4 Unidentified Tricks: How to Turn Off Samsung S21

It seems inflexible to keep up with technology, especially when using your new Samsung Phone for everything from banking to social media or gaming. But you want to avoid unnecessary activities and ignore the technical world for some time. For that purpose, you want to turn off your Samsung S21, but you can’t figure out the switching off method.

Hence, you can also go through the article to see the method of turning off Emergency alerts on an iPhone.

Consequently, it might sound simple to switch off the Samsung phone but actually not. Because Samsung usually places the power button on the right side below the volume buttons. But now the latest series of Samsung launch the different functions for turning off or restarting the phone.

So, no need to worry; you are in the right place where you will learn the multiple ways of powering off the phone. Hence, let’s move to the next section to seek the techniques.

4-Ways of Powering off Galaxy S21 with Finger Clicks


Here are the following easiest methods to turn off the Galaxy Samsung S21, which you can apply within a minute. So, you can use any of them according to your ease:

  1. Quick Settings Panel.
  2. Power and Volume down Buttons.
  3. Bixby.
  4. Customize the Side Key.

Method1: Switching off Galaxy S21 via Quick Settings Panel

The most straightforward way to power off your phone is through notification shade, which allows you to access various functions quickly on your phone. But here, we are using the Quick Settings Panel for switching off the phone. Hence, go through the given steps:

  • Initially, swipe down from the top of the screen to let the notification tray slip.
  • Again, swipe down so that the shade takes up the entire the whole screen.
  • Press the Power icon in the top right corner to get your phone’s power menu.
  • In the end, click on the Power Off

Method2: Turn off Samsung S21 via the Power and Volume Down Buttons

Another quicker way of powering off or restarting your Samsung phone is by using the power button along with the volume down buttons. So, follow the below steps:

  • Long press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds, and you will feel a slight buzz.
Power and Volume Down buttons
Power and Volume Down buttons
  • Then, a menu will appear on the screen with the option of Power off, Restart, and Emergency mode.
display Power Off, Restart, and Emergency Mode
display Power Off, Restart, and Emergency Mode
  • Then, click on Power off or Restart.
Power off or Restart
Power off or Restart

Method3: Switch Off your Phone via Bixby

One more alternative for turning off your Samsung S21 is using a voice assistant. For that purpose, you have to set up Bixby. So, let’s go to see the following steps:

  • Initially, press and hold the Side button or Bixby button to open Bixby.
  • The Bixby animations appear after pressing the side button at the bottom of the phone; after that says to turn off my phone and let go of the button. You will get a prompt message asking you to Power off or Restart. Choose the option according to your wish.

Method4: Customize the Side Key on Samsung S21

An additional method is that you can remap the side key settings to come up with the power menu as an alternative if you don’t want to use a voice assistant. So that, you can power off the device, restart it, or trigger the emergency mode when necessary.

Thus, let’s move to see the instructions regarding customizing the key for turning off:

  • Access the Settings app and move to the Advanced Features
  • After that, click on the Side key tab on the phone’s screen.
  • Then, click on the Power off menu option from the Press and hold
  • Now, you can long-press the Side key at any time on your Galaxy S21, and you will see the power menu.


1: What is the dissimilarity between the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra?

Ans: The Galaxy S21 has a screen of 6.2 inches, the S21 Plus has a 6.7-inch screen, whereas the S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen. But the original S21 and S21 Plus are the same except for the screen and battery sizes. On the other hand, S21 Ultra has a better camera, more RAM, and internal storage space.

2: How to reset Galaxy S21?

Ans: The method of resetting the Samsung device factory is. Navigate to Settings and then click on the General tab. After that, tap on the Management and then Reset option. Now, click on the Factory Data Reset tab and click on the Delete All option on prompting. Press on the Wipe data/Factory reset on the Android Recovery screen. In the end, you will lose the saved data on your phone.

3: How do I switch off 5G on my S21?

First, move to the Settings and then the Connections tab. Click on the Mobile Networks and then tap on the Network mode. Select an option other than 5G (LTE/3G/2G, etc.). Now to turn off the mobile data, swipe down the quick settings panel and click on the Mobile data to immobilize it.

Conclusion on Turn off Samsung S21

Turning off the Samsung is a little bit tricky but not much complicated as Samsung hides the power options button behind the Bixby button in its latest models.

Moreover, you can also remap the Bixby buttons and also have different methods as well for switching off the phone to avoid the digital world for a few moments with the help of the above guide.

Hope so; the above methods are easy to apply to switch on your SamsungS21 phone. So, do share your views on how the article is worthwhile for you by commenting.

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