How to Make Your Own Cryptocurrency – Make More Money

Everybody’s dream to become rich and earn money is a tricky way through the job. So, let’s come and learn how to make your own cryptocurrency easily by sitting at home.

Nowadays, you cannot avoid the word crypto-currency. It is so exciting to have come up with this great business idea or be getting ready to start a start-up. You want to take advantage of the exciting opportunities in the new world by creating your own crypto-currency. But how do you do that? As is often the case, the Internet is full of information. Still, it is often contradictory, scattered all over, and sometimes hard to understand due to jargon from the heavy industry.

Before going in-depth into more complex concepts and defining how to create your crypto-currency and how it differs from a coin, you should first understand it.

What is Digital Money – Cryptocurrency

According to the Golden (old) Era – Crypto-currency was found in the form of coins or banknotes, but now it is outdated. Therefore, the currency came in the new format that is crypto-currency.

how to create your own cryptocurrency and make money
how to create your own cryptocurrency and make money

In the Modern Era – The crypto-currency is a decentralized digital currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate currency unit generation and verify fund transfers. It is accepted globally, but still, few countries do not accept it. In addition, no centralized authority, government, or bank regulates or tracks crypto-currency.

Bitcoin is the most commanding and market-based currency if we choose crypto-currency.Currently, there are over 1,600 various kinds of cryptocurrencies along with the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, and the number is continually expanding.


How Does it Work – Digital Crypto? 

Crypto holders transfer the assets between wallets & blockchain addresses. It also exchanges them for fiat currency and trading crypto-currency. In addition, everyone can see the live transaction available on the network. However, the people’s identities behind these public addresses remain hidden because they are encrypted with unique keys.

how to make your own cryptocurrency wallet
how to make your own cryptocurrency wallet

Choose a Popular Token – Ethereum Vs. NEO

The two most popular tokens are Ethereum and NEO. The Ethereum is also known as the ERC-20 token. The ETH is a good field for players to play with cryptocurrency because the ETH blockchain was the first to offer this service. It is also very well trusted and reliable.

NEO is the same as ETH and the second most popular platform. It uses the NEP-5 standard token. It also allows people to use the NEO blockchain to make applications and tokens. In addition, ETH has trust and popular specialty, but NEO has a different specialty. On NEO, you can build various programming languages, including C++ & Java.

If you want to use ETH, you have to learn solidity. In contrast, if you use NEO, using a pre-existing language you are already familiar with may be possible. On the other hand, solidity is not challenging to learn and is similarly designed to python, JavaScript & C++ to make it easier to understand.

Building a Token Vs. Coin

Choosing a token or coin is a big decision: it affects many aspects of your project, including how much money you need to spend. In addition, it is not easy to build a blockchain from scratch because it is expensive and takes more time. Indeed, it would help if you also had a professional team of developers.

how to make your own cryptocurrency coin
how to make your own cryptocurrency coin


  • Very Expensive because you need to spend more.
  • It takes a lot of time
  • Has its blockchain


  • It’s not expensive for cryptocurrency
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Built on a costly blockchain

The 3 Best Ways to Create a Blockchain – An Idea

There are three main ways to create a crypto-currency, none of which is quick and straightforward. The three methods are as follows:

Make a New Blockchain

  • Creating a new blockchain – takes considerable coding skills.
  • A most challenging way to create a crypto
  • It assumes a pre-existing level of knowledge then you can create a new blockchain

Fork an Existing Blockchain for Cryptocurrency

  • It is a fast & less complicated way to create a blockchain other than from scratch.
  • Require open-source code that is available on GitHub to launch a new coin.
  • The existing code needs to be modified.
  • Developers forked many coins from bitcoin, Garlicoin, and Litecoincash.

Make Use of an Existing Platform

  • It is the easiest option for those unfamiliar with coding – it makes new crypto or token from an existing platform like ETH.
  • Different new projects make tokens on the ETH network using the ERC-20 standard.
  • If you don’t know about writing code, you must consider the creation service.

