Why Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Occurs (10 Best Fixes)

Instagram is a well-known social networking platform, and it has become addictive for every user. But, It was quite irritating when Instagram couldn’t be able to refresh the Feed. Despite relaxing, we have to figure out why the problem occurs and how to fix it. So, in this blog, we have covered the fixes and reasons to find out why it happens & how to fix the issue.

Instagram works great but sometimes, due to gets huge data volume each day, millions of users upload videos, reels, and photos every second. So it isn’t straightforward to make sure of a 100% workflow. Sometimes, we face issues in loading the Feed. So let’s move to the next section to encounter the issues.

Reasons- Why Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

couldn't refresh feed instagram
couldn’t refresh feed instagram

Due to the Instagram error, you cannot load your Feed. At present, many users report that when they load their Feed, they see the bug message that Instagram couldn’t load the Feed. So, in this section, we will discuss the root causes of the problem.

1.      Internet Connection

One of the usual causes of Instagram not loading the Feed is a slow or no internet connection. If the connection is not fast, it will create a problem loading the photos, videos, and reels. It also happens if the internet connection is overfull with high traffic.

2.      Instagram Cache is Full

If you face the performing issues, check the Instagram cache and delete them. These files are stored on the device to accelerate the load time. But, if the Cache is full, then the app could malfunction.

3.      Instagram is not Updated & couldn’t Refresh Feed

If you are using the previous version of the insta app, you could most likely face several issues with it, including the incapability to load the posts.

4.      Instagram Server Down

If the Instagram server is not working, you will see a glitch loading the Feed. Hence, the server problem does not occur often. But, when it does, it’s typically resolved easily. So, you just have to wait until the issue gets resolved in this situation.

5.      Incorrect Time & Date

Instagram may also not work accurately if you do not set the right time & date on your phone. If Instagram time and date do not relate to the ones you have picked, then the app could come across conflicting values, creating issues.

6.      Using 3rd Party Apps

If you are using any third-party computerized app to comment, like, or take any other action on Instagram, then you can be involved in this issue. Instagram is against using the other apps, and once it detects any app on your device, it will block some activities on the app. Then, you will end up with an error or bug.

Resolve the “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Issue- 10 Quick Fixes

why does my instagram say couldn't refresh feed
why does my instagram say couldn’t refresh feed

This section will discuss some methods to cope with the issues. So let’s move to the solutions.

1.      Restore Your Internet Connection

Most commonly, the leading cause of the error is the internet connection. Ensure that your mobile data or Wi-Fi is switched on and works fine by using the other apps or viewing the various web pages. Further, check if you have paid for the internet services. If you encounter any other issue with the internet, contact your service provider.

2.      Restart Your Phone

Sometimes rebooting the device can tackle the problem. If you keep receiving the “Couldn’t Refresh profile” error even after applying several methods, you should restart your phone and see if it solves the problem. Moreover, remember that you will have to press the power button until you see the reboot option and tap it on android. On iPhone, you should press down both the power & home buttons together for a few seconds; then, you will see the screen turns black & the Apple logo emerges.

3.      Clean the Cache to Resolve “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed”

Most of the apps create temporary files on your device. These files are not significant and precious. So don’t worry; you can delete them to free up some space. Let’s explore the steps to clear the Cache on android & iPhone.

Delete the Cache on Android

  • First, you have to hold the Instagram icon and choose the “About the Application”
  • Second, tap on the “Memory” from the windows.
  • Then, tap on the Clear cache Don’t confuse between the clear data button and clear Cache: if you choose the clear data, you will all your important files.

Delete the Cache on iOS

  • Launch the settings, and locate the “General” option.
  • Then, choose “iPhone Storage.”
  • Next, find the Instagram app, among other applications.
  • After that, tap on the Clear cache If there is no such option, then remove the application and install it again.

4.      Sign out of Instagram App & Sign in Again

You can try this method to solve the issue by signing out of the Instagram account. To sign out from Instagram, you have to click on your profile picture, then open the settings >log out. Next, Shut the app & re-login in by entering the username & password. Now, verify if the error is removed or not.

5.      Update your Mobile App to Resolve “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed”

If you still face the Instagram couldn’t load the feed error, then apply. You should update the app by opening the play store (if you are an android user) or the apple store (for iPhone users) and searching for Instagram. To ensure the app is up-to-date. If it is not, tap on “update” to install the latest version.

6.      Set Your Date & Time Correctly

If your date & time are not accurate on the phone, then Instagram will not load the Feed on your smartphone. It occurs because Instagram syncs the time & date with the phone settings. So, ensure the data & time on your device must be right, and for a better experience, set them to automatic to avoid such errors. To set the date & time, you should follow the below steps.

  • Launch the phone Settings.
  • Then, open the Additional settings.
  • Next, click on Date & Time
  • So here, you can allow the Use Network-provided Time & Date zone
  • Now, open the app & check whether the errors are removed or not.

7.      Ensure Insta Server to Resolve “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed”

Sometimes, Instagram feed error emerges due to the server problem. Thus, it is always the best idea to check if the Instagram server is up or not. If the server is down & the repairing works are going on, it is pretty clear to get into this difficulty. So, in this case, you just have to wait until the server issue gets solved.

8.      Adjust Your Instagram Data Limit

You may also get this Instagram to feed issue when the data usage is limited for this specific app. So, if the daily data usage surpasses, then the app will limit you from performing some actions like loading photos or videos. Ere are the steps to solve the problem, either you can delete the daily data usage limit restriction or enhance the data limit of the app.

  • Launch the Instagram
  • Then, open the Profile.
  • Next, click on the settings.
  • After that, open the Account
  • Then, click on the Cellular Data use.
  • So here, you can enhance the data limit or switch off the data server mode.

9.      Check if Instagram blocks you

When you carry out so many activities simultaneously on a new account, it can lead to your account being blocked by Instagram. Further, your account functionality will also be limited temporarily. It usually occurs because of using 3rd party services to boost the account inorganically. To make sure if Instagram has blocked you temporarily or permanently, you can view the Instagram app on your device and open the Account tab. So here, you have to click on the access data under “Data & History” to see if there is any warning about the account activity.

So, if the warning appears, then you should log out of all the third-party apps and see if that works to solve the Instagram issue.

10. Contact Instagram Support

Finally, if your Instagram feed can’t load the Feed, you can report the problem to Instagram support. You can view the app, sign in to your account and open the “Settings“> Help> then report the issue. Here, you have to explain the problem and submit it.

Wrapping Up

Getting the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” error is not a big thing, and you do not have to worry about it. We have mentioned the different solutions to tackle the issue. Hopefully, you have managed to resolve the problem with this guide. But, if the above methods did not work, you should report the issue to Instagram support. Share your experience in the comment section of what you have done to eliminate the error.

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