Invisible Name Among Us “Get Unnamed Identity On PC & Phone”

In the among us game, taking an invisible or blank name is the preferred type of trick that every player desires. Because making your character name anonymous has advantages for both crewmates and imposters. However, doing this is pretty tricky, and having fun as well.

In this article, we will let you know about everything that helps you to get anonymity among us.

So, hover to learn about it.

About Multiplayer Game Among Us

This outline states that among us is an online multiplayer and social deduction game genre. The American Game Studio Innersloth actually established the game, and they made it available this games in 2018. However, the developers of this game were basically motivated by the party game Mafia and the horror movie The Thing.

Moreover, the design and interface are based on the space theme, displaying players in colorful armless animated astronauts. Every participant will take on one of two characters to start the game.

1: Crewmates

2: Impostors

  • Crewmates: The mission is to recognize and vote out the impostors or finish all the map tasks. However, most of the players pick crewmates.
  • Impostors: The mission of the Impostor’s character is to secretly damage the mission of Crewmates by killing them before they finish their tasks. Or making a tragedy that can lead them to incomplete the tasks in time.

Malfunction: Among Us Invisible Name


As per the update of 18 November 2020, if a player tries to use an utterly blank name or use space in the name of a character in Among Us game, the server gives this error.  

The server refused the Username

So, unfortunately, they could not access anything or use the blank name anymore in the game. However, the developer of the game Innersloth patched a bug or glitch in the 2020’s update. Due to that glitch, this fun trick blanks the character name is not probable.

However, there is a new update launched on 23 October 2022. The game developer still did not allocate or remove this malfunction. Therefore, nowadays, taking a hidden or blank name for a character that the player chooses in the among us is unfortunately not probable as per the up-to-date version. But some players apply a trick with a tiny dot (ž) that almost similarly looks invisible.

How To Get an Invisible Name in Among Us on Smartphones?

Suppose you want to play a game anonymously in Among Us. Therefore, you navigate to create a game or find the game and put the box blank. The box shakes contemptuously, so, in that circumstance, what will you do?

Here we have shared the steps that you can follow to get the blank name.

  • First of all, hover over the Among us game app on your device.
  • Now the main page will appear on your screen. Here you will see 2 options Online and Local.
  • Tap on the Online option. Here tap on the name option, and delete the existing name.
  • Here enter the Hangul Filler Unicode (U+3164), then tap on the OK option.
  • After that, tap on the create game option to start the game.
  • When you start playing the game, your identity will appear as a tiny dot like; (ž).

NOTE: Only apply the U+3164 code *without brackets*

Invisible Name Among Us PC

Assume you are playing among us on a desktop or browsing device. So, unfortunately, the developer of this game blocked the way of typing or pasting the Unicode with a keyboard. Don’t worry. We have a workaround and found a technique to manage the Among Us character names.

Track these steps carefully to know how you can do this method.

  • First of all, if you did not give yourself a name among us, so do it because you will need an identity to replace it with an invisible name.
  • Then close the among us game and navigate to the Local Disk C file folder on your pc device.
  • Here click on the Users folder and hover over the Folder which you use to log into your desktop.
  • In this Folder, search for a hidden folder where you will find an AppDatafolder.
  • Here open the LocalLow file folder and then PlayerPrefs.
  • Then click on the innerslothFolder. Here you will see Among Us game. Now right-click on the PlayerPrefsfile.
  • Choose the select with option from the pop-up menu. To open the file, choose Notepad.
  • Here in Notepad, you will see a long text and numbers. At the start of the text, you will see your current name of Among Us.
  • Now cut that name and place the quotation marks with blank space. ”      “….. then copy the blank space carefully.
  • After that, exit all the Folder and Notepad and open Among us. Here pastes that blank space that you copy from the Notepad.
  • At last, tap on the create game option to start the game. When you are playing, your name will be unseen.

NOTE: You can’t play in the online lobby using this technique (blank name).

How to Make your Name Invisible in Among Us for Local Play?

In among us game, if a player wants to play the game without identity while online, it is not possible inappropriately. However, a player can use the blank or no name when playing the game in local mode.

These steps are to get the blank name in Among us in local mode.

  • Navigate to Among Us game on your device. And tap on the Name tab and select the local option.
  • After that, remove the current name; below, we share the blank space, copy and paste it without brackets.
  • Then hit on the OK option. After that, tap on create game option to start it. That’s it.

(                  )

Hangul Filler Unicode U+1364 In Among Us

Hangul Filler Unicode
Hangul Filler Unicode

Hangul Filler Unicode character was launched in 1993 that works as a blank component. Primarily this code includes in the Unicode’s hangul compatibility Jamo block.  In addition, this code is used in the Korean hangul script that acts as an empty space element.

As we stated above, it is an invisible or blank element, and you can apply this code U+3164 in different games like Free Fire, Minecraft, Among Us, and hangul filler copy. Moreover, correspondingly used on diverse social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Advantages of Invisible Name in Among Us

To get the blank name in Among Us game is a valued trick. Below we have collected some of its advantages while playing the game.

  • If a player has an empty name in Among Us, this makes their character slightly more problematic to encounter or notice.
  • If a player chooses the crewmate character in the game and has a blank name so it can be unnoticed by the imposters.
  • Another advantage of being anonymous is allowing the imposter character to kill more rapidly.


Making an invisible name in the Among us game is a fun trick and an exclusive skill for players who play this game on smartphones. Meanwhile, desktop or browser players don’t have this option (blank name).

However, our team researches and works to get the blank name for PC players. This post also describes how you make a blank name among us. Moreover, we also share a lot of information about the blank name among us.

So, share this guide with your friends, and let us know in the comment box if you have any queries; we are always here to help you.

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