How to Sync PS4 Controller to PC

Want to know how to sync ps4 controller. Controller supplying you with problems by not syncing up to your PlayStation correctly? Fortunately, DualShock 4 controllers are built-in that type so that players can resync their controllers with extreme ease, because of a small hole on the rear of the controller. If your controller isn’t connecting, this is often the simplest thanks to attempting to fix it, barring the utilization of a USB cable all of the time – nobody wants to be tethered to their console once they don’t get to be.

How to Sync PS4 Controller to a PS4

To sync a controller with the system, especially for the primary time, you will need a USB cable; any USB 2.0 Micro-B cable can connect the DualShock 4 to the console, and although there are only 2 USB ports on the system, you’ll sync up to 4 controllers per player account.

  1. Before turning on your Play Station 4, insert the small end of your USB cable into the port on top of the controller; plug the other end front of the console’s USB port.
  2. Turn on your PS4 by clicking the console’s power button. It should automatically detect your connected controller and assign it to the primarily available player slot.
  3. Click on the Play Station button within the center of the controller and you’ll see the login screen where you’ll choose a player account or create one.
How To Sync Ps4 Controller To Ps4
How To Sync Ps4 Controller To Ps4

How to Sync Additional PS4 Controllers Wirelessly

Once you’ve got a minimum of one controller synced together with your system, you’ll add more wirelessly:

  1. Using the synced controller, find the Settings option in the icon’s row above the PS4 home menu, denoted by an icon that looks like a briefcase.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. You ought to see an inventory of devices presently synced together with your console.
  3. On the PS4 controller, you would like to sync, hold down the PS button, and therefore the Share button simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  4. In the list of Bluetooth devices, the new controller will appear, select it with the other controller. It will then be synced with your PS4.

How to Unpair a PS4 Controller

  1. Make sure the controller you would like to unpair is turned off.
  2. Using another PS4 controller, activate your console. In the PS4 home menu, reach to Setting > Devices > Bluetooth Devices.
  3. You should see an inventory of controllers. Select the one you would like to unpair and choose delete.

How to Charge Your PS4 Controller

The controller’s internal battery will charge while it’s connected to the PS4. If the controller remains connected while your PS4 is in rest mode, it’ll continue charging, and therefore the light on top will turn yellow. The sunshine also will flash yellow when your controller is running low on power, and you ought to see an on-screen message telling you to plug it in.

When charged, the sunshine bar on the highest of the controller will glow different colors counting on which player the controller is assigned to; player 1 – blue, player 2 – red, player 3 will assign green, and player 4 will assigned pink.

How To Sync A Ps4 Controller
How To Sync A Ps4 Controller

If PS4 controller Not Connecting

  1. Initial, try plugging your DualShock 4 into the PS4 by USB cable.
  2. Click and hold the PlayStation button in the middle of your controller. This may prompt the controller to resync.
  3. DualShock is not still connecting to PS4, follow these steps instead.
  • Switch off your PS4.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to a USB cable that’s connected to your PS4.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button in the middle of your controller. This may prompt the controller to resync at startup.

If neither of these options works you will need to reset your controller entirely.

  1. Look at the rear of the controller for a small hole located next to the L2 button.
  2. Get a pin, paperclip, or another sort of thin poking device to jam in there.
  3. Push the button on the within for a few seconds then release.
  4. Pair your DualShock 4 controller to a USB cable that is connected to PS4.
  5. Press and hold the PlayStation button in the middle of your controller. This may prompt another plan to resync.
  6. For a couple of times, the controller just fails to sync with the console. It’s worth noting that the PS4 uses a typical Bluetooth connection, so if you employ your controller with multiple devices – like your PC, smartphone, or tablet – you’ll be wanting to form sure it isn’t connected to anything while you’re trying to attach it to your PS4.


Q: Can you connect another ps4 Controller?
A: The first time you employ a controller or once you want to use the controller on another PS4™ system, you will need to pair it with the system. Pair the controller to the device via a USB cable while the system is on. Once you want to use two or more controllers, you want to pair each controller separately.
Q: How can you sync Dualshock 4 to Play Station 4?
A: Pair your Dualshock4 to your Play Station 4, by the USB cable that came together with your PS4. While the Play Station 4 and Dualshock 4 are connected, press the PS button on the controller.
Q: What controllers are compatible with ps4?
A: • Sony DualShock 4. Best PS4 Controller. • Astro C40 TR. Best Wireless PS4 Controller. • Nacon Revolution Pro. Best Third-Party PS4 Controller. • Horipad FPS Plus. Best Xbox-Style PS4 Controller. • Hori Fighting Commander. Best PS4 Fighting Controller. • Razer Panthera Evo Arcade Stick. Best PS4 Fight Stick. • Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel.
Q: Can you play a ps4 with a ps3 controller?
A: Using a PS3 controller on a PS4 console isn’t officially supported by the PS4 then the PS3 controller won’t work. This is often because there are some features of PS4 games that need features that are not present on the Dualshock 3 controller.
Q: How can you restart a ps4 without a controller?
A: You can close up your PS4 without a controller by using the facility button on the front of the console. You’ll put the PS4 in rest mode by pressing the facility button on the front of the PS4 until it beeps once. To show off the PS4 completely, press and hold the facility button for about seven seconds, until it beeps twice.


If you’re a console/gaming lover, you want to be very conscious of the struggle that comes with controllers with wires. You’ve got to take a seat closer to the console, confirm that the cable is unbroken, and to not forget the limitation of the number of ports to attach multiple controllers. Say no more, because of the Sony PlayStation 4 that now comes with two simple ways to sync your Controller.

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