How to Play Among Us on Macbook in 2021: A Complete Guide

How to play among us on MacBook? Fans of As among Us remain to grow; players are searching for new ways to get connected and find crews to join. A slight problem, however, prevents macOS users from playing Among Us on their computers: it is not natively supported by this operating system.

You don’t have to worry! Among us can be played on Mac computers in a relatively simple way, and we’ll explain exactly how.

How to Play Among Us on Macbook 

It is common for Mac OS devices to run unsupported games by installing Windows, defeating the whole purpose of owning a Mac. Because Among Us is available on mobile platforms, players get a second chance with fewer obstacles to jump over.

Play among us on MacBook via an Android emulator 

There is an Android emulator built into Among Us, so you can run it on the Google Play Store. With these programs, you can emulate an Android phone or tablet on your Mac while using your internal power. In addition to being able to run Among Us, you will also be able to play it much more smoother than you would on a mobile device.

Bluestacks is a powerful Android emulator for the Mac that we chose for testing purposes. Follow the instructions on the official website for obtaining the emulator and installing it on your Mac. Multiple times during the installation process, your Mac can verify the emulator you’re installing since emulators install a few essential software frameworks that allow the emulator to function properly.

If you don’t have a Google account yet, you’ll need to create one after installing the emulator. After logging into your Google account, you will be navigated to the home screen of your emulator after answering a few questions from Google. Go to the Google Play Store and search for Among Us once you have logged in. To install the game, simply click on install and let Android handle the rest.

Once Among Us has been successfully installed, close the Play Store from the top panel to see its icon on the main screen. The game will launch when you click on Among Us, and you can also customize the controls. You should be in the main menu of the game while all of this is happening, and the keyboard controls are the same as on PC.

Join or host a match online by clicking on online. Just make sure you give your character a name before you start. Since your progress will be tied to your Google account, you won’t be able to carry it over to the PC version.

The Boot Camp method

While Mac OS is a good software experience, its compatibility issues make it unsuitable for video gamers. Windows can, however, be installed on a Mac rather easily, allowing users to install all the apps they couldn’t before.

By following all the steps carefully, you can accomplish this step using the “Boot Camp Assistant” included in the download.

  • The first thing you should do is download the official ISO file of Windows 10 from Microsoft’s official website. You will use the ISO file shortly in the following steps after you save it to your Mac.
  • The USB stick must have a minimum of 5 GB of storage space if you don’t have a DVD driver. If you need to use any other external storage devices, disconnect them now. Only leave the USB stick connected during the process.
  • Boot Camp Assistant can be launched using spotlight search or the utility folder, then check the boxes next to “Download the latest Windows support software for Apple,” and “Install Windows.” A window will appear asking you to locate your ISO file. Select the ISO file you downloaded and choose your USB stick from the list that appears after selecting the file.
  • As part of the setup process, you’ll be asked how much hard drive/SSD space you want to reserve for Windows. It is up to your personal preference how much space you offer to your new operating system, but we recommend at least 20GB.
  • As Windows 10 boots in the background, you’ll be asked questions about your system and user preferences. The rest of the method is straightforward.
  • You can install Steam directly from the website once Windows 10 has been installed.
  • After entering your login information, you can then download Among Us as on your regular Windows PC. The setup process will be similar to that on your regular Windows PC.
How To Play Among Us On Macbook Air
How To Play Among Us On Macbook Air

Among Us on the M1 Mac

It was designed so that iPad apps would run perfectly on M1 Macs. Fans, however, had to wait for their favorite app developers to fine-tune their applications for Mac users to avoid compatibility issues.

Previously, M1 Mac users had to rely on other methods in our list to play Among Us. But now they don’t have to. For now, owners of M1 devices will have an easier time installing Among Us on their systems.

  • Type among Us in the search bar located toward the top left of your screen in the App Store.
  • Among us won’t appear immediately, so you’ll need to select “iPad and iPhone apps.”
  • Once you click that tab, Among Us will appear, and you can download it by clicking “Get” or “Install.”
    • If you’ve already downloaded Among Us, the icon can also appear as a downward pointing arrow.
  • You’ll need to enter your Apple ID password before the download can begin.
  • You will start downloading Among Us as soon as you submit your credentials, and the game will automatically install.
  • As soon as you install Among Us, the Get button you used to download the game will become a Play button.
    • Among us won’t require you to launch the App Store every time you want to play. Right-clicking on Among Us’ icon in the dock will enable you to keep it thereafter it has been launched for the first time.

Even though Boot Camp provides more utility because you can run other Windows programs, we recommend the Android emulation method if you don’t need Windows on your Mac aside from playing Among Us.

In comparison, the emulation method is quicker. And you can easily uninstall it if you want to move on, whereas the Windows method will be more challenging if you haven’t done anything similar before.

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