How To Reset Samsung Tv With Several Methods

How to reset Samsung tv? If you have the Samsung smart tv in your home and it’s causing a problem, then Maybe there is something you need to fix. The new smart TV technology comes up with built-in diagnosis tools. Maybe setting it up in tools fix your hitches regarding signal, picture sound, etc.

Several brands come in several categories on Tv. Although the interface of troubleshooting a problem could be different, that’s the reason we are here to guide you. Reset it either with your remote or without a remote.

Resetting a Samsung smart TV could be different because recent models may differ in display interface or setting technicalities. But we’ll cover here the specific technique that applies to every model. Maybe some words and interface should look new. However, the structure could be the same, so let’s dive in without wasting time.

Reset Your Samsung Smart Tv Via (Remote Soft Reboot)

Taking Samsung’s words, more usage of devices leads to slowing down device performance and internal malfunctioning. However, that could be why you’ll face issues like the menu opening delay, like TV taking a lot of time to start, etc. The best way to get rid of it is a cold boot with a tv remote. It works by draining the charge from the TV and resetting the mainboard.

The process is quite simple: Tap on the power button until your TV goes to restart position, and you’ll see it restarting by seeing the Samsung logo on the display screen. Firstly, do this procedure before going to further functions. You can also retune your Samsung tv with other alternatives, which we’ll explain line by line in this article.

Functional Settings To Retune Samsung Smart Tv

Retune Samsung Smart Tv
Retune Samsung Smart Tv


A problem varies when we’re talking about smart TVs, and most of these are about lacking tv in performance. If this problem occurs to you, it means your tv needs some resets, so don’t you want to know how to reset a Samsung TV? Follow this quick technical method for setting up your TV.

  1. Pick up your tv remote and tap the home button, also known as the house button. It takes you to the main menu of the TV. After opening up the menu, there is a setting option that resembles a screw nut at the bottom left of the screen click on it for further action.
  2. After clicking on settings, a window will appear with several settings options. Navigate the support icon at the last of the options, and tap on it.
  3. Click the supportoption. A list of multiple options shows aside, select the top second option, “Device care.” It will take you to the next screen, which has 3 options. Select the “Self diagnose” option.
  4. After clicking the self-diagnose option, a new window opens again with 7 options. Select the “reset smart hub” at the bottom left.
  5. The system will ask you to enter the 4-digit pin code type in any of your pin codes. Use the default “0000” if you haven’t any. You can do it all with the help of your remote circular buttons by scrolling the pointer up, down, left, and right. Enter a pin put your TV on reset, and do not switch it off until the resetting process is done.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Tv With Infrared Supported Sensor Phone

The most frustrating thing is when there is a time to reset the smart tv. Eventually, the remote get disappears, and you don’t know what to do next. However, there is a way out in the face of IR-supported sensor phones. IR in your phone connects the phone with your smart TV, from which you can access your TV with your phone. All you need is an IR sensor phone to do the procedure.

Follow the method of connecting your phone with smart tv.

  • Go to the play store and download the application Universal Remote
  • Open the application and select the option TV list
  • You’ll find many brands of smart TV on the list, select Samsung
  • Remote interfaces show there with multiple designs. Select the desired design you feel comfortable with and save it.

Congratulations, your phone is connected to your TV successfully.

When Should I Factory Reset My Smart Television?

Factory Reset My Smart Television
Factory Reset My Smart Television

There will be multiple reasons you need to reset your smart tv. These TVs come up with built-in features and software which help them provide quality performance but the system malfunctions when an unknown virus comes in and messes up the interior of the device.

You might face these issues after a bug insertion, affecting sound quality distortion, slow functioning, fade-in-picture quality, and more. If you see any similar issues, consider it as a sign that your TV needs a reset.

Do You Know When To Reset Your TV Network Settings?

If you are facing a problem in connecting wifi to your TV, this must be an emblem that you need to reset your network setting. Mainly this problem occurs when you forget to update your device or put the wrong MAC address or incorrect DNS on the router. Let’s see how we’ll fix it.

  • Open your TV and go to the settings, which is located at the bottom left of the screen
  • Select the second last option, “General.”
  • A window appears next to previous icons and selects “Network selection.”
  • Then select the option “open network setting” and look around to see the wifi option.
  • After successfully finding the wifi option, open it and enter the wifi router password.

This method will reset your network settings. if it still gives you trouble, contact the help center of Samsung to resolve the issue.

How To Reset Sound Settings of Samsung Television

If you hear a distorted and rushy voice coming out of your TV, then maybe resetting your sound setting will fix the issue. It usually happens when you accidentally mess up the settings and forget that you’ve done that. If distorting sounds bother you, don’t get upset. We’ll teach you how to reset your sound settings, so twig with us till the finish.

  • Tap a remote home screen button. It will take you to your TV menu.
  • Search the settings option and open it.
  • From the several options, select the sound
  • Then option pops up from there. Select expert settings and then check for the reset sound option and hit a tap on it.

This process takes little time. When the process finishes, restart your TV, or maybe it’ll restart on its own. If you still hear garbage from your TV, it may be a technical issue that needs to be repaired by the repair center.


To reset a Samsung smart TV is not a hectic task though it’ll boost your device’s capability and make it reliable for a long time. Fixing issues on time gives new birth to your TV, so the best option is to reset your TV every month. We all know that every year a new model of Samsung TV comes into the market, so don’t hassle learning basic pattern that helps you out in every state.

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