4 Easy Ways to Pair Apple TV Remote With An Apple TV

Do you want to know how to pair your Apple remote with an Apple TV? if so, then, you are on the right page, we will let you know the ways to pair the Apple TV remote with an Apple TV and Mac.

As we depend on the Apple remote for so much entertainment, you may find yourself a little touchy when it stops functioning properly. However, Apple set out to build its remote to be easy to use, but you still run into problems. But don’t worry; we will let you know the fixes that will help you connect the remote so that you don’t have to contact Apple Support.

However, the Apple remote allows you to control your Apple TV using the built-in IR receiver on your TV. The way to pair the remote depends on the model you are using. When you set up a new TV and power up the set-top box, the remote in the box should pair directly as soon as you tap one of the buttons. In any case, if your remote stops working, it is likely out of juice and needs charging for at least 30 minutes through a USB cable so linked to a USB outlet. But, if it doesn’t resolve the issue, then you can go to repair the Remote. Let’s dive into the steps to pair the remote and fix the issues.

Quick Guide to Pair Apple TV Remote

Pairing an Apple TV remote to a 4th generation Apple TV is relatively easy, but the features might be limited if you have a third-generation Apple TV remote. Although the remote comes with the Apple TV 4k has another name, you can also call it Siri remote, only in regions that support Siri. This section will discuss the pairing of the Apple TV with a 4th generation Apple TV remote. Now let’s move to the steps.

Pairing Siri Remote with an Apple TV 4K

If the Apple TV unit does not switch on when you press down on the Remote’s Menu or home button, be certain the remote may need to be recharged. The remote does not have a battery level indicator so you may have missed the low battery issue warning on the TV screen. However, the remote uses the flame lightning to the USB-A cable. Keep in mind that you can check the Remote’s battery level in the Apple TV by following the steps below.

  • Choose and hold down on the Touch Surface to view the settings app.
  • Choose Remotes
  • Now, choose Remote that will let you see the actual battery. Check the remote has sufficient battery to work.
  • Next, start to connect the remote one more time and make sure that your Apple TV has power. You should see a little white LED illuminate on the front. If not, unplug the cable, wait for a few seconds, and then plug it again. Now you will see a shining LED light.
  • Check that your TV is on, set it to the right HDMI port, and show the Home screen.
  • After that, hold the Menu & Volume up button for a few seconds.
  • Further, put the remote on the apex of the TV if prompted when you see a message verifying that your Apple TV remote was successfully paired.

If trying the above guide will not help you pair the remote, then you can try the fixes mentioned in the next section.

Pairing 2nd & 3rd Generation Remote

If you want to connect an Apple TV remote (2nd & 3rd generation) with an Apple TV receiver, so point the remote at the receiver & hit the menu button and right arrow option simultaneously. Then hold down for almost a few seconds. After that, two joined chain link icon will emerge on your screen and shows you that you have successfully paired the devices.

Moreover, for an Apple remote 1st generation pairing, you have to hit and hold the Menu. Next fast forward for a few seconds to pair it to your device.

Alternative to Pair Apple TV remote

Here is how you can pair the Tv remote alternatively by applying the below steps.

  • When using the 4th generation Apple TV remote to Siri remote, ensure to stay within the Bluetooth range. So it is suggested to have a clear path between the remote & your Apple TV for better signal reception.
  • Make sure your Apple TV remote is charged for almost 30 minutes using a USB wall charger/lightning USB cable.
  • Point out to your TV away from 3 inches. Then hold the Volume Up and Menu buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Now place the remote over the Apple TV in the case prompted for successfully finishing the pairing.
  • After that, dislink the wall power outlet from your TV and wait for a few seconds. Link them again and see whether the connection has been stable or not.

How to Connect Apple TV Remote with Mac?

how to pair new apple tv remote
how to pair new apple tv remote

You can also pair the apple remote with a Mac by applying the below instructions.

  • Sign in to your Mac as an Admin user.
  • Go close to your Mac, just 3, 4 inches away.
  • Point the remote at your Mac’s infrared sensor.
  • Then, click and hold the Menu and Next/Fast forward options simultaneously on the remote for a few seconds.
  • Now, you have successfully paired your remote with your Mac. You will see a chain-link-style lock emerge in the center of your screen. In addition, the links that will appear have alternative ways & information about unpairing the remote if needed.

What to do if you lost Your Remote?

If you lost your apple remote, don’t worry, you can always default to the Apple TV remote controls in the control center of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Then you don’t need to buy a new remote for your TV. Apple added this feature in iOS 11 but didn’t suspend apple’s remote app until late 2020. So to allow these controls apply the given instructions.

  • Scroll down where the LTE, battery icons, and wifi reside. Then click on the Remote icon shown in the control center.
  • When the Apple Tv remote controls view the screen, make sure that your apple device is listed at the top. If you have more than one, click on the currently listed model & choose the target device in the options. Make sure that all the devices must be linked to the same local network.
  • If you are using the apple remote for the first time, follow the steps and give the four-digit passcode to connect the Apple TV device with your iPad or iPhone.
  • If you didn’t find these controls on your device, try the following: view the settings app and then click on the control center. Click on Customize controls. Choose the green plus option next to the Apple TV remote under more controls.

Fixes-When an Apple TV Remote won’t Pair

how to pair apple remote to apple tv
how to pair apple remote to apple tv

If your Apple remote doesn’t connect with your TV, then there must be a problem with either the remote or TV. So try the below steps.

  • Charge Your Apple Remote- while the Remote comes with 50-75% charging. So charge the remote by linking it to a cable and then into a USB port or wall charger, giving it time.
  • Update your Apple TV; when Apple released the new Siri remote, you could use it on existing Apple TVs through a software patch, which may be the case for you. So to check that you have the newest updates, open the settings app, move down to System, and press “Software Updates.” And then tap on “Check for updates.” Then allow your Apple TV to update and reset if it has not already.
  • Relocate the Remote; The remote must be away a few inches from the Apple TV to connect, but not too far away. So try linking with the remote about three inches from the TV, then try it in various positions if that does not function.
  • Your remote links to your Apple through Bluetooth, so it’s vulnerable to wireless interference. If you have a lot of other Bluetooth devices, so try closing them down or erasing them.
  • Reset Apple TV– you have to unplug the TV from power for a few seconds, then again plug it. It will cause the Apple TV to reset. Wait until the reboot process finishes, then again pair the Remote.

Steps to Reset the Siri Remote

If your Siri remote has become glitch or didn’t respond, you can reset it by applying the below steps.

  • Hold the many & volume increase buttons simultaneously.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then release the buttons.
  • Then, you will see a popup in the screen’s upper-right telling you that the remote is pairing.

Final Words

Apple TV is simply one of the most flexible media streaming devices you can buy & stream your desired content and play games on your TV. But you only need that pesky bundled remote to work accurately. Now you know how to pair the Apple TV remote to the Apple TV or Mac. But if you can’t pair it, try the above troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue.

Moreover, You can also use the third-party app Tenorshare ReiBoot to get things done smoothly without any issues or data loss. But if you still can’t connect the remote, then maybe your Remote is damaged, and you have to buy a new one. Hope the above guide helps you pair the Remote.

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