Stream or Skip It: How to Watch Ted Lasso

Imagine you have completed the top-rated ‘The Office’ and you are heavily into the comedy genre, too. Naturally, your next show will be critically-acclaimed comedy hits: Seinfeld or Friends. Butthere is also another newcomer smash-hit, full of ROFL, which is earning both people’s love and awards. Folks, it isTed Lasso. Here, you will know how to watch Ted Lasso and where.

What is So New About This ‘Ted Lasso’?

Well, there are many reasons…

For one, it starred We’re the Millers’ Jason Sudeik is. The actor has known to make his audience crack up with his silly banters and near-perfect comic timing.

This sports-comedy show has an unusual beginning. The show was based on a 2013 NBC Sports promo in Premier League. It was the year when NBC Sports acquired the rights to broadcast the matches of the UK Premier League.

To hook the American audience, the channel came up with a slick strategy. They created a character called ‘Ted Lasso’, who was invited to England to coach/manage Tottenham Spurs.

But there are many things odd with him. For the starter, he belongs to a non-soccer country, i.e., America. While second is even egregious: he was a football coach instead of soccer. To add insult to injury, he repeatedly confuses soccer with American football.

However, all these oddities made him oddly funny. On the other hand, Jason Sudeikis’s popularity sky-rocketed after his “Ted Lasso coaching soccer” ads for NBC Sports.

Enter AppleTv+

In 2019, Apple rolled out its streaming service called AppleTv+. The period Apple entered into the streaming world was (is) rife with intense competition.

So, the tech giant has to come up with some exciting shows to grab eyeballs. They have turned the promo of Ted Lasso into a full-fledged Tv show. And as they say, the rest is history.

How To Watch Ted Lasso: Where to Watch the Hit-Sitcom?


how to watch ted lasso
how to watch ted lasso

The show is exclusive on AppleTv+. Hence, it cannot be watched anywhere else. It has two seasons—loaded with 22 episodes. While the third is around the corner.

How to Watch Ted Lasso on AppleTv+

It is easy as cake.

Bonus point: AppleTv+ is the cheaper option when it comes to other streaming services.

Back on the AppleTv+ Ted lasso and how to watch it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the app of AppleTv+ from your iPhone
  2. Go into the search
  3. ‘Ted Lasso’ type in the search
  4. Stream the show

You can also watch this lovable sitcom on the website.


  1. Enter
  2. Sign in there
  3. Type your Apple ID
  4. Now the password
  5. If you have not logged in before on the website, you have to go through Two-factor authentication
  6. Unlike on the AppleTv+ app, the website has no search bar. You have to DIY to find the show
  7. Then stream seamlessly

More Popular Series on Apple Tv+

Besides, the mega-hit sitcom Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+ also have some other hits too.

  1. Dickinson: This comedy series depicts Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson, who was a curious poet. Further, the show underscored her struggle as a promising poet and she strive to make her work known.
  2. For All Mankind: For sci-fi enthusiasts, this show is a treat. In the show, a space race ensued. Where everyone is pushing the limits of mortal humans.
  3. The Morning Show: What is going on behind the news coverage? This show cannily showcases the lives of newsmen behind the camera.

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