How to Unblock Someone on Instagram, Here are the Ways

Did you block someone on Instagram? How to unblock someone on Instagram? An old friend you no longer want to be in touch with, or an ex, or even your nagging relatives who are a bit too interested in your personal life. There are many reasons to block, and now, if you have a change of mind, you can easily unblock someone on Instagram.

You always have the option of unblocking people. You can unblock someone in less than a minute with just a few taps. The option to unblock a person is buried in the settings, due to which many users have trouble finding it.

If you are also wondering how to unblock someone on Instagram, you follow this step by step instructions. But before you follow steps, remember that the process to unblock people on Instagram through your desktop, iPhone, or Android phone is different for each.

How to block someone on Instagram using a desktop computer

  • Go to
  • Login to your account if you aren’t previously signed in.
  • Discover the profile of the account you want to block.
  • Click the three-dot menu near the top-right of the page, to the right of the user’s Instagram handle.
  • Hit “Block this user” from the menu that arises.
How To Make Someone Unblock You On Instagram
How To Make Someone Unblock You On Instagram

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram 

If people are proffering you a hard time on Instagram, the block button might be your most loyal friend. It’s a simple way to keep someone from seeing your posts, profile, and stories. Of course, if you switch your mind down the road, you can always change your decision. Here are the actions you’ll need to know for how to unblock someone on Instagram.

The overall process is straightforward. You can unblock users either by exploring their profile or by navigating through your Settings tab. In a different way, it should take no more than a minute or two. Grab your phone, and let’s get started.

Method 1: Search for the blocked profile 

We’ll start with the search process, as it gives you more specific control over who you unblock. Start by navigating to your Instagram app, then follow these steps;

  • Reach to the Search tab and insert the name of the profile you want to unblock.
  • Please tap on the user’s name when they pop up in the search results. This will open their profile.
  • You would typically see a Follow button, and you will now see a button that says Unblock, tap on it.
  • Now tap Unblock when it appears. If you have other thoughts, you can also choose the Cancel option.
  • Voila, you’ve just unfollowed a user on Instagram.

If you did everything correctly, the process should look something like this:

There’s not much to this process, and it surely gives you complete control over your search results. Up next, we’ll hop into the Settings menu to display you another way.

Method 2: Use the Settings menu

While the first method gives it easy to track down and unblock any user on Instagram, this way lumps all of your blocks in one place. Just like before, you’ll have to tour by opening the Instagram app. This method will not work on your web browser, as the options are slightly opposed.

Follow these moves, and we’ll be on our way:

  • Navigate to the Profile tab in the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Move to the top-right edge and open the hamburger menu.
  • Go back to the bottom of the application and hit the Settings button.
  • In Settings, select the Privacy tab with the lock icon.
  • Now, you should notice 2 subsections — Interactions and Connections. Head down to Connections.
  • Open the Blocked Accounts menu.
  • Locate and choose the user that you plan to unblock.
  • Hit the Unblock button, which is where Follow would usually be.
  • Confirm your decision with the Unblock button.

There you go, a second, slightly more extended way to unblock Instagram users. Don’t be hesitant to wield your newfound power as often or as little as you please.

How to unblock a user on Instagram (Android or iPhone)

  • Open the Instagram app on your device
  • if not logged in, log in by entering your username and password
  • After sign in, hit the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen to open your profile
  • At the top-right edge, hit on the 3 vertical dots or three horizontal lines to bring up the options menu
  • From these given options, tap on Settings > Privacy with the lock icon near it
  • Under Connections title, press on Blocked Accounts (Note: Verify the section to see your Instagram block list.)
  • Now, find and select the person you want to unblock and tap Unblock
  • A pop-up will arrive on the page, tap Unblock

Unblocking will allow the user to view your profile, follow your account, the message you, and like your post, if your profile is public.

How to unblock a person on Instagram using web or desktops

Instagram’s web portal also enables its users to unblock users on Instagram. The steps are a bit different from the application version.

  • Navigate to
  • Next, log in to your Instagram account with your credentials.
  • Now type in the blocked account’s username to the search bar.
  • From the given option, select the intended one, and you will be shifted to their profile.
  • A large blue Unblock button will be placed in front of their username.
  • Click on it to unblock them.
  • After that, like the application, you will get the notification, dismiss it.

Hence, by catching the above-given actions, you can unblock someone on Instagram. Once it’s done, the person you have unblocked will be able to discover and see your posts, profile, and stories.

What Happens When You Unblock Someone

When you unblock an account on Instagram, the limitations linked with blocking someone are lifted.

  • They will be capable to discover you again using an Instagram search.
  • They can view your stories and posts again.
  • They will be effective to follow you again (this will not occur automatically, though).
  • They can transfer you private messages using Instagram Direct.

The user will not be informed when you unblock them.

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