3 Unknown Ways to Turn on iPhone 12

It is relatively spontaneous to turn on the iPhone 12, especially when you have bought a new one. But when you are switching on after shutdown, there is an issue of draining the battery. Then, you can use other ways of switching on, which are described in the below section, which you can apply easily but have to take some safety tips while turning on.

Thus, the below-described instructions are not only for the iPhone12, but you can also use them for the iPhone11, iPhone12 SE, or iPhone13. Moreover, you may also seek the iPhone’s turning-off technique along with the new iPhone’s setup method. So, let’s go to the following section to gain the tricks according to your needs.

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Multiple Ways for Turning on iPhone12 in under a Minute

There are three ways of switching on the iPhone12, which you can do with a finger click. However, if you have bought a new iPhone or normally try to turn it on while it’s off. So, move to the next section to see the methods:

1. Use the Side Button to Turn on the iPhone 12.

Turning on the iPhone is not a complex task where you have to do something hard. Just press and hold the side button on your iPhone’s right side until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then, free that button and hang around for it to turn on.

Though, recent models of the iPhone have side buttons to switch them on, while the other models, like the iPhone SE (2016), have a home button on the top side of the iPhone.

Preparing the iPhone 12 Setup

Here are the following steps for setting up your iPhone after turning it on. Without these steps, you cannot use your iPhone. So, let’s go through it:

  • Basically, you need to have an internet connection through a WiFi network or cellular.
  • After that, type in your Apple ID and password, and now you can use your iPhone. Furthermore, you have to change the display language or set a ringtone on your iPhone.
  • If you want to use Apple Pay on supported models, add your debit or credit card information during setup.
  • In the end, you can move your backup data from the previous device to a new iPhone.

2. Turn on Your iPhone by Plugging it in.

There is another method for switching on the iPhone if your home button is not working or you don’t want to use the button. Just connect the power charger to the charging cable, external battery, or a powered USB port. Then, plug the cord into your Smartphone. Now, the iPhone should be switched on.

how to turn on iphone 12
how to turn on iphone 12

Note:  keep in mind that if your iPhone’s battery percentage falls below 3%. The phone will charge until it reaches its value and will only power itself on.

3. Turn on Your iPhone using A Wireless Charging Pad.

Apple has launched built-in features that have the capability of wireless charging in all the latest iPhones. Therefore, you can use the other way if the power button of your iPhone stops functioning or you just simply want to switch it on without pressing or holding the button. Then place it on a wireless charging pad, and your iPhone will switch on.

How to Restart the iPhone12 (iPhone12 Mini, iPhone12 Pro)

how to turn on battery percentage on iphone 12
how to turn on battery percentage on iphone 12

To make a soft restart on your new iPhone, if it is shut down, then you can apply the following steps. For that purpose, you need to keep in mind some basic steps.

  • Press and hold the side button or press the volume buttons at the same time until the slide bar does not appear.
  • Then, slide the power icon to the right side, and your iPhone 12 will begin shutting down.
  • By pressing and holding the side button, you can again switch on your iPhone12. Press until an Apple logo shows on the screen.

How to Turn Off an iPhone 12

Sometimes it happens that your iPhone stops working, and you don’t know where the charger is, and you want to save the battery. So, you can do it with three different methods:

1. Using Side & Volume Buttons

The below-described method of turning it off is for the iPhone11, iPhone12, or iPhone13. So, let’s see the steps:

  • Press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons on the left side.
  • Hold down for a few seconds until you get the emergency screen. After getting the emergency screen, free those two buttons, and you may view the slide to power off the tab at the top of the screen. So, turn off the iPhone by dragging the slide bar to the right and wait for the device to shut down for a while.

Hence, the issue with switching off, like an older iPhone, by pressing and holding the same button that was used to turn it on is that the device will be shuffled down accidentally in your pocket or bag. So, Apple has provided you with another secure method.

2. Using Physical Buttons in Quick Succession

An additional way of switching off the iPhone is by its physical buttons. For that purpose, ensure that the screen is off. Then, follow the below steps in quick succession:

  • For a short time, press and release the Volume up button and then press and hold the side button.
how to power off iphone 12
how to power off iphone 12
  • A new screen will appear like an emergency screen, but it has only two options. Swipe the slide to the power off tab on the top side to switch off the iPhone.
Swipe the slide to the power off tab
Swipe the slide to the power off tab

3. Use Settings App to turn off iPhone 12

Another way is through the Settings app if your press and hold buttons are unresponsive. So, see the below instructions:

  • Initially, open the Settings app on your iPhone and then click on the General
  • On the new screen, scroll down and then click on the Shut Down option at the bottom side.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the confirmation of shutting down.

Note: If all the above methods of powering off do not work, then it goes into some lockdown mode. It disables FaceTime ID until you enter the passcode. It can be a useful tool in high-risk situations but can also be frustrating if you access the menu by mistake.


Turning on the iPhone is not a big task the first time, but a little bit tricky if you are restarting it after a shutdown. But now, I hope you are familiar with the turning on methods along with the turning off ways of the iPhone 12 SE.

So, apply any of the above methods according to your needs and let us know how much the blog is helpful by commenting.

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