iPhone Keyboard Settings- Adding & Modifying

Most mobile phone holders devote their day to using the keyboard to communicate with friends and family. However, typing on iPhone’s native keyboard is not more eligible as the best skill. But providentially, you can modify iPhone basic keyboard settings to make your text, posts, emails, and captions more precise.

This article will let you identify what all the keyboard settings do on iOS.

Moreover, this guide correspondingly lets you know how to reset keyboard settings iPhone features like layouts, language suggestions, text replacement auto-correction, and caps lock. In addition to how they work.

Modify Instinctive iPhone Keyboard Settings

Modify Instinctive iPhone Keyboard
Modify Instinctive iPhone Keyboard

The iPhone has built-in native keyboard options that make it easy and appropriate to use. However, the settings on the native iOS keyboard can be customized.

Below, the image shows iPhone virtual keyboard features that make typing quicker, more keener, and easier.

iPhone’s Feature (Keyboards)

  • Open iPhone and hover over the settings.Now, hover over the general option from the settings menu.
  • Then tap on the keyboard. Here are the native keyboard options on iPhone.
  • Now tap on the very first option keyboards. This option offers to choose the layout, language, and third-party keyboard apps.

So, let’s check how to add multiple languages, layouts, and third-party apps to iPhone’s keyboard.

Convert Keyboard Layouts

  • In the keyboard settings menu, tap on the keyboards option that sees at the top of the menu.
  • Then tap on the English. Now here are three options of layouts. Choose any one option as per preference.
  1. AZERTY: This keyboard layout is used in Latin and is normally used in France. Also, this layout appears at the top row of the key letter and starts with A-Z-E-R-T-Y.
  2. QWERTY: this is a standard United States keyboard layout. Also, this design seems at the top line of the key letter and starts with Q-W-E-R-T-Y.
  3. QWERTZ: this layout is mostly used in Europe and standardly in Germany. The top of the key letter starts with Q-W-E-R-T-Z in this arrangement.

Customize iPhone Keyboard Language Settings

The server of the iPhone bids to access eighty-plus overseas languages. Let us know how you can add the languages to the iPhone.

  • Navigate to the iOS settings and tap on the keyboard option from the settings menu.
  • Here select the Keyboards option that seems at the top of the page. Now add new keyboards option will appear on your screen. Click on that.
  • Now select the language that wants to complement on the keyboard. Selected languages will add to the list of available keyboards.

Though when you purchase an iPhone, it generally originates with a pre-loaded keyboard in the county’s language. But iPhone offers to add, change, or switch the languages in the key panel.

Here are the instructions to adjust the language settings on iPhone and iPad keyboards.

  • To switch the language, tap on the globe icon in the key panel’s last row.
  • Now a list of available keyboards appears on your screen. Insert the preferable language from the list.

Include Third-party Apps to iPhone Keyboard Settings

When you purchase the iPhone and iPad from the stores, it arises with built-in keyboards, although not everyone will find them to their taste. This fitted key panel brings useful but limited features. But fortunately, iOS 8 and later versions permit third-party keyboards application to support different features.

To cooperate with the app on iOS, track the below steps.

  • Install the key apps on iOS from the app store. Then navigate to the keyboard settings menu list.
  • Here tap on the keyboards option, then select the Add new keyboard…
  • Now select the third-party keyboard to insert into the iPhone keyboard settings.

NOTE: To use the new app key panel, tap on the globe icon from the keyboard. After that, a menu list pops up. Here tap which you want to use.

Here are some of the top third-party keyboard applications. Check them out.

  • Grammarly: A Grammarly keyboard application bids the grammar analyses, spell check, punctuation, synonyms, auto correct, and distorted words features. That helps a user to physique their vocabulary.
  • Fleksy: It is the fastest keyboard in technology and is obtainable in 28 languages. It also offers fifty-plus color themes that cost about a Dollar and have a Gifs search engine.
  • GBoard: This key panel app is from Google for your iPhone and iPad. It allows you to search google for information and directions such as news, sports slashes, weather, and images and videos.
  • Bitmoji: This keyboard application is one of the most common of all of them. However, it offers you to change and send your own made emoji.
  • Color Keyboard: This incredible key panel application allows users to change the background using color consistencies and images. Moreover, it also offers to modify the buttons and border of the iOS keyboard.
  • SwiftKey: This keyboard application has full of many features. For instance: offer more than 150 languages, uncountable emojis, immediate swipe typing, and your keyboard layouts.

