Amazing Ways to Turn Off AMBER Alerts on Various Devices

If you don’t need emergency alerts from your phone, you can disable them due to a disturbance in a meeting or driving. If you don’t know how to turn off AMBER alerts, then you can go through this article, where you learn the steps to disable the feature on multiple devices like Android, iOS, and more.

Actually, an AMBER alert is an emergency safety alert and serves an essential purpose for vital information. It is a national emergency response system designed to search for snatched children. That provides you with information about the child and the suspected kidnapper.

Furthermore, it also works whenever your phone goes out of range, and you get a notification. Your phone still rings even if it is silent, and you will get alert beeps at whatever time of day. So let’s move to the next part to see the disabling techniques.

What are AMBER Alerts?

Basically, AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. This alerting feature is named on the basis of Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl who was abducted and murdered in 1996 in Arlington, Texas. Then, the alert system was put into service in all 50 states of the U.S.

It is a broadcast method used by the National Center for Mission and Exploited Children in association with law enforcement. It sends information about a missing or abducted child to commercial and broadcast mobile service providers.

Well, alerting features are designed to bypass Do Not Disturb settings on all the devices authorities use to mobilize as many as possible. Furthermore, they do not use casual notification tones on your device. In its place, they have got a unique emergency sound that utilizes the maximum volume on your device.

Consequently, alerts can be disruptive and shocking, mainly if they occur while you are driving or sleeping. Or else in the middle of a task that needs total concentration. Hence, you can disable them on the upside and make sure they don’t baffle you ever again.

Apply Rapid Steps on Multiple Devices to Disable AMBER Alerts

Though alerts are beneficial for spreading essential information among the community, which increases the chances of finding the missing person. However, you can turn them off if it distracts you from your busy schedule, as they ring at any time, creating a noisy environment and disturbing the peace. So, apply any method for turning them off according to your ease and depending on the device.

  1. on an iPhone
  2. on an Android
  3. on a Samsung Device
  4. on an Apple Watch

1. Disable the AMBER Alerts Features on an iPhone

Here are the steps if you don’t want to receive alerts on your iPhone:

  • Go to the Settings app and click on the Notifications tab.
how to turn off emergency alerts on iPhone
how to turn off emergency alerts on iPhone
  • Then, scroll down to see the Government Alerts.
  • Now, toggle off the Alerts button available along with Emergency and public safety alerting features.
how to turn of amber alerts on iPhone
how to turn off amber alerts on iPhone
  •  Hence, all alerts are blocked on your iPhone. Nevertheless, you still get other emergency alerts, including Emergency, presidential, and public safety alerts.

2. The Technique of Turning off Alerts on an Android

how to turn off amber alerts iphone
how to turn off amber alerts iphone

It was unbelievable to consider that you would have known about an AMBER alert just a few years ago if you were watching TV at the time. However, these urgent messages annoy your mobile device’s speakers today whenever they enable.

Thus, it is excellent for people who want to keep informed of all emergencies, but not so great for those who dislike loud noises or search them highly troublesome. Luckily, it is simple to disable the alerts on Android devices. So, see the below instructions:

  • Initially, access the Settings app and move to Apps & notifications.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Choose the Wireless Emergency Alerts option.
  • Click on the blue button next to the AMBER alert. It will turn off all alerts on your Android phone.

However, AMBER alert settings can be found in different places depending on the type of Android phone you are using and the themes you have used for almost the same. If you don’t view a Wireless Emergency Alerts section, search for Cell Broadcasts or Emergency Alerts.

3. Method of Disabling AMBER Alerts on a Samsung Device

Preferably, it would be best to keep alerts switched on because you may help save a life and restore peace of mind to a friend or neighbor. Other than due to their blaring, disruptive nature, you may wish to switch them off.

  • Initially, open the Messages.
  • Tap on the three dots (ellipsis) beside the search button.
  • Click on Settings from the popup menu to access a menu where you can twist several chat settings.
  • Click on Emergency Alert This step will take you to the Wireless Emergency Alerts.
  • Now, click the Allow tab.
  • Switch off the blue button beside AMBER Alert.

The above-described process will immediately block all alerts on your device.

Other Method:  Disable AMBER Alerts via the Settings App

There is another method of turning off the watchful tones on Samsung devices through the Settings app, So apply them with ease:

  • Go to the Settings section on your device.
  • Click on the Notifications tab.
How to Turn Off amber alerts samsung S21 via settings app
How to Turn Off amber alerts samsung S21 via settings app
  • Tap on the Advanced settings.
smasung advanced settings
samsung advanced settings
  •  Click on Wireless Emergency Alerts.
how to turn off emergency alerts on samsung
how to turn off emergency alerts on Samsung
  • Select the Allow alerts.

  • Switch off the blue button near the AMBER alert.
turn off emergency alerts galaxy s10
turn off emergency alerts galaxy s10

4. A Method of Turning off Alerts on an Apple Watch

how to turn off amber alerts on iphone
how to turn off amber alerts on iphone

Nowadays, wearing an Apple Watch is casual and has various features to track all your activities. Moreover, it can also show the steps that you have taken; your distance traveled, your heartbeat, and more. It is most useful for fitness-related activities like cycling, running, and meditation.

But if you want to disable the tracking feature. So, let’s see the method of disabling the AMBER alert on your Apple Watch:

  • To begin, go to the Settings menu and select Notifications.
  • Now, roll down to the bottom of the screen.
  • Turn off the blue button under Government alert near the AMBER alert.

Turning off AMBER Alerting Feature on OnePlus Devices:

Applying the instructions for disabling alerts on OnePlus devices is quite easy. Hence, go through them.

  • Open the Settings app first.
  • Move to the Apps & Notifications.
  • Click on the Wireless Emergency Alerts.
  • Then, search for the AMBER Alerts option and switch it off.

Note: The above steps commonly use a OnePlus Nord N200 to access Android 11. The instructions might be different depending on the software version and specific Smartphone.

Final Thoughts

AMBER alerting is undoubtedly a fantastic feature introduced for emergency response if your child is missing, but sometimes, you will be disturbed by ringing beeps or sounds. Then, you can turn it off if you don’t need it for a while.

I hope so; all the above ways are pretty worthy of which you can utilize them to avoid the digital noise world. Moreover, share your views regarding the blog by commenting.

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