How to Restart & Hard Restart Apple Watch to Fix the Issues

Are you facing glitching issues on your Apple watch? So no worries. You can easily solve it in a few minutes by restarting your Apple watch. If your watch still does not respond, you can try to hard restart it. So, in this blog, we will let you know how to restart or hard restart your Apple Watch to solve the issue.

Moreover, Apple has amazed its users with lots of gadgets, and the Apple Watch is a favorite among them. You can perform various tasks with the smartwatch, from counting calories to making life smooth. You just have to pair it with your phone. But, every technology creates issues, such as the Apple Watch. Sometimes it creates frozen issues, and there’s nothing you can do apart from hard restarting it & do not worry. It will not remove your data. So let’s dive into details on how to hard restart the watch.

how to restart an apple watch
how to restart an apple watch

Step-by-Step Guide to Re-Start iOS Watch

The only way to restart the smartwatch is on the watch itself. You can easily do it by applying the steps below; it will only take a few minutes & your watch will be back on track. So let’s move to the steps.

  • First, you have to tap & hold the side button of your Apple Watch.

    hold the slider
    hold the slider
  • Second, wait for the slider to emerge on the screen.
  • Third, here you will see three options: Power off, Medical ID, and Emergency SOS.

  • Now, swap to the “Power off” slider to the right of the screen.

    power off
    power off
  • Then, wait for a couple of seconds and hold the side button until the apple watch switch.

Now, you can easily restart an iOS Watch in the same way you restart an iPhone. When you toggle it back on, everything should normally be working. So, remember that you cannot restart the device while it is charging. Therefore, if you wish to restart it, you must remove it from the charger.

How to Hard Restart Apple Watch?

If your iOS watch did not solve the frozen issue and would not turn off, your only remaining option is to hard restart it, also known as force restart. Remember you should not force restart the device while its software is updated. Doing this will disrupt the OS update & cause problems with your apple watch when you turn it on. Although, when this device hangs, you will have no choice other than to restart it. If you want to hard restart the device, apply the following steps.

  • Tap & press the two buttons on the watch all at once.
  • Then, wait for 5 to 15 seconds to pass.
  • When the screen light blinks, then release the buttons.
  • Now wait 1 or 2 minutes and press the side button until you see the blank screen again.

Although forcing restarting an Apple watch can resolve several issues, it should only be used as a last resort. You can perform a hard restart on your Apple Watch while charging.

How to Unpair Your Apple Watch?

You can also unpair the apple watch and reset the device from the factory settings. For this, you will have to access your iPhone. However, unpairing the device will remove the contents of your apple watch and fully erase it from your iCloud account. Apply the below steps to unpair the watch.

  • View the watch app and click on All watch in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Then, click on the info icon (encircled lowercase i) beside the watch you wish to unpair.
  • Next, click on Unpair Apple Watch and verify when popup.
  • If you have cellular data, then you will be asked if you wish to keep the cellular plan; if you erase the plan, you may also have to contact your carrier to end the service.
  • Click on Confirm.

How to Wake the display of the Apple watch?

When your watch is toggled on, you wish to wake its display to check the time, read notifications and allow all other iOS watch features. Here are a few steps to do it.

  • Lift your wrist as if you were checking a standard watch. The smartwatch sensors will detect the movement and wake the screen, and the watch directly goes back to sleep when you lower the wrist.
  • Then, click on the watch screen or hold the Digital crown.
  • After that, turn the digital crown in the upward direction watch display will slowly glow to life. But this option is only accessible on apple watch series 2 & later models.

What to do if Apple Watch won’t Hard Restart?

Sometimes, your iOS Watch will not respond to a hard restart due to power reserve mode, or maybe there is a hardware issue with your smartwatch. So follow the abovementioned method to do it. Sometimes it happens because of using a third-party charger, so always try to use the watch’s original cable that came with your watch and charge it for almost 2 hours. If the watch still does not respond, restart it by holding the side button until you see the logo. Then, try to hard restart it by making sure you are pressing down on both buttons for almost 10 seconds. Sometimes you have to try it various times before it works.

Last Words

Hopefully, you understand how to restart the iOS smartwatch when it creates lagging issues. Although, restarting is the best option to avoid the glitching issues. but don’t worry restarting & hard resetting will not remove your data. Once you are done restarting the watch and your iPhone, it will boost the performance. Let us know about your experience with the Apple watch. Have you ever faced the lagging issue? If so, how did you tackle it?

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