Text Replacement

The iPhone default keyboard settings have a typescript replacement feature that lets you put the keys you want to use as a shortcut for phrases

  • To set the Shortcut, navigate to the text replacement option from keyboard settings.
  • Here click on the plus icon (+). Now type the phrase in the phrase box and the Shortcut of that phrase in the shortcut box.
  • In the end, tap on the save button to add in the text replacement.

Look at the image and get ideas for shortcut slogans.

One Handed Keyboard

This key panel feature was released from iOS 7 Plus that permits picking the key panel from the left or right side. This feature will modify the keyboard as you must type with one hand.

  • To arrange the key panel on one side, tap and grasp the globe or emoji icon from the keyboard.
  • Choose the left or right-handed keyboard icon from the popup screen.

iPhone Keyboard Settings Predictive

The predictive feature access the key panel to suggest the next words and emojis, which is built on your activity on iOS.

  • Turn on the predictive function, hover over the keyboard settings.
  • Toggle on or let green the toggle of the prediction option that looks next to the capslock option.



This feature of the iPhone keyboard setting uses a key panel dictionary to check the spelling of words while you are typing. Suppose the iOS device thinks that you are miss implying a word. This feature corrects it for you.

  • To turn on the auto-correction feature, navigate to the keyboard settings on iOS.
  • Switch the toggle left side to turn it on or green. Switch the right side to turn off auto-correction.

Enable Caps Lock

The keyboard’s caps lock feature automatically inserts each letter in the capital form you type. To switch on the caps lock, double-click on the shift key that sees next to the Z key from the keyboard while typing.

After enabling the caps lock, tap the shift key once to disable this mode.

Auto capitalization 

At the keyboard settings of the iOS device, swipe to the right side to switch on the toggle to make it green. When a user switches on this feature, it will automatically capitalize the first letter of each sentence you type.

Swipe the toggle on the left side to turn off the auto-capitalization feature.

iPhone keyboard Settings Smart Punctuation 

keyboard Settings Smart Punctuation
keyboard Settings Smart Punctuation

This function works on iOS 11 and later series. The smart punctuation renovates the straight quotation marks to the curly position.

To enable smart punctuation, navigate to the keyboard settings and turn on its toggle. The quotes and apostrophes are robotically switched into complements.

For instance:

  • When you type “GOOD”, it turns into an appropriate smart quote like “GOOD” when the smart punctuation feature is enabled.
  • Suppose you insert (–). It will automatically switch as (—) if the smart punctuation is enabled on your iOS.

Permit Character Preview Via Keyboard Settings

Permit Character Preview Via Keyboard Settings
Permit Character Preview Via Keyboard Settings
  • First, switch on the feature (character preview) in the keyboard settings list on iPhone.
  • Press and grip a definite key while typing. A popup list appears on the screen if there is an extended character.
  • Select a character by pressing your preference and lift it when you type that character.

Keep in mind that every single key has no other prolonged character. However, some keys have accent marks in German and Spanish.

Enable Dictation

The dictation option for the key panel only works on iOS 12 and later series. However, a user has to tap on the microphone and speak into their iOS though typing on the keyboard. Then it will automatically decode your speech into text form.

To activate this function navigate to the keyboard settings menu of the iOS. Here drag the toggle of Enable Dictation to the left side to turn it on.


Customizing the keyboard settings on iPhone or any other iOS device helps a user type quickly and appropriately. Set up the key panel features for the ways you desire most right from the start of the keyboard setting menu list.

This post lets to choose and modify the situations of the key panel on iPhone’s different models.

Tell us in the comment box if you have any queries.

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