How to Trick EcoAtm? (Sell Your Old Cells to Make Money)

Selling your old phones to Ecoatm is a cakewalk. But do you know how to trick Ecoatm to get more money?

But to do that, you need to know how to trick the kiosk. Because your phone has to pass from them. They will assess your phone and give a reasonable price against your phone. The Ecoatms are placed in several marts such as Walmart stores, supermarkets, and malls. Your State ID is required to sell the phone on hand.

About EcoATM

An EcoATM is an electronic Kiosk or vending machine that is often set up in public spaces like malls and shopping centers that can agree to take your old or damaged electronic devices like iPods, iPads, mobile phones, Kindle, and even laptops and offers you cash in return.

This electronic machine is a great initiative through which damaged or old electronic devices can either be used again or correctly recycled to avoid damage to the surroundings. However, you can get your device analyzed, get a trade-in value or the monetary cashback quote & should you select to agree to the offer.

How does Ecoatm Machine Works

If you want to sell your phone, check out the kiosk in the recognized place and follow the simple procedure below.

  1. Put your phone in the ECOATM, and the machine will go through your phone. However, the machine will ask for important information before giving you the correct price.
  2. The machine will determine the correct value for your phone according to the market price and give you the receipt.
  3. We need to add one thing ECOATM deals with only working phones rather than damaging ones. Checkout Ecoatm for further details.
  4. If you don’t like the price of the gadget given to you by the machine, try to sell a new device. Maybe that price suits you.

How to Trick EcoATM?

When it is your first time at an EcoATM to recycle your old cell, you may feel fishy.

But why suspicious when you are not doing anything?

When you enter the machine, it will take videos of you and forward them to their main headquarter in San Diego, CA. The person at the kiosk will personally check your ID and confirm it. And after that, the attendant will hand you cash and return your phone.

As soon as the process is completed, it will follow you to the next one. It is to make sure that your essential remove items from your phones such as additional sim cards, accessories, or any other personal information before recycling your phone. These essential items are not included in the pay criteria of EcoATM. Further, if you left any of your accessories on the phone, they may not give you back.

Another essential thing to note: You will not get any money after you decide to return the phone after the process of recycling.

Is it Possible for EcoAtm to track Stolen Phones?

Yes, it can be!

ECOATM can be used to track stolen phones. Like any other pawn shop, the Ecoatm mechanism works like the same, where proper identification is required from the seller as a precondition to sell phones.

In this way, the authorities can easily track any stolen phone by simply matching its credentials with the system. The working of the kiosk is similar to a pawnshop. As we mentioned, the precondition of any sale is the seller providing all the relevant documents, including photo ID, serial number, and name. The worker on the kiosk then enters your phone serial number in the system to check for any stolen phone matches. As soon as the system hit the match, authorities instantly were informed. The system is valuable to nab stolen phones and get aggrieved their phones back.

What are the conditions of EcoATM accepting phones?

The EcoATM underlines the conditions to accept phones that are as follows:

  • They should be in good condition
  • Locked to certain types of carriers
  • Your phone must not be locked or blocked
how to trick ecoatm reddit
how to trick ecoatm reddit

Does Locked IPAD work in EcoATM?

Yes, it does. And not only that, there are multiple reasons you should opt for ECOATM to recycle.

Here are those:

  • Exceptional reputation in customer service
  • Kiosks are free from complexities
  • Accept several devices with the likes of iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
  • Efficient analysis and balance quote
  • IPAD can be cycled in a similar way other devices are recycled

However, locked IPAD may not be recycled in some recycling programs. But on the contrary, ECOATM is regarded as one of the few recycling programs that accept locked IPAD. Their recycling process is thorough due to people acquiring used electronics. Besides, they also give cash for devices that are broken. Thus, giving relief to the customer to recover some of the money spent on the device replacement.

Moreover, EcoATM is open to accepting devices of all types, including iPhones. These kiosks can be easily found in Walmart and malls. They can instantly give you bucks against your phone. The staff there will evaluate your phone and give you a reasonable price for the phone. Even if the phone is damaged or broken, it can still be sold at these kiosks.

how to trick ecoatm 2022
how to trick ecoatm 2022

Does EcoATM accept Flip Phones?

The short answer is YES.

Old or faulty mobiles can be traded at EcoAtm to earn some bucks. In this way, it profits both the individual and the environment.


You will get cashback in exchange for your old device. It can be recycled to protect the environment by keeping electronic devices away from wildlife and landfills. A win-win for both.

One of the most important things is to remember when you give your device to EcoATM; it must be functional before the assessment by kiosks. All data must be removed from the device, including sim cards. This is due to sensitive information that may be held in the sim cards. For proper disposal, your phone is directed to the e-waste collection by the kiosk. Moreover, for some reason, your backup is not stored; ensure that you remove your sim cards before disposing of them.

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Advantages of Using EcoATM

EcoATM is the best way to make instant cash by getting rid of your damaged or old electronic devices. It saves the difficulty of posting an ad online, displaying your device to various people, and negotiating. However, it is being said that you can get a high price for your device if you sell it directly. But besides making money, you are also shielding the environment by ensuring the devices are either disposed of properly, used again, or recycled without polluting the surroundings.

Disadvantage of Using EcoATM

The only drawback of the EcoATM is that it pays little for most devices. If the gadgets are in good working condition, you can sell them on different sites for more money compared to EcoATM. Moreover, the EcoATM will take in all electronic devices but may not pay you for certain devices means you can opt to give them away for free without any money.

How to Trick EcoATM: Responses

The responses related to EcoATM are generally flagged as “mixed.” One blogger on “MOM ON CAFFEINE” gave it glowing reviews by commenting that the process is sharp and takes under 30 minutes to complete.

However, the website claims that the process will be complete in 4 to 5 minutes. As far as the valuation of the cells is concerned, many reported it to be satisfactory. One person with the name of Thachoc1 said that he got $87 in return for his 4 old blackberry smartphones.


Q1. Does Ecoatm pays me for useless devices?

You may wonder if you submit your broken device to Ecoatm if it pays you for this. Unfortunately, the answer is no because Ecoatm believes in an eco-friendly atmosphere and destroys it instead of benefiting from it to protect the environment.

Q2. Ecoatm accepts which devices?

Ecoatm accepts all digital gadgets and pays accordingly under some specific conditions. However, in the list of acceptable devices. It accepts iphone, android, blueberry, Samsung & iphone products including broken phones, locked iphones; but not accepts reported stolen phones.  Moreover, All the accessories like chargers and handsfree will go for recycling. Instead, you won’t get paid anything in return

Wrapping Up 

To conclude this article on how to trick EcoATM, we delve deep to explain the points on how to do it. And how to exchange your old phones for cash on ECOATM. But on the tricking part, most are redundant and useless. So, it is generally safe to use it.

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