Interesting Websites That You Should Visit

Other than the social media platforms that we are mindlessly scrolling over and the streaming websites that help us conquer our boredom, the internet nestles in itself with wondrous content that is waiting for us to stumble upon it. Websites can be popular due to many reasons, some of which include traffic, celebrity content, knowledge, entertainment, and even business.

Even if you are not keen on a specific genre, you should be browsing the top-ranked websites of 2022 as they all serve a unique purpose. Moreover, they’re trending for other reasons such as usability experience, great navigation, etc. so even if you’re not inclined towards the content, you will greatly benefit from knowing how the websites function from the front and back end and who knows, your website might end up being ranked on the top the next year! To access the following sites, all you need is a stable internet service that enables you to grasp as much content as you like. So, if your internet provider is troubling you, cancel your subscription and sign up for a better provider like Spectrum Internet as it comes with incredible speeds and unlimited data.

With that said, let us discuss the top websites to visit this year and why visiting them is worth your time and effort!

Mental Floss

This website is not only a great way to kill time, but it helps broaden your mindset and fills it with the knowledge that you did not even think you needed. From scientific facts and how regular things around you work, to games trivia and quizzes, this website has it all. The content is top-notch and sharable, and the website aims at uncovering life’s little mysteries.

The Oatmeal

No, this website is not about porridge, recipes, or cooking. It is about comics and hosts a library of funny and insightful comic strips that will leave you wanting to read more. The comics are based on relatable real-life things that we can all learn from humorously.

Little Alchemy

Ever felt like you have not accomplished much in life? Well, this website will help you feel the exact opposite. It will allow you to become a virtual chemist and play with elements such as air, water, earth, and fire. Though it serves little purpose, the games are interesting, and the content is unique – I mean unless you have access to a proper lab without supervision, where else can you mix chemicals, get away with it, and have fun doing it?

The Moth

Real-life stories told by real-life people are the best kind of tales as we all have stories to share, and we stem from different backgrounds and beliefs and have led different lives. The website has stories from people across the world, be it billionaires, bus drivers or high school teachers, etc. Everyone shares their insights as to what life is and stories about leading such a life. If you are not a keen reader, you can also listen to the stories by opting for the podcast button.

How Stuff Works

This website talks about how things work and what happens behind what we see in daily life – from how train engines started to how you can get yours started to why Cheetos are most loved in the USA etc. the topics are fun, meaningful, and endless! You are been warned, you’ll be addicted and showered with knowledge. Who doesn’t want to be the miss smarty-pants in the room?

A Good Movie to Watch

Don’t trust your friends’ suggestions of what to watch on Netflix?. Have a different taste than your better half as of what to watch over Amazon Prime? This website will have you covered! It recognizes your pattern, likes, and dislikes, and based on its algorithm, it compiles a list of movies to watch based on your preferences! Movie nights have just gotten a whole lot better!

The Onion

This website is a remarkable piece of the invention and has been so since 1988 as the writers behind it are great minds at work. They make the simplest news seem funny. And compared to your traditional news websites and channels, the content is the same, the delivery of it is not. The Onion makes everything seem interesting from the news of a baby being born in South Africa to who should be elected president in the USA.

Honest Slogans

A one or two-time worth visiting the website, but quite promising, Honest Slogans makes fun of popular brands and their taglines by changing them to what the brands should stand for. You can submit your insights as well. The content is fairly shareable, though it might offend the owners of the brands! But hey – no publicity is bad publicity.

Apartment Therapy

This website serves as a therapeutic place for designers, home organizers, and all people who love a good old setting. They even have a Before and After section on their page, other than the Home Projects and Organize section, which has gained a lot of views and traffic. This website will surely make you unleash your creativity and put it to good use!

Wrapping Up

Often at times, we are not aware of the interesting websites that we can visit online while we are browsing. In this article, we have mentioned some of the most interesting websites that you can visit online.

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