How To Select All Photos on iPhone (Tap & Drag Guide of 2022)

If you have ever taken photos with your office colleagues from your iPhone and now you are sharing with them, but you cannot find a way to select all the images. Or, if you would like to free up space in your iPhone, delete the images by selecting all the images, but you don’t know how to select them collectively. Therefore, I have made this guide for you to help you out promptly.

However, the iOS photo apps do not feature selecting photos on iPhone. Still, you can simply resolve the issue by following other tips and tricks and using different apps via PlayStore. Additionally, you can use cloud storage such as iCloud & Google photos that allow you to store many of your photos online and select all the unnecessary photos to delete them. The article will describe all the information, including selecting and deleting the photos on your iPhone.

Updated Features of iOS Series of iPhone

Before digging into the selecting photos method, let’s check out the different and latest features of the iPhone. Knowing about these features gives you an idea of how much the iPhone has improved over the years and why it is this popular throughout the world.

  • The screen size of the iPhone varies from 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches.
  • iOS company uses A12 bionic mobile processor for manufacturing iPhone.
  • The iPhone camera supports various outstanding features such as HDR, wide-angle lens, and more. Because of these iPhone camera features, it is popular and used by millions of people in the world.
  • iOS supports portrait mode for taking impressive photos that feature the background blurred.
  • It has an OLED panel with 2,436 x 1,125 resolution and long battery life.
  • iOS has a faster face ID to unlock the phone, and it also supports dual sim cards (physical and electronic SIM cards)
  • All the series of iOS are available in a broad color range.
  • The latest iOS has a wider stereo sound for better sound quality.

How to Select All Photos on iPhone Using the “Tap & Drag” Technique?

Selecting images method is as quick and easy, and you don’t need to click and select each image individually to select all the photos on your iOS. Here is the tap and drag method for selecting all the photos on your iPhone.

  • Open the Photos app and go to any album from where you want to select the images.
  • Now click on the top right corner of the screen where the selection is written.
  • Click on the photo, keep your finger on the screen, and drag on all the photos sideways and upwards. Don’t stop your finger for dragging purposes until all the photos are selected.
  • You have selected all the photos through the select & drag motion, and don’t pause the process or accidentally release your finger’s touch to the screen.

Tips: You can select more than one Photos to delete or empty the space in your iPhone except by using the tap and drag option.

After selecting all the photos in your gallery, you can share and delete them using a different screen option. You can add or move the photos to another album or create a new album at this stage.

Moving All Photos from an iPhone Album to Another Album

If you want to move a particular image in another album or move an entire album on your iOS is easy to do. Follow the steps below to move forward in the article.

How To Select All Photos on iPhone
How To Select All Photos on iPhone
  • Navigate to the album in the Photos app.
  • Now open the selective album and wait for loading all the photos.
  • Click on the select option, which is available in your screen’s top right corner.
  • Employ the tap & drag option to apply the trick to select all the images.
  • Now click on the Add to option on the bottom of your mobile’s screen.
  • Choose the album you want to move the images to or create a new one.

Deleting Multiple Photos from an iPhone Gallery

If your mobile space is full of multiple types of stuff, empty it by deleting photos from your iPhone. The following steps will guide you on how you can do it.

  • Open the photos app and go to the album to select all the albums on your iPhone.
  • Now select all albums and click on the right button at the corner of your iPhone screen.
  • Apply the tap & drag trick to select all the photos.
  • Click on the trash icon on the bottom right corner of your mobile’s screen.
  • If you confirm, remove all the photos by clicking on delete. Now you have deleted all the photos on your iPhone.

How to Recover Recently Deleted Photos from Deleted Folder on iPhone

Sometimes we delete our photos from our gallery by mistake and want to recover them. So, iPhone has the deleted folder image feature, from which we can restore all the images from the recently deleted folder. In addition, all the deleted photos in a deleted folder kept for 30 days. You can learn more by following the steps below.

  • Open the photos app on your computer and click on albums.
  • Now choose the recently deleted folder from the available options.
  • Open the folder; here, you can see all the deleted photos.
  • Choose the selective images that you want to recover quickly.
  • Click on the recover button and wait for a few moments to recover the photos.
  • Go to your phone gallery, and now you can see all your deleted photos in the form of recovered images.


  1. How do you select all the photos on iCloud by using Mac?

Ans: Here are the following steps to learn more about selecting photos on iCloud using Mac.

  • Open your browser and then open the official iCloud system.
  • Log into your account using your constant credentials.
  • Place the cursor anywhere on the screen and continuously click the Cmd + A simultaneously. The following command will choose all the photos on iCloud.

Now you have selected all the photos by using Mac.

  1. How to select multiple photos on iPhone without using iTunes?

Ans: If you want to choose all photos from your iPhone without using iTunes, you can try this method and you can do this in several different ways. Alternatively, you can scroll down until you reach the Photo menu in the iPhone settings app. Just tap on Select All and confirm that you want to select all pictures. For most people, this is the fastest and easiest way to choose their entire album at once, but it is not the only way.


In conclusion, the tap and drag trick can help you select all the photos from your gallery on your iPhone without trouble selecting a particular image. You can also click on the image and then drag all over the album photos from your finger sideways and upwards or downwards until you select all the pictures. The article guided you further on deleting and moving the photos from one album to another album. If you ever recover your deleted photos from any iOS series, comment below to tell us which iOS series you used.

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