IMVU Name Change Feature Available for PC, Android, & iOS.

Are you looking for the IMVU name change feature in your thrilling virtual world of avatars?It lets you easily connect to people worldwide and enjoy interactive games with them. With its immense popularity, you will also find millions of users associated with personalized avatar creation features. Let’s learn what IMVU social app is all about and step by step guide tothe credit system.

Explore the Spectacular IMVU Instant Messaging Virtual World.

imvu name change log
imvu name change log

IMVU [Instant Messaging Virtual Universe]  is a 3-Dimensional Avatar social app for those who love exploring the virtual world. With some exciting features, it segments and connects its over 40 million users on its distinct platform. IMVU name change on its user profiles, instant text messaging, and group conversations are notable features.

On a large virtual social networking platform like IMVU, you can go online without revealing your identity or physical appearance and establish acquaintances. Individually or in a group, you can enjoy 3D conversations while interacting with individuals of all backgrounds. Furthermore, if you want to create an account on IMVU, you can do so using any device you like because it is well-compatible with all of them.

Within the IMVU Universe, Explore Its Visually Stunning Features.

In the virtual platform of 3-dimensional avatars, each gets the opportunity to interact with others in numerous avenues, namely chatting, dating, creative artwork, playing games, and shopping for clothes and accessories. Furthermore, you can avail yourself of the facility of customizing the design of your clothes, dancing style, singing karaoke, and many other exciting features.

You can learn various daily activities to enjoy exhilarating experiences and stay busy as you like. In broader terms, it has unlimited potential to create your avatars, change outfits, and roam around with your friends. You can use the 3D chat option to share pictures, dancing, and lip-synching video clips. Work projects and live on-stage promotion offer another excitement to share content. Consequently, it gets appraisal as one of the best online virtual platforms thanks to its massive fan following worldwide.

How to Change Your Display Name in your IMVU App

imvu name change tokens
imvu name change tokens

It is customary to change your IMVU name using different devices.

  1. iPhone/iPad (iOS) Device.
  2. Android Mobile App.

Change the Nameon your IMVUAccountUsing aDesktop Computer.

  1. You can go through the web browser using a desktop computer.
  2. Next, open up an IMVU account. Then tap “Account tools” at the upper-right taskpane of the screen.
  3. Choose your “Change Avatar Name” from Dropdown
  4. Then appears the “Account Overview”popup window. You can fill up your account form by entering your current Display NameandPassword in its relevant field.
  5. Then click on Submit once you’ve done with the account details.
  6. You can finally confirm if you want to changeyour Display Name.

Use IMVU App to Modify your Name on your Smartphone

It is advisable to download your IMVU app if you’re using an iOS/Android device since mobile phones have no compatibility with changing your user name. However, creating and customizing your Avatar is relatively easy to run on it.

On your iPhone Device, Change Your Display Name.

Let’s learn how to download and amend your account details in the following segment.

  1. First, download the IMVU app using the App Store icon.Scroll down to navigate the app in the search bar, then click “Get” to download it on an iOS device.
  2. As you start downloading, it will verify the app before downloading with an Apple account. You can then configure using touch or face ID.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded it, it is time to access your IMVU account. Register your email or use your Facebook account to create an IMVU account.
  4. Next comes the task of personalizing your IMVU It opens up the option for dressing up your Avatar, making it over using a hairdo, eye lenses, shoes, or accessories.
  5. Then, fill up the relevant account details.Use display name and Password to register your settings.
  6. Finally, tab “Join Now” to initiate an IMVUNow login to your IMVU account will change the display name whenever necessary.

Change IMVU Display Name Through your Android Device

It’s similar to an iOS device, so if you want to use IMVU on your android mobile, you have a login to the device web browser or use the IMVU app to login to its account login credential. Sometimes you need to earn or buy creditsand then downloadits upgrades. However, be wary that changing the display name is not available. You can merely changethe display name in your IMVU mobile app.

  1. Login to your IMVU mobile app account.Then navigate your Profile Iconto the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Next, click “Edit,“which is visible next to your 3D Avatar. As soon as you click it, a display name screen appears that gives an option ofentering your 24-character tagline.
  3. You can then click save to confirm your amendments in account information.

What is the Best Way to Have Your IMVU Account’s Name Change History?

Now you can view the IMVU history of how many times you have changed your display name. IMVU has stored all the details of the previous display name change in your account. You can here access it.

  1. Login to your IMVU accountto navigate its account details.
  2. You can then open Account Tools >View Name Change History>Name Change Log.
  3. You can now checkthe name change log already in each user account.
  4. Finally,click on your previous avatar name links toaccess it.

Use a Paid Subscription to Upgrade Your Free Visitor IMVU Account.

name change imvu
name change imvu

The IMVU generally offers the guest if your register from a free account; therefore,the guest always precedes the display name. Thus, if you intend to change your guest mode, you must upgrade to a premium account by paying on credit. Let’s discover how you can do it.

  1. Open up the web browser, then navigate IMVU’s official website.
  2. Then go to the topmenu bar then click the “Credit” tab>Buy Credits in the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, under the head of Upgrades,select the package to purchase the premium subscription.
  4. Then comes the payment method,where you can click “Checkout” to confirm your purchase decision.

Once you have purchased your premium, it will unlock the “Name Change”option. You can buy it as you update your IMVU account. A premium subscription is also an incumbent option if you want to modify your avatar name.

How Can You Change the Avatar Nameon your IMVU Account?

Some prerequisites are at this moment mentioned in the subsequent section if you want to replace your avatar name as you like. You can easily use name change tokens that follow the condition that you always must abide by them.

  • Changing Avatar is the paid feature that unlocks in already Premium
  • Replace your name with some exclusive avatar name, not exist in the IMVU system
  • Don’t change your avatar name if you have modified it in the past week.
  • You can buy a Name change Token using real currency (payment modes of Paypal or Debit Cards)
  • You can’t buy it using a credit card.
  • You can buy as many tokens as you want for IMVU accounts. However, you can use one ticket once to change the avatar name
  • You can’t keep the token in your IMVU account vault.
  • While changing your avatar name, it is noteworthy to change it for permanent use. You can not undo the newly revised name afterward.
  • You can look for unique names in the list of premium names.
  • Don’t use an unpaid credit offer before you want to change your avatar name.

That’s all for now on the detailed overview of how to change your name in your IMVU account.

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