How to Unfollow On Facebook via PC, Android & iOS

Are you wondering about unfollowing someone who just annoys you by posting irrelevant or political rage on Facebook? But don’t worry, you can easily do it by following our guide. Although, Facebook allows you to unfollow someone, so their posts do not appear in your feed. But the question that arises here is how to unfollow someone on FB. In this blog, we will walk you through different ways of unfollowing on Facebook.

However, sometimes it is quite irritating when we get frequent notifications about posts we don’t like. So unfollowing is the best solution rather than unfriending or blocking them. Hence, unfriending erase a person from your friend’s list while blocking abolishes contact. But, if you unfollow the person, you will not see their content, but still, be friends with them & can see their content by visiting their profile.

What is Meant by Unfollowing on FB?

When you unfollow anyone on FB, you notify the app that you do not wish to see the content of that page or profile on your newsfeed. There is no need to be concerned; the person you are unfollowing will not receive any notification that you have unfollowed them. However, since Facebook came out with the “Follow” feature, which allows you to follow any profile or page, from ordinary people to celebrities or pages, groups can add variety to your feed. So, you can check on your favorite people and pages to see what they are doing.

Is it possible to unfollow someone Without Unfriending them?

However, unfollowing someone is the best middle-ground if you do not wish to unfriend anyone entirely. It’s simple to either start, follow or unfollow anyone without unfriending them. The “Following” option is related to what type of posts you wish to be seeing and not who is on your list; it means that it is there to assist you in choosing what you would like to see in your FB feed and does not concern who you are friends with. When you select to unfollow anyone, you will not see any of their post on your feed, but you can visit their profile by visiting their profile manually

Quick Methods to unfollow Facebook Page or Friend?

Unfollowing someone on Facebook is quick as you do not have to unfriend a person. Unfollowing actually means that the notification updates will not appear in your feed, but you will still be able to see the page and its posts if you go there manually. There are two different ways to unfollow a page on your mobile and PC.

1.      Unfollow FB Page via PC

Here are the steps that help you unfollow any page or person’s FB notifications via PC.

  • Sign in to Facebook in a browser on your Mac or Desktop.
  • Now, move to the page or person’s profile you wish to unfollow.
  • Move the cursor over the “Following” option at the apex of the page and choose “Unfollow this Page” on Facebook.
  • Next, you will get a notification that “you have unfollowed [page] and will no longer see content from this page in your feed. Now tap on “Done.”
  • After that, you can also unfollow a page or a friend from the news feed. For this, you must choose the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the page’s post on your news feed. Now tap “unfollow.”

2.      Unfollow Page via Mobile Device

Apply the below steps to unfollow any page on FB via Smartphones.

  • First, view the Facebook app on your Smartphone, either iOS or Android.
  • Second, move to the page or profile you wish to unfollow.
  • Third, choose the triple dots from the upper-right and press “following.”

    three-dots icon
    three-dots icon
  • Choose the “Unfollow” option under the “In your News Feed” section. You can also toggle off-page notifications by clicking on “Edit Notifications Settings.”

    unfollow on Facebook
    unfollow on Facebook
  • To unfollow a profile or page from your feed, move to the page content, choose the triple dots from the top-right corner of the screen and then choose “Unfollow.”

3.  Unfollow from Facebook News Feed Preferences

Here is another method to unfollow anyone on FB. Here are the steps you should apply.

  • Open your profile page and choose the down arrow from the top menu bar. ( in the app, choose triple horizontal lines)
  • Then, choose News Feed Preferences. (in the app, click on settings & news feed preferences)
  • Now, choose to unfollow profiles & groups to conceal their posts.
  • After that, choose the person you wish to unfollow and choose Done.

Quick Steps to Refollow a Friend on Facebook

After a certain amount of time, if you want to reconnect with this friend and want to see their content again, you can Refollow again by applying the following steps.

  • Open the Facebook Profile.
  • On the Desktop, choose the down arrow from the upper-right of your profile. On mobile, choose the triple lines at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Next, on Desktop, tap “Settings & Privacy” and choose “News Feed Preferences.” On mobile, you must tap on “Settings & Privacy,” then “settings,” and finally “News feed preferences.”
  • After that, choose “Reconnect with people you unfollow,” choose the particular profile, and tap on Done.
  • Now, you will see the content of those posts again in your Facebook feed.

Conclusion About Unfollow Someone on Facebook

I hope this guide has been useful for you in knowing how to unfollow someone, a page, or a group without unfriending, blocking, or unliking them completely on Facebook. However, it is the best feature to stop seeing someone’s posts in your timeline but still allow you to check their content manually. So it’s a cool way to filter your friend’s content in and out of your timeline. So, go and unfollow the irrelevant pages to reduce the amount of rubbish content. Let us know what’s irritating you a lot on your feed that you see on Facebook by commenting.

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