How To Scare A Scammer: 5 Tips And Tricks

Scams are inevitable – almost everyone has been or almost fallen victim to scams. These fraudsters use new, creative techniques that make it almost impossible to know their true intentions. However, you can spot a fraud a mile away if you find certain activities suspicious, and when you do, knowing how to scare a scammer will be useful. The problem now is not everybody knows what to say to a scammer to scare them – some can try, but it may never be enough. Find out in this article the 6 tips and tricks that will work effectively to chase these criminals away.

What To Say To A Scammer To Scare Them?

Scaring a scammer takes a little effort because you don’t exactly know how they would try to do their thing – maybe not at first. But when you spot red flags, you can start developing creative ways to protect yourself. One of those ways is using words against them until they become uninterested. Below are 6 ways to use your words to scare them.

Flow With the Conversation But Be Careful 

Sometimes, having a conversation with a scammer rather than ignoring them helps. It works in cases when you have identified them but choose to play along. You don’t necessarily need to have words to say to scare a scammer – just wasting their time with your interest is enough. For instance, you can show more enthusiasm for their business and even ask them to jump on a call to explain. Then, whenever they ask you to do certain things or tasks, you can come up with excuses as to why you are yet to do it. When this happens from time to time, the fraudster gets tired and moves on. 

Scam the Scammer

Scambaiting is also an effective method to scare a phone scammer. It is alternatively called the “scam the scammer” technique. It is only advisable for people to be confident that they can handle whatever comes their way. The main purpose of scambaiting is to waste their time and force them to reveal sensitive details that could be used against them. Depending on the situation, you can ask other people to help you reveal the person’s identity.  

Get a ChatBot

Chatbots are so powerful that they can scare online scammer in tremendous ways. An anti-spam chatbot has been designed to converse with a fraudster – without doing the work. The chatbot uses technology that recognizes a scam and utilizes strategies that make the person uninterested. It could even get them to expose their details due to frustration. In another case, the chatbot could keep asking questions around the same topic or a different one to get them to back off. 

Find Errors in the Words

Nothing annoys a scammer more than someone seeing through them. You don’t necessarily have to point out clearly that they are scammers; you can start by correcting every word they use. When a criminal sees how much you are trying to find errors in their lines, they know to stop and move on to someone else. 

Read and Ignore 

A trick that also works sometimes is reading and ignoring. When you spot a scammer, you don’t necessarily have to engage them. And even if you do, ensure you are not consistent. For instance, you can reply to only one of their many messages and ignore the rest – when you repeat that on more than one occasion, they would get tired of chatting with you. 

Threaten Them From a Place of Authority 

One more thing to say to a scammer to scare them is to tell them you belong to a government authority. Generally, fraudsters run away from everything that would link them to a law enforcement agency, such as the FBI. If a phone scammer contacts you about an investment, you can tell them you would like to confirm from the FBI website and meet to discuss it more. You should scare them off with that. 


You have everything you need above if you don’t know what to say to a scammer to scare them. These criminals are creative, but you have to be smarter than them in every possible way. Use whatever method the situation demands, and see how disappointed they become.

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