How to Make Digital Cryptocurrency – Learn with 7 Simple Steps

You can begin building the crypto-currency after you have considered everything above. In the case of paying a third party to create a new coin, some of these steps are less relevant. However, anyone making a crypto-currency should be familiar with these aspects.

how to make money with your own cryptocurrency
how to make money with your own cryptocurrency
  1. Select a Consensus & Nodes Mechanism

A consensus mechanism is a procedure that approves a particular transaction through the network and adds it to the block. To complete a transaction process, it needs all nodes must confirm it. This node’s confirmation is sometimes referred to as reaching consensus.

  1. Choose a Blockchain Platform

It would help if you had a coin or token to live in a place. It decides the correct choice of your blockchain platform for business because the coin will be an essential step. Other than that, your level of technical expertise will influence your decision.

  1. Make the Nodes for Cryptocurrency

The distributed ledger technology is the foundation of nodes. You have to choose the functionality of your blockchain and the design of nodes that you need to make it. For instance, will the hosting be on the cloud, on-premises, or both? What is the hardware requirement?

  1. Establish the Blockchain Architecture

Ensure all aspects of the blockchain are in order before launching since you will not be able to modify them once the blockchain has been established and running. Whether your blockchain will follow an address format or provide exchanges between cryptocurrencies without a 3rd party intermediary can be decided.

  1. Integrate with Application Programming Interfaces

Application programming interfaces are not available on all systems (APIs). These APIs help the new crypto to stand out and get popularity. However, various third-party tools are available such as Chromaway, Gem, Colu, Bitcore, & much more help you move this API step further.

  1. Design the Interface for Cryptocurrency

If your user interface is poor, it is pointless to create your crypto-currency. First, you need to ensure that your FTP system is up to date and that the programming on the front and back should be done with professional developer updates.

  1. Make Crypto Legal for You

Don’t forget to prepare your crypto to comply with the soon-to-be-enacted laws of international crypto-currency regulations. Thus, your efforts in creating a new crypto-currency are preserved, and no surprises can ruin your work.

Pros & Cons of Cryptocurrency

If you are considering investing and trading in cryptocurrencies. Then there are certain key pros and cons you need to consider. This part will debunk many of your concerns, so let’s take a closer look at both.

how much to make your own cryptocurrency
how much to make your own cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Pros

  • No scam and fraud in crypto-currency because payment always reaches out to the receiver in a few seconds globally.
  • No chance of leaking personal information because it is secure and digital.
  • You can provide a pin code to the merchant for the payment, but you can’t give a private key to anyone.
  • It is an immediate and secure ownership transfer because you can transfer to anyone without approval.
  • No fee is required to transfer the ownership – simply needed the private key.

Crypto-currency Cons

  • It can be used for illegal activities that can be done on the Internet with the help of crypto.
  • The government & high authorities of the country can restrict it but cannot ban them.
  • Your massive amount of money can be lost. It is a self-risk commitment.
  • Any other company does not control crypto. We can say it is a digital firm, and if you lose something, you cannot make a report against it.
  • Bringing the change in the cryptograph is difficult because you cannot predict whether the value would be low or high.

Is it legal to make your own crypto-currency?

how to make your own cryptocurrency exchange
how to make your own cryptocurrency exchange

Bitcoin has caused financial issues for governments all over the world. However, it is widely used for purchasing goods and services. Bitcoin is still subject to a collection of uniform international laws that regulate bitcoin.

The most challenging aspect of establishing your own coin is dealing with technical challenges. You may easily find tutorials on how to create your own cryptocurrency in 15 minutes or develop a crypto-currency without coding. However, producing crypto-currency is not simple. To achieve the aim, you must have substantial experience in blockchain development. Only qualified professionals have the skills and expertise to guide you through this challenging task.


Please use our depth information on crypto as a start-up if you decide to make your crypto-currency. It is a long and deep topic, but you can see the simple steps to making crypto-currency. Other than that, we give genuine information that you are never bored of reading. Aside from creating a token or coin, it would help to consider how to succeed after it is launched. Studying other projects and their launches can help you develop your crypto-currency by discovering what worked and what did not.


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