How to Win Fortnite – Easy Strategies to Breakdown the Game

Among many games, Fortnite is one of the fantastic and popular games till 2021, reaching over 350 million players. Although it takes much time to dump the hours in shooting; still, it is trending in a few months because of its unique features. This game is free and can download from anywhere on any device, whether PC, iOS PS4, and soon, you can enjoy this game on Android. Heading onto the main query on how to win Fortnite surely takes an elaboration to address the Fortnite adventure.

There are two types to play the game solo player or in a group. But best to play as a solo player. To win a solo game is challenging as 100 players are against you in the battle royale, and every player is trying to win the game. So the chances of victory go to 1/100, but it is not much tricky in actual situations due to some tricks.

Describing the below strategies is pretty hard for beginners to apply but not as much. This article gives you a brief knowledge about the primary strategy for victory in the following section. Also, it describes the techniques of playing solo in Fortnite in the subsequent section.

Main Strategies to Win Fortnite

Without a strategy, you can’t win in the Royale Battle in Fortnite. It is essential to follow these below tricks wisely and make the victory in the game.

Set Visual Settings

Firstly in Fortnite, turn on the visual sound effects in the Settings to get notification of sounds of enemy footsteps and chests. This trick will give a huge advantage to indicate the enemy’s nearby sound and helps you to find chests and lead you towards victory.

  • To play better in the game, you can adjust the controls and graphics and change the movement to play.
  • Adjust the settings according to your mind, which determines your performance.

Fortnite Battle Royale Areas

Battle Royale in Fortnite consists of 18 areas; let’s see the list of them and the safest area of it.

  • Tilted Towers (Safe Zone)
  • Anarchy Acres
  • Dusty Depot
  • Fatal Fields
  • Flush Factory
  • Greasy Grove
  • Haunted Hills
  • Junk Junction
  • Lonely Lodge
  • Loot Lake
  • Moisty Mire
  • Pleasant Park
  • Retail Row
  • Salty Springs
  • Shifty Shafts
  • Snobby Shores
  • Tomato Town
  • Wailing Woods

Landing Zone in Fortnite

The most important strategy is to keep yourself secure in the Royale Battle, for you have first to choose a safe place for landing. For that purpose, look after the bus route on the map before the land on the area. Through the blue arrow, you can see the way of the bus. Also, make sure not to choose unpopular locations like Condo Canyon and Camp Cuddle, where it does not show the challenges list on the left side of your map if you picked the wrong spot, so maybe dead in seconds.

Win Fortnite
Win Fortnite

Win Fortnite as Solo

In Battle Royale, it is pretty challenging if you don’t play cards rightly. However, it is not beneficial for you if someone doesn’t see your back and you have accomplished the mission by yourself. But you have an advantage of a third party being around you when opponents are against each other than strike them at the opportune time.

Build a Fort

It is critical for newcomers to build a fort or ramp in seconds, saving you from getting shot. The building is the best mode to transport instead of offense in Fortnite, aside from the potions and medkits. To utilize a fort, hit each rock and tree passing out throughout the match. You don’t need to eradicate a rock or tree completely. Collect enough materials by hitting every object as you run around to construct a building. It means building a solid foundation keeps you safe from instant death. During constructing a fort, make a secret underground space in the building to keep your weapons and pass through easily by covering yourself. Making more building walls seems more ramps up, and repeat this step for a strong foundation. This trick is to utilize the traps in the fort.

Healing items

As health comes first, take a healing inventory on causing any damage after firefighting. Healing items include medkits, shield potion, minis (small portions), slurp juice, and chug jug. It seems in blue vials and bottles and can heal in seconds. But ensure you will present a safe place, or no opponent payer is present, then consume the above healing items to restore your health. In addition, keep these healing items in stock for the next battle to make a shield for you.

Weapons to Win Fortnite

Without a weapon, you can’t win any fight. Having a gun is not only enough. It’s better to know its strength and weakness and where you have to use which weapon to encounter. For that purpose, find a rare weapon as it means more damage. So grab quickly SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, pistols, rocket launchers, grenade the crossbow, and last but not least, the most crucial weapon sniper; if you are confident to use it.

Moreover, you can also use a pickaxe to attack wooden, trees, stones. But try to get the above materials in the starting as enemies scattered around you and use these weapons instantly on need.

Playing Aggressively in Fortnite

It is harder to accomplish the mission while playing aggressively n the game as it’s easy to lose the focus around you by paying attention to a single object to loot and kill. We suggest you hop in every few seconds while sprinting around the map to overtake the snipers. Ensure to hear every sound from footsteps to gunshots from where it is coming from to attack.

Above all, always be aware of your route as there are a few pros and cons when you stay in the circle’s center. If you think you can handle multiple enemies positioning in the middle of the circle, it’s not a bad idea to spot it at the center of the circle. But you have to build a strong fort as your foes spotted you without a doubt on being middle in the circle.

It’s easy for one or multiple foes to have a better angle in the middle to outgun you even if you have skills. But on being a shield to surround you is beneficial not to get caught.

Win Fortnite by Sneaking

There is nothing wrong with roaming and campaign in locations. Unlike the aggressive player, try to remain far away from the action. Here, your best asset is patience when moving to the next circle if you want to stay at the edge of the current zone.

This sneaking indicates collecting loot and empties in anticipation of those final duels at the end of the match. On hearing nearby shots, move in the opposite direction to find bushes to hide and observe the situation. The biggest misunderstanding does by players in Fortnite to attack every player.

You should hide in shadows when other players are fighting and wait till the area is clear. Sometimes players in a hurry left their valuable inventory after the fight, so collect leftover things. Likewise, till the end of the match, apply these tricks to enter the new circle for the next mission.


Hopefully, the above blog will help you win the Fortnite Royale Battle. You have many options to secure yourself until the end of the game by killing your opponents. Let us comment about your experience in winning Fortnite with the above tricks.

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