ingot—to make it.

Before we go on to find the most powerful material of Minecraft. Some pointers you should put our attention to:

  • 4 Gold Ingots and Netherite Scraps made up Netherite Ingots
  • Netherite scraps derive from Ancient Debris
  • Only Netherite or Diamond Pickaxe can mine the Ancient Debris
  • The rare ore (Ancient Debris) available only in the Nether portal

Find the Ancient Debris

In the Nether portal, the first thing you should do is to look for the Ancient Debris. It requires a lot of digging—A LOT OF—digging.

Your chance of getting more than one Ancient Debris is depend on how much you remain in theblocks above the bottom of the world. You are, however, in the Nether can be spawned at any level of the game. So, if you digging deep; you have to know the location of your starting point.

  • How to do it?
  • Just press F3

Also, Ancient Debris is commonly found near the lava or hide under several blocks. So, you will need a Nether Mineshaft and a fire-resistance portion to get you access to the core and to save you from hot lava, respectively.

Now Get on to Make Some Minecraft Ingots

After getting Ancient Debris, now you will learn an easy way on how to make netherite ingots. The Ancient Debris you get from the Nether portal put it to use.


  • Smelt it into a furnace
  • You will get Netherine Scraps from it
  • Netherine Scraps can be also found as loot in the Bastion Remnant
  • Place itin a crafting table with gold ingots
  • 4Netherine Scraps and the same number of Gold Ingots
  • You will get Netherine Ingotsnow

Time ForNetherite Armor?

For Netherite Armor—you have to follow these child-like steps to make it smoothly:

  1. Go to the Smithing Table
  2. Upgrade the Diamond Armor
  3. By puttinga Diamond item in the first; while Netherite Ingot in the second slot
  4. The output of them: mighty Netherite
how to make netherite armor
how to make netherite armor

Why Upgrade from Diamond to Netherite Gears?

For one, strength. The Netherite tools are stronger and cooler than their previous Diamond one. Below is the list of why YOU need to upgrade your tools from Diamond to Netherite.

  1. Extra Durability and Effectiveness
  2. Stronger than Diamond Armor and tools
  3. Unlike Diamond equipment, Netherite are blast&fire-proof
  4. Netherite equipment damages are one point more than Diamond one


The new cool upgrade by the popular sandbox Minecraft gives us the most powerful resource in the game: Netherite. In this article, you have learned the steps of how to make netherite. Which in return, will UP your game in Minecraft and turn you into a quick PRO.

Want Some Bonus Tips?

You will be expecting a mere single tip in this paragraph that we usually get from most of the sites. So, we got great news for you. Because there is more than one bonus tip, we have for you to UP your game.

So, do we have your ears?

  • The first is the ‘Point of invisibility’. It is used to stop hostile mobs from attacking you. A very useful potion when you want to play stealth.
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