How To Make a Playlist on Pandora Via Web Browser & App

Pandora playlist is powered by the G9 project and started in the year 2000. However, it is the leading platform that provides a bunch of music playlists and podcasts though you can access it online or through an app. In essence, it is a streaming service just like Spotify and SoundCloud though it gives the radio streaming service, and the users can rate it along with the thumps up or down.

Pandora uses an algorithm to suggest songs you’d like and removes songs from the rotation you dislike. However you can also use pandora for free, but there is also a premium option available that gives you a bunch of other streaming services. Moreover, pandora discovered many songs which haven’t reached the mainstream yet.

In this article, we’ll discover how you can make a playlist on pandora, so stick with us until the end.

Create Your Songs Playlist with the Pandora App

Playlist with the Pandora App
Playlist with the Pandora App

Pandora has your back regards your music taste. Suppose you only want to hear your favorite songs instead of some random play. Pandora playlist helps you in this scenario. The playlist collects all your favorite songs in one place, so you can only hear songs of your choice.

However, if you also want to make a pandora playlist, learn how to create playlists in your pandora application. Let’s get straight to the process.

  1. Open your pandora app and click on the My collection option.
  2. In the middle right, tap the filters option and then click on playlists from the popup.
  3. There is a new playlist option shown with the + icon pressing it.
  4. Name your playlist and tap enter, then go to your search bar and type in any song name.
  5. You’ll come to see many songs appears. Press the + icon along with songs or albums to add to your list. Repeat this process again and again with different songs once you’re satisfied.
  6. However, if you want to delete a playlist, select it by typing in the playlist name and delete the playlist.

Make Your Pandora Playlist with An Online Web Browser

Playlist with An OnlineWeb Browser
Playlist with An OnlineWeb Browser

Many users want to take advantage of pandora as they enjoy it on a mobile app. However, a web browser is more visually open when using pandora in it though there is a procedure that helps you make your pandora playlist using an online web browser.

  1. Open your web browser and type in in the URL section.
  2. At the upper right side, click on login and provide your email and password allied with your pandora account and log in.
  3. Click the playlist option shown in the upper middle.
  4. Tap on create a playlist option shown at the upper right of the screen, then name your playlist which name you want your playlist on.
  5. Tap on the find a song to add option and in a search bar, enter a song album or podcast name you want to add.
  6. Then select your favorite songs and add them to your playlist.

What are Personalized Playlists

Simply assume you buy a pencil without a sharpener. After a certain time pencil needs a sharpener to work further. What if you buy a pencil along with a sharpener – Pandora is also the same. However, using pandora for free doesn’t allow you the custom facilities.

Moreover, the premium version comes up with many extra features, so you have the luxury to personalize your playlist on your own. However, it reduces repetitions and personalizes radio stations, Discover mode, etc.

How Do I Download My Pandora Playlist

You can’t download all songs at once though downloading a pandora playlist can be done only with a few phones. However, the process is

  1. Open your music collection and open any song.
  2. Tap on the download option shown right below the song.

There are certain songs you are allowed to download than the whole playlist. In case of network failure, the incomplete song will be downloaded.

How Can You Share a Pandora Playlist

If you want to share your playlist on pandora, then the public option must be enabled instead of the private option. What so? Change it by going to your profile settings and turning your profile to public mode inside the app settings. However, go to the pandora website for more details if you are facing more issues.

Enjoy Your Personalized Pandora Curated Playlist

Did you know that pandora will curate your personalized playlist, add a few to your account, and generate some automatically? However, this automatic playlist occurs when you give 5 thumps up or more to a song on a radio station. On the other hand, listen on a premium level for a short time.

The algorithm works like the auto-generated playlists that occur after you thump up will automatically add to your song collection. However, you cant edit the auto-generated playlists because they are pandora curated and updated occasionally. For copying playlist

  • Open any playlist you want to copy and click on the ellipsis at the right side of the play icon.
  • Click add to the playlist and create a new playlist, though make it a perfect copy of the playlist or add to an existing one.


How to make a playlist on pandora without premium?

Pandora is an online radio service that allows you to create and save playlists. With over 40 million tracks, making your own playlists can be extremely helpful in keeping your library organized and ensuring you don’t miss any of your favorite songs. Pandora offers two different ways to create playlists: Create a new Playlist and Add Tracks to a Playlist.

The process for both options is similar, but the final results are slightly different. This article will show you how to create a new playlist and add tracks to a playlist using both methods. Create a New Playlist To create a new playlist, start by opening Click the “Playlist” tab at the top of the page and click the “Create a new playlist” button. The next step is to give your new playlist a name.

You can leave this blank for now or change it if you have a specific title in mind. Click the “Create” button when you are ready. The next screen will allow you to choose the songs that will make up your new playlist. This screen also has the option to add a description. You can just hit the “Add songs to playlist” button. You will then be taken to the final screen, where you can select the songs you want to include in your new playlist.

How to make a playlist on pandora on your iPhone?

Making a playlist on pandora on iPhone mobile is easy just you need to put some effort into it.

  • Dispatch the pandora app and click my collection tab if it’s not dynamic.
  • Tap filter and tap playlists in the spring-up menu that shows up.
  • Click the new playlist at the highest point of the screen.
  • Enter a name for the new playlist at that point and tap next.
  • Go to the hunt bar and enter the name of a melody, collection, or craftsman.
  • A rundown of results shows, and click the plus image close to the melody and rehash the same number of times as you like until you are happy with your new playlist.
  • Now eliminate a playlist from the pandora account, and click delete playlist. When you want to record the things in a playlist, click tap and hold a determination at that point where you drag it into another area.


We hope that all the information provided in this article regarding how to make a pandora playlist might be helpful to you guys. If you are fond of music or a podcast, then giving pandora a try would be the best play. Unlike Spotify and SoundCloud, pandora is the earliest streaming music software.

Where you can taste different genres of music many times, the song discovered on pandora not be available on other platforms at the current time. So assuming it to be the most updated music streaming software wouldn’t surprise you that much.

However, with the premium subscription, you can customize your playlist though you won’t find it in the free version. Moreover, listening to tracks using pandora provide you with quality songs and a diverse experience in music.

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