How To Screen Record on Samsung Phone Models

Did you ever record the screen from your Samsung mobile? If you didn’t do it, you come to the right place because the article will let you know all the details on how you can do it. Screen recording is a beneficial feature for recording the screen on your mobile and sharing it with your colleagues or friends as a video file.

The latest updated feature of releasing Samsung android 11 & 12 is also known as Android Q (OneUI 2) and OneUI 3 (Android 13). It has a built-in screen record option On Samsung devices. Let’s learn how you can use it to record the screen with old and new features.

The Samsung Model What I Used: All time, the evergreen way is to record the screen of Samsung Galaxy models A21, A10e, A23 & M53.

Note: All the Samsung models have almost the same screen recording features and how to record your screen is almost similar in every model.

Did you Ever Record the Samsung Screen on Galaxy M53 & A10e?

The article insider shows the way of screen recording in Samsung galaxy and if you are a beginner – try to use this method, but if this did not work out for you. Let us know to update more for you more.

how to screen record on samsung a21
how to screen record on samsung a21

This screen recording method will work out by using a screen record icon. So, let’s have a look!

  • Let’s start with taking a mobile where it was kept and swiping it from the top of the screen. Here you will see the quick panel, also known as the notification panel.

    quick panel
    quick panel
  • Now you have to choose the screen recorder icon. On the other side, if you want to change the recording quality, long press the screen recording icon.
  • After doing a long press on the icon, select your preferred sound settings such as no sound, media sound, and mic.
  • At last, click on the start recording to record whatever you want to show the other people or share it with others on Samsung galaxy M53 & A10e.

The quick pinpoint: During the recording of the screen of galaxy M53 & A10e, you can use the pen tool to make highlighted features or pictures, and once you have finished the recording, click on the stop icon and check what you have done with the pen tool.

What To Do If the Screen Recording Icon Does Not Appear in The Notification Panel?

  • Swipe down the quick panel and tap on the three-dot icon at the screen’s top right corner.

  • Here you need to click on the button order, and now, you will see the record screen icon. Again, you will think about what you will do with the record screen icon, so don’t worry.

    button order
    button order
  • Just drag the record screen icon in the icon panel section to add it to the notification panel.

  • Enjoy your screen recording for your purpose or to show something about your followers.

How Can You Screen Record of Samsung Galaxy A21 & A23?

Recording your screen with sound from your Samsung mobile A21 & A23 can be useful for performing tutorials or showing something to others how you perform a certain task in Samsung A21 & A23. You can also save the recording video and upload it to any of your YouTube channels or social media platforms.

Sometimes you do screen recording that you must share on a different social media platform like Instagram and Facebook with sound. However, you can also take a screenshot from your phone, which is also available when you swipe down the notification panel. The quick steps are here to follow to go on.

  • First, you have to check whether the screen recording option is available on your phone or not in the quick panel. So, start with the swipe down the quick panel where you will see the screen recording icon.
  • Click on it to enable it. But in some cases, if you don’t see the screen recording icon on the quick panel of Samsung Galaxy. You need to tap on the three vertical dot options to edit it. Now, after clicking on three dots, the menu list appears where you need to click on the button order option.
  • Then, three options are shown there. Now tap the finger on the record screen and drag it to the bottom to add it to the quick panel.
  • After dragging, the screen recording icon will be added to the panel, and you should click on it to record a video for the reason you want.

Note: Once you record it, you can save it in your gallery.

Is It Necessary to Customize the Setting of Samsung Screen Recorder?

Can Samsung screen record the viability of your phone? Yes! It can record everything, and after recording, you can customize the settings according to your unique requirement, which totally depends on you. Let’s see how you can change the Samsung settings.

how to screen record on samsung s8
how to screen record on samsung s8

First, you need to open your phone’s settings, go to the advanced features option, and click on it. After clicking, the screenshot & screen recorder option show, and under this option, you can customize the screen recording’s sound, video quality, and selfie video size.

Now, under the sound bar, you can choose different appearing options such as:

  • No sound for a stop recording.
  • Media sounds are used to conclude a sound you hear in the app for recording.
  • Media sounds & Mic: You can add your voice on top of the recording.

Here you can see under the video quality where you will use 1080p, 720p, or 480p. If people want a high-quality video with a clear image, they have to use a higher resolution which consumes more storage of your device. After choosing a specific resolution for your video, see under the selfie video size where you can change the size of your selfie video from small to large size.

At last! You can also close on show taps & touches for added viewing ease, and When someone watches the recording, they can see where you tapped and swiped.

Let’s Talk About the Valuable features of the Samsung Screen Recorder

Samsung Galaxy is a part of the android phone, and it has a variety of catchy eye features that people use and love to record the screen. The following features are useful for video-making professionals as well as gamers.

how to screen record on a samsung
how to screen record on a samsung
  • Minimize Toolbar: You can hide the screen record toolbar to view the content recording properly. It is an outstanding feature because the toolbar is not visible on the saved screen recording.
  • Write or Draw: by using this feature, you can write or draw whatever you want for recording on the screen. You can also choose eight colors, resize the thickness of the brush and undo the brush stroke.
  • Pause/Play the Recording: If you may have any emergency, you can pause the recording and play it back – when you get free for that emergency.
  • Stop Recording: You can stop and save the screen recording to your gallery to view and share later.
  • Selfie Video Overlay: The selfie overlay can be started and stopped at any time over your screen recording. Those who wish to record their reactions while gaming may want to set the sound settings to Media sounds and mic. It is possible to change the size of the selfie video in the Screen recorder settings to cover more of the screen.

Use of Third-Party Apps to Record the Screen On Samsung  

People have different android models, and sometimes their mobiles don’t have screen recording options. Therefore, don’t get into trouble: use a third-party app for recording screens on Samsung. Here’s how you look at the list of third-party apps.

iMyFone MirrorTo

iMyFone is a multi-tasking screen mirroring app that active users to control their android phone via a PC. It allows users and other gamers to enjoy android gamers on PC, where they can take screenshots and screen mirroring. This app will give you a better graphic experience in the video from your phone on a bigger screen. Besides that, you can save office screenshots and screen recordings from a clipping board between your android and PC.

DU Samsung Screen Recorder

This app is specifically designed for android phone users. And besides screen recording, this app allows users to edit their videos and live stream. However, you can set the video quality like you can set a number of frames/secs that can be up to 1080p.

When you record the Samsung screen, you can use the built-in editor app to trip the video, where you can also connect with different clips. And add background music to make your video more elegant.

AZ Screen Recorder

It is a lightweight application designed for android phones with an OS of 5.0 or higher. It allows you to seamlessly record your screen for as long as you want without losing video quality. The app is user-friendly, and you will see the icon once you install it. Here you can also set the app settings, set the location to record the video, and start to record a new recording or exit the application.

Once you installed the app, set up the app’s settings to maintain the video quality. Now you can start to record your screen.


That’s all about the screen recording through the Samsung mobile. You just need to have a Samsung mobile to try this out frequently. If you try out and achieve remarks, please let us know which Samsung model you are using as soon as possible in the comment box.

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