How to unsilence calls on iPhone: Get into its details

You must have used the silent mode on your iPhone, missing out on all the important notifications or call alerts. Then allow me to guide you through the steps of how to unsilence calls on your iPhone. You can find it quite common in people that have been lost in complicated settings and bugs. If you are one of those who have struck out in the finding process, and you don’t get the right option to get your iPhone unmuted, then hopefully, it will benefit you in the subsequent sections pretty quickly.

It seems frustrating to get no alerts on your essential calls and be unable to reverse the mute setting to unmute, which is crucial for business users. Fortunately, you can escape such a maze by following simple steps.

If you are an iPhone user and still dubious about figuring out how to use the silent mode on your iPhone, then it’s time to get your basics on your fingertips. Getting your iPhone from general to silent is quite simple and will allow you to unmute your iPhone in just a few steps. The simple switch to unmute your iPhone in ring mode aids in getting your phone into general mode.


Various strategies for unsilence calls on iPhone audible.

The following is a list of all the options that will help you resolve your issue of mute mode and unsilence call settings on your iPhone using any given method.

  1. Unmute the Silent button on your iPhone’s left side.
  2. Adjust the ring volume for calls.
  3. Turn off the “Don’t Disturb” option for calls.
  4. Check “Schedule Don’t Disturb” for calls, also the option to mute calls during particular timings.
  5. Turn off “Silent for Unknown Caller”
  6. Bedtime status will schedule calls
  7. Disable Headphone via Bluetooth connection
  8. On incoming calls, Check for Auto Answer

Unmute the Silent button on your iPhone’s left side.

Make sure to turn off the mute button present on the left side of the iPhone. It depicts the orange button line for turning on the mute button. If such is the case with your iPhone, reset it to unmute first by turning off the mute button. The settings in the phone will let you get the menu to unsilence call on your iPhone.

iphone volum up and down
iphone volum up and down

Adjust the Ring Volume for Calls

Another option that you need to check is the Ring Volume, which might be in silent or mute mode. You must likely have set your phone on General Mode, but the calling notification is in silent mode. You can increase the ring volume by resetting your call notification using the volume button. As long as you configure it accurately, you can surely unmute your ring volume. If you still face the issue constantly, you need to check your sound settings on your iPhone. Let’s follow these steps.

  1. Navigate your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Sound & Haptics” is the next option you get to click.
  3. You can find the slider for decreasing or increasing the ring volume under the heading “Ringer and Alerts.” Make sure you have adjusted it to an audible level without keeping it too close to the Silent Mode.
do not disturb
do not disturb

Turn off the “Don’t Disturb” option for calls.

The next option for unmuting your iPhone is to check the “Don’t Disturb Mode.” If you are curious about how to unsilence calls on your iPhone, then checking “Don’t Disturb” could be another option for your iPhone. Check your “Don’t disturb” mode and turn it off. The “Don’t Disturb” option offers the facility of putting your calls on silent mode irrespective of whether your phone is on Active or Locked mode. It mainly depends on the configurations forming your current phone settings.

Swipe your notification screen from the upper-right corner, marked with a notch. Alternatively, it can also appear from the bottom of the screen without a gap. It opens to another control center option to check whether you have set your “Don’t Disturb” option to turn on. The Crescent Moon icon symbolizes your “Don’t Disturb” mode. Make sure to turn it off by clicking on it.

Check “Schedule Don’t Disturb” for Calls

What could be left is to check whether you have set the Schedule for the “Don’t Disturb” option to unsilence calls on your iPhone. To open the Schedule for “Don’t Disturb.

  1. Navigate the Schedule for “Don’t Disturb” in the iPhone Settings option.
  2. Turn off the Schedule for calls on Don’t Disturb.
    • If you have successfully turned off iPhone, it will respond in General Ring Mode.
    • In other cases, if you have turned it on, then it indicates that you want the Schedule “Don’t Disturb” option. You ought to be careful of the schedule timings. Further configuration in Settings will help you set it better if you want the scheduled “Don’t Disturb.”
    • You can avail yourself of the option of getting calls from specific people in Scheduled Silent Mode.
    • Turning on the repeated calls setting will also help you get your call even in the “Don’t Disturb” mode.

To unsilence calls turn off “Silent for Unknown Caller

Checking silent mode on the unknown number is another option that helps prevent intruding calls. Some calls may be on silent mode, while others pass through with ease. These calls commonly come from people not on your contact list, so you miss out on unknown callers. You can unsilence your calls settings on iPhone if you have set your calls to silent mode.

  1. Check your Phone Calls.
  2. Scroll down to get the option to “Silence Unknown Callers.”
  3. You can turn it off if it says “on.” Just tab it and toggle it off to turn it off.
  4. You can activate this option for those calls unlisted in your contact or Phonebook.

“Sleep Mode” status schedules call for your bedtime

Bedtime status for scheduled calls features in iPhone iOS 14. It helps you track down your sleeping timings and then monitor them automatically, not to let anyone disturb you during your sleeping time. If you disable this option, you can unsilence calls notification on iPhone.

  1. Open the Health App, then browse
  2. Choose the option of “Sleep” mode. Then look for the automatic Schedule for sleeping or bedtime status.
  3. Go through the Schedule’s complete details for more sleep mode options in the “Full Schedule & Options.
  4. Slide it right to turn on “”
  5. Setting a time for sleep mode will turn on the incoming call at other times of the day.

Disable Headphone via Bluetooth

The iPhone offers Bluetooth for wireless Airpods or headphones that activate the incoming callon headphones. If you have enabled the headphone mode via Bluetooth, you will not hear the incoming call sound. Disable the Bluetooth connection when you are not actively using headphones. It will surely help to unsilence your calls on iPhone. Follow the simple steps to disable your Bluetooth connection.

  1. Open your iPhone Settings app.
  2. Go to the “Bluetooth”
  3. Slideitand turn it off. That’s all about it.

Check for Auto Answer to Unsilence calls on iPhone

The iPhone offers its users the ability to respond automatically to incoming calls when the Auto Answer Calls option is activated. You will not find any notification for incoming calls as your iPhone will answer even if you get miscalled. To change your Auto Answer Settings, you can follow the given steps.

  1. Navigate to the Accessibility option in the
  2. Go to the “Physical and Motor” tab and choose “Touch.”
  3. Search for “Call Audio Routing” and select it.
  4. Check your desired option, “Auto Answer Calls,” then turn it off. If you are willing to switch it on, click the switch off the tab to activate it.
    • You can check for blocked numbers in the blocked contact list if you get miscall from specific people. You can also unblock it using “unblock” the blocked numbers in the Phone Settings.

That’s all about some of the possible ways to unsilence calls on your iPhone. Try any of the methods listed that correspond to your incoming call adjustment choices. Stay tuned to our blog for more helpful information, tips, and techniques on Hitech widgets.

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