How to Share Calendar in Outlook (A Complete Guide)

Microsoft Outlook has seemed an essential tool for an office over the past two decades. It is used as a communication platform in many schools, companies, organizations, etc. Such as, there are multiple cases where you have to coordinate with your friends or co-workers to facilitate about meetings or assignments, which makes it slightly easy. But the question arises of how to share calendar in outlook? So no need to worry. The below section will give you the complete method of calendar sharing along with the sharing steps on multiple devices.

Moreover, sharing your outlook calendar allows people to view your calendar. But it depends on the permission level of accessing the calendar to other people, or they can edit it. You may also share it through a web link or file with others by publishing or sending it.

Method to Share Calendar in Outlook

how to share a calendar in outlook
how to share a calendar in outlook

Sharing a calendar is as easy as a finger click. Here are the following straightforward steps:

  1. On the left side calendar list, right-click on your calendar and select Sharing Permissions
  2. The new window of Calendar Properties will display. Then click on Add Use
  3. Enter the email address or person’s name in the search field and tap on the correct result. Then, select Add option. You will be encouraged to give access to the individual.
  4. You will get the added people with the customization of permission levels by checking the relevant checkboxes:
  • Can view all details:In this option, a person may see all the details of your events.
  • Can edit:In this option, a person can edit your calendar.
  1. After setting the permissions, click on Ok.
  2. Now you successfully granted permission for your selected user to access your calendar. You will need to email to notify the user.

Notes: While sharing your calendar with non- Outlook users like Gmail, it will be only acceptable to use an Outlook or Microsoft 365 account. Marked items in the calendar are protected. You can see only the marked private items with whom you share your calendar, not the additional details, such as title, location, etc. Moreover, marked private things will be seen in chronic series like you have selected.

How to Open a Shared Calendar?

You may easily open an Outlook calendar with the following steps where you can view the shared calendar:

  1. Open an email with a shared calendar and select Accept
  2. Then select Calendar. To view a shared calendar, choose the Shared Calendars
  3. Now, open the calendar.
  4. To layer the shared calendar over your own, select the View in Overlay Mode

Sharing Outlook Calendar on Multiple Devices

how to share your calendar in outlook
how to share your calendar in outlook

Here are the multiple devices like desktop, android, etc., for sharing the Outlook calendar. So, move to the following section to see sharing calendar method:

Share Your Outlook Calendar on Desktop/Laptop

You have another option for your easiness to see the outlook calendar that you can view on your desktop with a few below steps:

  1. First, in your browser, sign in to Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Second, click the calendar icon on your screen in the far left pane.
  3. Third, in the upper right corner, click the Share
  4. Enter the email address or person’s name in the text field.
  5. Set the permissions for whom you want the person to use the calendar. For Example: if you select can view when I’m busy, it shows that you are permitted him to see when you are available.
  6. Once you select the sharing preferences for the person, click on the Share
  7. He will get an invitation to accept or decline with whom you share your calendar by clicking Add This Calendar.
  8. Then the recipient can view it in the email and click the View Calendar You may also tap on the calendar icon at any time.
  9. Under People’s Calendars on the left side of the screen, you can see who has shared their calendar with you.

Sharing an Outlook Calendar on Your iPhone/ Android

There is another sharing method of calendar on your iPhone or Android device through the Outlook mobile app. Follow the below steps with effortlessness:

  1. On your phone, open the Outlook
  2. Tap on the calendar menu on the upper left side of your screen.
  3. Click on the gear icon for the next step.
  4. Select Add People option and choose who you want to add.
  5. Edit the permissions for the sharing calendar for the person.
  6. Select the checkmark.

Note: You may edit the permissions at any time. Additionally, to stop viewing someone’s calendar on which you have shared, simply under the People Calendars option; uncheck the bubble beside their name and edit the color, name of the calendar or remove it entirely.

Share an Outlook Calendar for the Outlook Web

Here is one more method of sharing a calendar, but this method is used for the outlook web, where you have an account on the outlook website and see the following steps for further process:

  1. Online open Outlook and sign in to your account.
  2. On the new screen, switch to calendar mode.
  3. Then click on the Share button on the top right side of the interface.
  4. After opening a new window, enter the recipient’s email address.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the permissions after accessing the email address. You have a choice to decide that the recipient can view all calendar details, or you may also edit the permissions.
  6. In the end, click on the Share
  7. Now the recipient can see the calendar in his inbox outlook account by logging in.

Published Your Calendar with Others

You may also publish your calendar that anyone can view or subscribe to through calendar settings. Move forward to see the following steps to change the settings of the calendar:

  1. Select Settings in Calendar view and then choose View all Outlook
  2. Select the Calendar option on the screenà and then tap on the Shared calendars
  3. In Publish a calendar, pick which calendar you want to publish and the choices you want to share with people.
  4. Finally, tap on Publish
  5. If you can opt for an HTML link, then the recipient can easily copy and paste the URL in a browser to see your calendar in a new window.
  6. You can also opt for an ICL link where recipients will add your events on their calendar by downloading the ICS file and sending it on Outlook. Otherwise, recipients can not receive any updates automatically. On the other hand, recipients can also subscribe to your outlook calendar and may accept any updates automatically.


It is not difficult to share the calendar in outlook. But it is better so that you will be updated by someone’s activity and important dates for your business meetings as well. Hopefully, the above method will be helpful for you, and you may quickly apply the above techniques for your ease. For further queries, you may also contact Outlook support services. Do share your views in the comment box about this worthy info.

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