How to Unblur Course Hero for Free [6+ Easy Hacks]

Are you looking for ways to access unblur course hero content? Remote learning is in vogue nowadays. Many prefer or even ditch remote over traditional learning, given the massive internet penetration where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, enabling a new digital revolution for e-learning. Similarly, Course Hero, for years, has become students’ go-to E-learning platform to learn and study easily, and this educational site is a valuable tool for students offering them access to class notes, lectures, and documents. Well, in this guide, we will teach you how to unblur CourseHero for free.
But here it begs the question: Isn’t it free in the first place? The answer is NO; the site isn’t budget-friendly. Course Hero comes with a premium. It means you have to pay a premium to see every document without blur. But in this article, you will learn how to bypass that security. But first, here you will learn what actually a course hero is. So Read on further.

About Course Hero Platform

 Before we dive into the unbluring course, it is essential to know what this website is about and what it offers. However, it is an online educational platform with over 30 million study materials offered by students and tutors across the globe. Developed in 2006, Course Hero is an E-learning website founded in Redwood City, California. The website empowers the students to post and download student-related work i.e., notes, essays, homework, exam materials, and whatnot. So to unlock the site’s full potential, you must get a subscription.

  • Quarterly at $19.95 per month
  • Monthly plan priced at $39.99 per month
  • Annual plan cost you $9.95/ month

Opting for either of these two packages, enable the students to easily download the materials without any issue of blurring. Course Hero also provides paid facility of tutoring help for students. however, for the people, who can’t afford to get a membership, there are some workarounds that they can get the restricted course hero answers. so read on further to know the ways.

How to Unblur Course Hero for Free

It is easy as cake to get Course Hero officially, but it is also relatively simple to get it unofficially. You can also sign up for free account and use the platform. but the free course hero provides only few perks and limits your access to most of the materials. Don’t worry there are some ways to unblur the restrict content.  However, there is one drawback. These hacks might not work on every device. 

1.     Use Inspect Tool

The Inspect tool is one of the very few hacks out there to bypass the Course Hero security. This technique is a bit technical. But once you get around it, the tool will easily assist you to circumvent the blur content or document on Course Hero without any hassle.

See how:

  • Visit the Course Hero website from your computer
  • Go to the inaccessible content on Course Hero
  • Click on the blurred area of the document and select Inspect
  • The coding page of windows will appear on the right side
  • On the right side of the window, it will have a ‘tag’ with an anon-hidden parameter.
  • That ‘tag’ has to be edited. To edit a title, click on the title to select Edit Tag. Now put None there to reload the page.
  • Soon as the page reloads, you can have your unblurred content on the Course Hero.

2.     Course Hero Free Access Unlocks

On Course Hero, you can get several free access courses that can smooth your blur content problem for some time. But for these free access courses, you have to check some ticks before.

This means performing some tasks on the website. What these tasks are?

  • Register yourself as a new user on Course Hero
  • Extensively rate other people’s course materials
  • Take quiz regularly

These actions will give you some free access to unlocks courses on the Course Hero. But the guide on how to unblur Course Hero is far from over. Keep reading on.

3.     Make A Quiz To Unblur Docs

Another hack students can use to open the lock and blur documents. Simply navigate to the unlocked documents on Course free, here click on the quiz yourself option. Then complete the quiz positively. After an hour, you will get access to restricted documents on course hero free of cost. However, it is the simplest technique to get free course answers.

4.     Use Extensions to unblur Course Hero Documents

There is another way to unlock the docs and images on the course hero by using the extensions and plugins. For instance, Unblur StudyBlue chrome extension can straightforwardly help users access documents that are blurred on this application.

5.     Upload 10 Documents on Course hero

When a user registers on course hero accounts, they can upload documents and files on the Course. However, users who upload 10 docs will get access to five free to unlock when people rate their documents. But keep in mind the docs that upload on the app must be of various quality.

Here are the steps to upload documents on Course hero.

  • First, sign in to the course hero site and search for a document you wish to unlock or if you just wish to upload your documents.
  • View a document and tap on view full document.
  • Now you will present with a membership information page. Tap on “upload your study documents to get access.”
  • On the next page, tap on the “Add Documents”
  • Now all you have to do is choose your document file and tap on open.
  • After finishing all the requirements, you can upload your documents. Upon getting the approval, you will get your unlocks by email.

For every 10 docs that you got approved, you get 5 unlocks. Remember that the free unlocks have an expiry, so ensure you use them as soon as possible.

6.    Reviewing Study Materials

Review study material is another way to access the limited content on course hero. The site values people’s feedback and uses it to access how valuable the available resources are. Even with the free signup, you can check many unlocked materials. Hence, you can unblur one answer or document after reviewing or rating five papers. This is an instant way to unblur documents/notes if you are not sure about sharing your notes on the site.

7.     How to Unblur Course Hero Answers For Free on a Phone Device

Aside from PC, in this section, we will teach you how to unblur coursHero content on iOS or Android devices. This will happen by tweaking the app and changing some settings of your phone.

On iPhone:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Scroll down to the option of Battery
  • Switch off the Low Power Mode
  • Come back to the General settings
  • Click on the option of Background App Refresh
  • Wifi& Mobile Data select this option

On Android:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Turn off the Battery Saver mode
  • Now go to the website ‘VIP.’
  • The app will open in the browser to go to the search bar
  • In the search bar, type Course Hero++
  • Now click the Get button
  • Check ticks the rectangular box coming on the screen
  • Click on the Add to Home Screen
  • Now rename the app with a suitable name
  • Click the option on the right side of the page on the Add button
  • Your app will now be visible on the home screen
  • Open and follow the instructions to complete the download
  • Now your tweaked Course Hero app is ready to use

8.     Do Referrals

Referrals are another important way to get your courses unlocked and unblurred in the Course Hero. The question is how many referrals you are going to need?

They are 5. Which in return, gives you free access to courses with 8 tutors. To get referrals simply sent invite links to your friends to join the Course.

9.   Participate in Course Hero Scholarship 

Course hero scohalrships has been a great way of platform to appreciate students. So, you can take part in the scholarships; they have awarded over $200,000 to about 90 students from all backgrounds.

How to Unblur Course Hero: Free Premium Account

There are several websites out there that are churning out free premium accounts of Course Hero. For one, TechCrachi is the website where they are giving Course Hero accounts for free. Go to the page to get further details. The free Course Hero account will make you undo the blur account on the app.

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