How to Spoof Pokemon GO on Android & iOS

Need to know How to Spoof Pokemon GO? Pokémon GO is one of the most famous gaming apps at the present time, which is played on augmented reality. This gaming app is developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. This single-console game lets us catch all sorts of Pokémon in distinctive areas. Though, to find and catch Pokémon, users are supposed to visit several places and step out. Unnecessary to say, it restricts the scope to find and catch Pokémon, and users often search for Pokémon GO spoofing apps for Android or also for iOS. This guide would let you edit your location and spoof Pokémon GO on Android as well as iOS pretty simply.

Why most People Need Pokemon GO Spoofing 

Pokemon GO Spoofing 
Pokemon GO Spoofing

Before we discuss several Android Pokemon GO spoof resolutions, it is great to cover the basics. As you know, Pokémon GO is dependent on augmented reality and inspires us to move around to get more Pokémon. To do this, users go out, and visit cafes, parks, and tons of varied places. Hence, there would come a point when you would consume all the nearby Pokémon.

If you need to have more Pokémon in your store or visit several gyms, then you require to do a Pokémon GO GPS spoof on your device. This will modify the app to accept that you are somewhere else and would open more Pokémon for you. Unnecessary to say, you can spoof Pokémon GO at the comfort of your home and would not have to walk to various places to increase your collection.

How to Spoof Pokemon GO on Android

  1. Initially, you will require to sign up for Surfshark. On your Android device install the app, and accept the permissions Surfshark requests.
  2. Then, you have to go to the About Phone section in Settings.
  3. Press on Build Number 7 times to open Developer Mode.
  4. Move back to Settings, and click on Developer Options, which may be at the end of the menu.
  5. Turn on Mock Locations App by clicking on Allow Mock Locations and choose Surfshark as your mock location app.
  6. Download and install the Mock Mock Locations module – a few apps won’t work if Mock Locations is turned on, so this module hides the setting from them.
  7. Then all you have to do is open Surfshark and choose a location. It will spoof your location automatically to match the server you are connected to. Make sure you do this before starting any app you are trying to fool.

How to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone

How to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone
How to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone
  1. Choose a VPN and register for the service. Our advice is NordVPN.
  2. Search for NordVPN in the App Store. Download and install the VPN on your Apple device.
  3. In order to switch your location in Pokémon GO on your iPhone, you will require to jailbreak the device. You can learn more about how to jailbreak on the Internet.
  4. Now that your iPhone is jailbroken, you need to visit Cydia. Cydia is an app store for jailbroken devices.
  5. Pokémon GO monitors for jailbroken devices, so you will require an app that hides your device’s jailbroken situation. Download tsProtector.
  6. After installing tsProtector you will also need to download the Location Spoofer app from Cydia.
  7. Confirm that both tsProtecter and the Location Spoofer app are running together. Select a location in the Spoofer app.
  8. Turn on your device’s VPN, and make sure it is in the same zone as the location you pick in the Spoofer application.
  9. That’s all. Run Pokémon GO and start exploring for your favorite Pokémon.

the game: How to Spoof Pokemon Go GPS Location This Year

  • Download and open AnyGo on your computer or Mac and connect the iOS device to the PC using USB cables.
  • Now, wait for the program to detect the device and tap on start to begin.
  • A map will appear on the screen about the current location. Click on the teleport icon to teleport to the device and then enter the location you would like to visit.
  • Click search.
  • A popup indicates the exact location coordinates that you have chosen will show on the screen. Click GO to change the device location to these chosen coordinates.
  • If users want to simulate a movement, choose the multi-stop route, choose all the locations you want to pass through and the moving speed, and then click GO.

Spoofing Locations Using another VPN

For the GPS spoofing app, you have to install a different app Surfshark is the only VPN to have a GPS spoofing function built-in. If you want to use another top-rated VPN for spoofing you will need to download a GPS spoofing app, there is one which is Fake GPS Location. This app is available on App Store.

Then, after obeying the steps above, when you start Mock Locations App in Developer Options you can just pick your preferred spoofing app. To start working it, you have to open your VPN and connect a server first, then start your GPS app and enter your location to near your VPN server, and then open the app you need to trick.


Q: Can you get banned for applying a fake GPS on Pokémon GO?
A: A spoofing app or any other third-party app entrance to Pokémon GO usually results in a shadow ban. It mostly lasts for 7 to 14 days. In a temporary or short ban, your account would be suspended for a short duration (1 week to a maximum of 3 months).
Q: Can Fake GPS be identified?
A: Above Android 18 mock locations are can be identified using Location. The app can identify that the location arrived from a mock provider when the API returns true.
Q: Can you get unbanned from Pokémon GO?
A: Whether you are getting your permanent Pokémon GO to ban discarded altogether or just turned to a temporary suspension, you can certainly get unbanned from Pokémon GO, and thus, it is clearly worth contacting Niantic in order to request for your Pokémon GO account unban.
Q: Can I have two Pokémon GO accounts on the same phone?
A: Yes, you can easily switch between two accounts. The saved data will be the one belonging to the account you currently are logged in with. It does not require to be a Google and a Trainer account though, it can only be two Google accounts if you’d want to.


You can use a VPN in connection with different GPS spoofing apps to get the full Pokémon GO adventure despite your location. When you connect with a VPN, you can get access to Pokémon, Gyms, and items that you otherwise would not be able to grasp. As you can see, a VPN would be your great spoofing app for Pokémon GO Android due to its attached security features. Though, you can also apply a fake GPS app to do Pokémon GO spoofing on Android.

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