How to Turn off Shuffle On Spotify on Computers, Android, & iOS

Have you always been irritated with the shuffling of Spotify songs? Even if you don’t want to shuffle. So we are always searching for a solution for turning off Shuffle on Spotify as it is one of the most extensive audio streaming services. Moreover, Spotify has millions of users around the globe with millions of songs collections. It will also provide you with every kind of music you will need, and the benefit is that you can access it on your phones, laptops, and gaming consoles.

In addition, If you want a full service, you need to upgrade to the premium version because the free version contains an ad that irritates you to listen to a song. However, when people subscribe to the premium account, it makes the source of revenue for Spo-tify. This blog will give you solutions to switching off Shuffle on Spo-tify for both free and Premium users. Learn more by reading this blog.

how to turn shuffle off on spotify iphone
how to turn shuffle off on spotify iphone

What is Spotify and Its Different Versions

Spotify is the leading music platform globally. It inspires individuals to pay for the premium account by subscription. In addition, it also provides limited free service to its users. There are three different versions of Spotify that you can enjoy. So here, let’s discuss them which help people select the best.

Free Version of Spotify

Spotify provides its users free access with restrictions. In the free version, users didn’t pay any money for using Spo-tify, but it disturbed them due to advertisements and Spotify shuffle options while listening to music. The ad may be in the form of display ads, billboards, and audio, run for at least  30 seconds in between the songs. Further, the free users cannot turn off Shuffle and skip unlimited times while listening offline. Try this if you bear these advertisements and want to save your money.

Premium Version of Spotify

It’s a super convenient version, but it doesn’t allow unlimited tracks to its users. As it only removes advertisements and some restrictions in Spotify premium. People who subscribe to Premium use unlimited mobile usage online and offline to access music. Moreover, Spotify provides premium subscription users 30 days free trial. Premium charges are $9.99 per month and offer its users high-quality music without disturbance of advertisement.

Family Version of Spotify

The family plan of Spotify is the most amazing as it allows the entire family to access Spotify. You can subscribe to the family plan premium for just $14.99 per month and get six different profiles and accounts. Moreover, you want to share your Spotify account with other members to give them an account and make their playlist. The family plan is the best and most convenient for the family to access on any device, and everyone can also play at the same time without any disturbance.

how to turn shuffle off on spotify
how to turn shuffle off on spotify

How to Turn off  Shuffle Mode on Spotify ( 3 ways to Switch Off the Shuffle)

Spo-tify users want to know how to switch off the shuffle mode. The number of people who are using Premium is limited, and in Premium, it is easy to turn off by clicking on the green” shuffle” after that icon will be grey which means the shuffle mode is off. In any case, if the mode is stuck and doesn’t switch off. Then, open the option of “Now Playing.” And click the “shuffle” arrow icon. And it is sometimes limited to the users. Here are some simple steps to turn off the Shuffle.

  • Open the application of Spotify.
  •  Then, choose any song or album and play it.
  • Tap on the “Now Playing.” And next, you have to click on the green “shuffle” arrow to make it turn off.

Check to play some music in the array you’d like. If the shuffle option doesn’t appear, then click the dots at the right to check more options.

1)     Switch off Shuffle on Spotify free (on computers )

Spotify allows users to listen to millions of songs on any device. But only computer system users play music in order in free mode. And if you are a computer user so, using it’s easy to play music without Shuffle. Follow the steps to turn off the Spo-tify Shuffle.

  • Go to the Spotify application and click on “Now Playing.”

2)    then tap on the shuffle icon to switch off the Shuffle. Then it will show your previous playlist.

2)     Switch off Shuffle on Spotify premium ( on Android/iPhone)

It’s not easy to switch off Shuffle on mobile phones, and you are guided to get the Premium to get these features of Spo-tify. There are different plans for Spotify Premium. Select the one that most suits you, and then you have to follow these steps to turn off the Shuffle after getting the Premium.

  • Go to the Spotify application on your phone.
  • Then, open the playlist and deselect the “shuffle” at the top. Which will become grey, which means the Shuffle has been turned off successfully.
  • After that, your playlist will be in order. If it is not in order, tap the “now playing” and click on the “shuffle button” until it becomes grey.

3)   Switch off Shuffle on Spotify Free  (on android/iPhones)

Have a free version of Spo-tify and also want to turn off Shuffle? It is only possible to try a tweaked version of premium Spotify from TutuApp.(  Which helps you in switching Shuffle off without Premium. The steps you have to follow to turn off shuffles on smartphones.

Turn off Shuffle on Android-

  • Install the application of TutuApp on your smartphone. And open the install application from the screen, where you’ll see the crack version.
  • Then, select Spotify and touch the download to install on your phone. Next, you have to run Spotify and sign in to your free account.
  • After that, you get rid of shuffle play if you have a premium version.

Turn off Shuffle on iPhone-

  • For iPhone users, download TWEAKBOX on your phone. Then, run this, click apps and then search Spotify.
  • From the search bar, type Spotify to download. Then go to the Spotify music and play a song.
  • Then, stop shuffling music on Spotify by the instruction mentioned above.


The most used music application is Spotify, the largest music streaming application. It provides free and premium services to its users. Still, people are irritated by their shuffle option, forcing the listeners to listen to music in shuffle order. The blog will guide you through stopping the Shuffle on Spotify to resolve the issue.

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