iPhone 13 Tips And Tricks With IOS 16 features

iPhone 13 tips & tricks you probably need to know. If we say that the iPhone is the dominant phone in the market, it wouldn’t be wrong because whenever the iPhone introduces its new series of phones, we all know it will break records of success. The iPhone comes up with many features, though we wouldn’t know most of them.

However, Apple only highlights the main features of their product, and the rest of them we come to know when we buy iPhones ourselves and search for those features on our own. Probably many of you should be familiar with the iPhone 13, and maybe you have one.

So if you are willing to know about the hidden tips and tricks of your iPhone 13 (IOS 16), then we have some of the best iPhone 13 hidden secret tips you have probably not heard before. However, the features we are about to explain will 2x your iPhone 13 experience and also helps in privacy protection perspectives.

1.    Protect your lockscreen features

Did you know many features are accessible even if your iPhone 13 is on the lock screen? Anyone can easily manipulate your airplane mode, sound, and even your alarms. However, you can now customize your lock screen settings on your own with the iPhone 13, and the method is quite simple.

  • Go to your iPhone settings.
  • Tap the face ID & passcode option.
  • Scroll a little, and you’ll see all the lock screen features. Simply enable & disable the feature that you didn’t want anyone to access, and Wuala! Now nobody can’t access your lock screen feature anymore.

2.    IPhone 13 tips & tricks (Alternate Face ID)

The most irritating thing is when we travel somewhere and try to unlock the iPhone with sunglasses on, and it doesn’t open. So we need to open it by typing in the passcode, which is very frustrating. However, the alternative Face id plays a part here where you can easily add your alternate appearance means you diversify your appearance to unlock your face id. However, the procedure to do this is as follows.

  • Go to your settings and tap Face ID & passcode.
  • Scroll a little and tapthe set up an alternative appearance.
  • And quickly add your alternative appearance by scanning your face with the glasses on, and you are all good to go. Now you can open your iPhone 13 face id with the dual appearance.

3.    Smart photos

IPhone introduces its smart photo feature where you can easily copy the text from your gallery photo or video and paste it to your messages or wherever you can. However, you can directly call by tapping the phone number from the photo of the business card and pamphlet though you can also add that contact to your phone. Moreover, you can also directly open the link from the photo though.

4.    Set sleep timer

This feature helps you set your phone to sleep at a given time. Many people often sleep while watching a movie, and their mobile is still playing a video which reasons in battery draining aspects.

So what if our iPhone automatically locks at a certain given time? Thanks to iPhone (IOS 16), now you can set up your iPhone lock timer. Follow the steps below to learn how to do that.

  • From your home screens, open your clock app.
  • After opening the clock app at the bottom right, tap the timer function.
  • Set your timer according to your wish, then tap the when timer ends option.
  • Scroll a bit, select the option stop playing,and click on set showing at the upper right.
  • After that, tap the green start button

However, a timer will automatically switch off all the stuff at the set time.

5.    IPhone 13 useful widgets

You can find some useful widgets on iPhone 13 (IOS 16). For example, it may happen to you whenever you’re outside. The battery of your airpod is always out of charge, and you don’t know how you can be up to date regarding your airpods battery.

In this scenario, the battery widget is your best friend, where you can see your battery life at one glance on your home screens. You can also install a reminder, Google Maps, and health widgets where you can track your maps and health information.

6.    Medicine reminder

The best feature I like so far is the medicine feature, where you can track your medical records within your health app. However, you can simply add your medicine timing and your daily intake timing, and at the period of its notification, you can mark the taken or skipped option. This feature is probably good for our parents and grandparents.

7.    Edit your messages

These tips & tricks of iPhone you probably not have heard before. However, with the iPhone 13 (IOS16), you have a feature where you can easily edit and delete your sent message in your messaging app. The method of this is quite simple

  • Long press the message and edit your message, then resend it again.
  • Press long on to the message, tap on undo send and your message vanishes automatically.

8.    Child mode (Guided Access)

This feature is designed basically just to keep your mobile application safe from your child’s access. You can now have the option to limit your child’s usage over your iPhone by enabling the guided access option by tapping your home button 3 times. Although you can also enable this option by going to your iPhone settings>accessibilities> and switching on the button of Guided Access.

9.    Hide your unnecessary apps

There are many apps you perhaps don’t use too much, like banking apps and travel apps. Thus hiding these unnecessary apps is the only catch. However, you can hide these app pages simply by long-pressing the center bottom dots, and when the apps are jiggling, tap those dots again.

Then select which page you want to hide and tap the done option from the upper right corner.After this, your iPhone looks clean and clutter-free.

IPhone 13 tips & tricks in a nutshell

The tricks we’ve told you about are linked with the IOS version and some with the iPhone 13. However, these tricks also apply to your iPhone versions 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, etc.

It often happens the company itself wouldn’t tell you about some of the features though you need to discover them on your own.

That’s why we found it our duty to share the top 9 iPhone 13 (IOS 16) features with you guys that we know of. So I hope you find this article helpful for further queries. Drop the comment below, and we’ll try our best to answer you.

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