How To Turn Off Discord Overlay (Updated Guide 2023)

Are you playing a game and communicating with the Discord server’s members? Sometimes it is disturbing and annoying when you play solo, so you don’t need to activate the overlay. Fortunately, the discord server has a feature in which you can turn off the overlay to ease and relax the players from the bulk of messages. Here in this guide, we inform you how to turn off the discord overlay in particular & multiple games, and more. We also share some techniques and tricks for not turning off the overlay on this server.

About The Discord Overlay

The overlay is a graphical layer that can be added in certain games that allow you to interact on that server. The overlay feature allows the users to communicate with the other users through text and voice messages and join the group or channels and individual players in the games you are playing. In simple words, the overlaying is used to keep in touch with the other players while you are playing games on discord.

However, the chat messages can sometimes be annoying and distract you from the game you are playing, so turning off the overlay option might help you focus on your games.

How To Turn Off Overlay in Different Ways

how to turn off discord overlay in game
how to turn off discord overlay in game

Disable the discord overlay to eliminate unwanted notifications. So, this server allows you to turn off the overlay in a particular game and all the games on your platform. Below the guide, we share how you can disable the overlaying option in specific & multiple games and more.

Turn off the Overlay for All Games

Do follow the steps for turning off the overlay for all games you play discord server.

  • Log in to the discord app on your device.
  • Go to the usersettings, which you can see on the top left corner of your home screen.
  • Now select the activitysettings from the User settings menu. Then select the gameoverlay option.
  • Closed the toggle to turn off the overlay for all games.

Now your discord overlay is disabled unless you enable it again, and nobody will disturb you while you are playing.

Turn off the Discord Overlay in a Particular Game

This server knows the requirements of your specific games, but if you leave a discord overlay’s option in a certain game, you can do it. The process is similar to the above methods, but this method requires some extra features to complete the process.

  • Open the Discord app on your device.
  • Go to the usersettings, and in the user settings menu, you will see activitysettings, tap on it.
  • Then select the gameOverlay
  • Now you see an Enableingameoverlay section and a toggled near it.
  • On the toggled and go to the gameactivity section.
  • Here, chooses a game you want to turn off for the game’s overlay.
  • It is now toggled off the overly. That’s it.

NOTE: The overlay feature will be turned off for the particular game, and the other games will remain enabled.

Turn off the Overlay on Steam

Disabling the discord overlay has not a particular option to turn off the graphical discord layer for steam games while you can leave it on for other game libraries. Here are the following steps where you can learn how you can do it.

  • Open the steam app on your windows by double-clicking on the steam icon.
  • Tap on the steam menu in the upper left corner of the steam window.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, tap on the settings.
  • A notification will pop up in the left menu of the window, and choose one of your games.
  • Check if Enable Steam Overlay while In-Game is selected. If so, toggle it off.
  • Tap on the OK button to save the changes. Now both steam and discord overlays will be disabled when you play steam games.

Why The Discord Overlay is Not Turned Off: Fix the Problem

Unfortunately, sometimes the overlay is not working correctly. When you turn it off, it still sends a notification of your game’s communication. So here the guide will be helped out you to fix your problems.

  1. Make sure Overlay is enabled
  2. Adding the game support
  3. Turn off the overlays of other apps
  4. Disable the acceleration of Hardware
  5. Reinstall the discord on your device
  1. Make Sure Discord Overlay is Enabled

First, ensure that the overlay is enabled, and then activate (turn off) the overlay option. Start any game and check it again. This method will fix your problem.

  1. Check Your Display Scaling for modification

You can modify the display scale from within the window settings. This can make text and icons easier to see, but it can also hide the Discord overlay. Even a difference of 5% can make the display disappear. Fortunately, you can easily change the scale with just a few mouse clicks.

  1. Turn Off the Overlay of the Other Apps

When you are playing the game in discord on your windows10 and using the multiple overlays, sometimes it does not work at a moment. Here you can use these methods to disable the overlays.

Turned off the overlay of NVIDIA Shadowplay

Turned off the overlay of AMD Radeon

When you disable the overlay features on both of them, then open the discord and play your game and check whether it is working or not”

  1. Disable the Hardware Acceleration of Discord

The hardware acceleration works in many apps to decrease the pressure on the CPU. It may help you to work the overlay properly. Discord also has an option to disable the hardware acceleration, so you disabled it and then restarted the discord server. Additionally, here are the quick steps to follow on how to disable the hardware acceleration.

  • Open the Discord app on your screen and go to the user setting menu.
  • Choose the “Appearance” tab from the menu. Tap on it.
  • Last, tap on it and turn off the hardware acceleration option.
  1. Reinstall the Discord on Your Device

If you are having trouble working the overlay on the discord app, your application may be corrupted. So, we prefer you reinstall the discord app and restart it again in this situation.

These methods and tricks will help you save and sort out your overlays problem.

In Conclusion

So here in this guide, we explained how you could turn off the overlay, and if the overlay is not working, we also gave you instructions to help you solve all your troubleshooting issues in the above article section. So, tell us in the comment section if you know other ways to disable the Discord overlay server.

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