How To Tell Someone Is Active on Snapchat: 7 Dodges

Have you ever seen when your friend was last active on Snapchat? Though Snapchat is a demanding social media platform. But inappropriately contrasting with some other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, Snapchat does not accurately tell whether your friend is active or not.

However, it is not impossible to tell when someone was last online on this platform. So, keep appraisal to understand how you can tell when someone is online on Snapchat.

Key points

  • Stalking someone without their harmony is immoral and wrong. Ensure that you have the person’s permission before you want to track them.
  • If you enable your friend’s notification so, always remember that these notifications are not in a factual time sense. You will not get notified every time they post something on Snapchat.
  • When you turn off the location service, the snap map feature will update your location whenever you have opened the application.

Does Snapchat Tell my Active or Online Status?

A big No, like on other social media servers in Snapchat, no indicator displays anyone’s active status. If you are using or looking through your friend’s stories and posts, others would not be able to perceive any way to check that you are online. Subsequently, there is no flashing green light feature on this server next to your profile photo.

Because of this, you and your friends will not see your online status on Snapchat. Even though there is no straightforward way to distinguish if someone is online or active on Snapchat or not.

Meanwhile, some secreted indicators will allow you to determine if the person is presently using this server or not.

How to Determine if Someone’s Online on Snapchat?

how to tell when someone is active on snapchat
how to tell when someone is active on snapchat

As we told you before that there is no official method to check when someone was lastly online on the Snapchat server. But you can apply some wiles to make a presumption. Keep in mind that these methods are not a dependable way to determine the online status of anyone on Snapchat.

  1. Use Snap map
  2. See their Snap score
  3. Freshly posted story
  4. Enable the story notification
  5. Check your story viewers
  6. Send a message
  7. Observer, sending a snapshot

Here are the seven dodges and procedures you can smear to determine whether a person is online or not. So let us check every method down below.


1.      Can I Tell if Someone is Active on Snapchat Via Snap Maps

Yes, the snap maps feature of Snapchat state where and when someone is using this application. This feature covers the location at all times. Yet relying on the privacy arrangements, anyone on this server cannot always check the area on the map. You can check a particular person’s active status on Snapchat if they are not using Ghost Mode.

This (location or snap map) feature can detect where someone is and when they are active. However, Snapchat users can stop the application from retrieving their location overall. If you and your friend’s snap map (location) is open, it can upgrade until you have not enabled ghost mode or disabled the location.

Here are the steps to check when someone is online from the snap map.

  • Open your Snapchat account and open the location if you have turned it off.
  • Now swipe right from the camera page, and the chat page will appear on your screen.
  • Then again, swipe right to open the snap map page.
  • Here search for the person you are concerned with to distinguish the status.
  • Now tap on their Bitmoji. After that, the server will zoom in.
  • It will express their current location.

Note: if it shows 12m ago or something like that, it means they opened this application about 12 minutes ago. Or if it tells just now in (Cana***) or something like that, it means that the person you have searched is online.

2.      Determine your Friend’s Online Status from their Snap Score

One more hack is that the number of snaps a person has sent regulates their snap score, including public and private snaps. If you see that someone’s snap score is driven up, they have just sent an image to someone because the snap score is reorganizing every few minutes.

By using this method, we will take advantage of the Snapchat score feature. So, you can check a little while subsequently for slight variations. Here are the steps to see that Snapchat score.

  • First, open your Snapchat account if you have not.
  • Now tap on your bitmoji at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then navigate to my friend. Here, a list will appear on your screen.
  • Here tap and hold on to the friend’s name you want to know the status.
  • From the popup opening on your screen. Here you see their snap score; note it.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, recheck their snap score to see whether their score is enlarging.

NOTE: They are available if you determine their snap score has risen.

3.      How to See a Person is Online – Via (Stories)

Probably the most understandable way to tell someone’s active status on Snapchat is to check if they are freshly posted a story on their profile. If you want to see a story that a person posts, you can use these steps to know about that.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Now swipe left from the camera page.
  • The stories page will appear. Here tap on the person’s story.
  • Now their recently posted story appears.
  • Here look at the top left corner to see the timestamp.

4.      What about Enabling the Story Notification to See the Active Status of my Friend

Switching on the friend’s story notification can help you keep your friend’s post or story informed. Applying this way can let you get an alert whenever your friend is posting a story. This feature permits you to see whether they are online or not.

Do follow the below guide to enable the notification of someone on Snapchat.

  • Login to your Snapchat account and tap on your profile photo at the top.
  • Navigate to the settings icon on your profile.
  • Here selects the notification option from the popup window.
  • Then choose and toggled-on stories from the friend. That’s it.

5.      Can you Tell if Someone is Active on Snapchat Via Seeing your Story Viewers

If you have posted on your Snapchat profile, the server allows you to see the viewer’s list. In the meantime, Snapchat story viewers are arranging in opposite consecutive styles. Your friend who freshly saw your story will appear at the top of the viewer list. However, the person who saw it first will be at the bottom of the list. So, track the guide to see your story audiences list.

  • Log in to your Snapchat if you are not.
  • Tap on your Bitmoji to open your posted story.
  • Then tap on the eyeball icon to see the viewer’s list on your story.

NOTE: If someone views your story already and later, you have more views in it, but that person still appears at the topmost of your viewer’s list. It is probably possible that the person who just viewed your story again is still online.

6.      Can I Identify if Someone is Online on Snapchat to Send a Message?

Suppose you send a message or text to your snap chat friend, then you can notice when they open your chat. Though you will prerequisite to be observing the conversation. Here are the steps to tell if someone is active or not.

  • Log in to your Snapchat account if you still have not.
  • Hover to my friend option and pick your friend whom you want to see the status.
  • Now open the chat to your friend, type a message, and then hit the send
  • Here, wait on the chat page of your friend.
  • The person is online if you see the Bitmoji or smiley icon that turns to a blue dot.
  • While if you did not see the Bitmoji or the blue dot, your friend is not online.

7.      Observe your Snap to Check whether my Friend is Online or not

Another hack to observe someone’s activity status on Snapchat is by checking whether the person watches your snapshot or not. To check it, do follow these simple steps.

  • First, open your Snapchat and navigate to the chat page.
  • Find the chat of the person you want to check the online status.
  • The person might be online if you see the empty triangle arrow (opened) under their name.
  • But if you grasp the delivered beneath their name, they are not online or opened your snap.

Is There Any Third-Party Application to Tell someone’s Active on Snapchat?

someone is active on snapchat
someone is active on snapchat

Do you want to detect someone on Snapchat is online or not? You can use an online tool, MobiStealth, with many features, including stalking your friend on Snapchat. Simply track these steps to use this third-party application.

  • Open the MobiStealth app and make your account.
  • Now choose a pricing plan, Pro or Pro-X.
  • To track the person’s phone, you have access to their phone.
  • To contact it, you have to download the app.
  • After that, the dashboard of this application will display that person’s activity on Snapchat.

Final Words

There is no accurate way to tell whether someone is active on Snapchat or not. Furthermore, you must use more than one method to know about your friend’s contemporary online status on Snapchat. In this post, we have shared some spontaneous and straightforward dodges to follow and sort out this issue.

We are pretty sure that this article will be handy for you. So, leave a comment below the box, and share your suggestions with us.

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