iPhone Message Tricks: You Shouldn’t  Miss

iphone message tricks you wouldn’t know? If you are an iphone user, then you’ll probably be familiar with the IMessage feature. iMessage has many cool features, like deleting all unnecessary messages in one go, styling bold italic texts, emojis, group text, pinning conversation to the top, etc., making using iPhone simpler.

But what if I tell you that there must be a possibility that you don’t know about some hidden feature of iMessage? And you didn’t even think that the iphone you grabbed in your hand was far more than what you thought.

As been using the iphone for at least two years now, I spotted some hidden features of iMessage. And found out what if I share that information with you guys. However, there are more practical features in iMessage, which make chats more vibrant and convenient. These special effects can add spice & style to your messages.

However, in this article, we’ll share some cool hidden iphone message features. So go through the process from top to bottom. We explain those tricks briefly.

Note: these special effects only appear when you are sending an iMessage, or in other words, when you are texting someone who also has an apple device. Android users would not see these special features. Moreover, they also don’t work if you do not have internet.

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Animation & Effects in iMessage

The coolest thing is when there is a smooth animation show on every pattern of the device you are using. Enlighten & charming interface has always attracted users so far. How could we aspect the iPhone to be the last player in the race? iPhone introduced some developed graphic features regarding iMessages. There are some veiled codewords when you type them in the Message. The screen effect functions accordingly to the written codeword.

To send a cool animation to someone, simply type one of the codewords below into iMessage. The recipient must have an iPhone for effect to appear. If you’d rather not use a codeword, you can always hold down on the blue send button after typing the Message. It will show you the list of effects you can add to any message of your choice.

Remember, this trick only works when you are typing just codeword in the Message. Adding codeword with other text never functions this trick.

iMessage Screen Effect Codewords

  • “Pew Pew”- Laser light show
  • Happy birthday: flying balloon animation
  • Happy new year: for fireworks animation
  • Congratulations- Confetti
  • Happy Chinese New year- red explosion

Other effects are:

  • Eco – fill up the screen with bubbles
  • Spotlight – Puts a spotlight on your Message
  • Balloons – Balloons rise up from the bottom of your screen
  • Confetti – Confetti rains down
  • Love – Large heart bulges from your Message
  • Lasers – Laser light show
  • Fireworks – Fireworks explode on your screen
  • Shooting star – A shooting star fires across the screen
  • Celebration – A red firework show appears

These texts come with special screen effects when you type them. These Message’s effects match the contents of the messages & range from balloons, shooting stars, and lasers to confetti fireworks. We also have another method for applying animation effects: press the send button long after typing the Message.

Let us tell you the most famous iMessage feature is bubble animation, and practically doing it gives you more fun. The bubble message animation is a blue inkpopup with a pop sound. This effect provides you giant or tiny shaky SMS theme bubble. Though there are many options on the table regarding effects, choose any you like.

Mention Your Friends in iMessage Text

Friends in iMessage Text
Friends in iMessage Text


Mentioning a friend means that a person got the alert of your text. It’s a reminder that makes others see your SMS by mentioning his/her name on the Message and sending.

Suppose you type in a message to an individual that sends me a photo and then mention a person in the Message you want to remind about this Message by typing his/her contact or name.

For example, Go to your iMessage and type any message. After typing in the Message, put a space and type a person name whom you want to message, then a tiny popup profile appears of that person. Click the profile and send the Message.

iPhone Message Tricks: Shake Your iphone to Undo Message 

If you are writing a long message, then it’s obvious that you’ll need to rewrite it again and again. The thing that irritates you is pressing backspace over and over.

To get rid of the backspace option iphone bring its goofy feature of shaky iphone, shake your iphone. A popup menu appears, then click on undo. This will undo the whole Message, so feel free to type in another one.

Add Stickers & GIFs

Make your conversation cool by adding some amazing stickers to your messages. Tap on the text field, strike the app store, and then look for the stickers you wish to install. Once you have installed it, open your stickers bundle on the message field. Click and hold the sticker you like, then drag it whenever you wish to appear on the message bubble. You can even make your own GIF sticker with the free sticker maker pro app. This will adds bloom to your messaging as you have more options to express your feelings.

Bubble Effect Options

you can also use fun bubble special effects in your messages. You can preview the message bubble in the app; here are your options.

  • Slam is tough to capture in a screengrab, but it will make your text “Slam” down on the screen like a boulder.
  • Loud: it creates the text super-sized before returning to its usual size.
  • Gentle: start your text message in a smaller font than usual, then grow it back to its normal size.
  • Invisible Ink: your text message will look blurry and scrambled at first, and you will have to click it to reveal the actual message.

Automatically Delete Messages

If you are running out of storage on your iPhone you will love this iMessage feature. By setting your phone to remove older messages automatically, you will keep sufficient space on your phone to get more messages and thus be able to interact with friends.

Moreover, you can also delete multiple messages together at once in a conversation. Follow the below instructions.

  • Long-press the text in a conversation and click on More.
  • Now, click on circles to choose multiple messages from the left edge.
  • Then, click on the trash iconà Delete the number of messages.

Iphone Text Message tIPS aND Tricks: Pin Your iMessage Conversation

Pin conversation is not available just in iMessage though other platforms give this facility too. But what use case of pinning in iMessages?

Pinning a conversation means you don’t need to hassle too much to find your favorite conversations. Instead, pinning a conversation saves your conversation in a particular portion where you can find it easily.

Follow the steps below to pin your talk.

  • Open your iMessage and choose the conversation which you want to pin.
  • There are two ways to pin conversation. Hold the conversation long, drag it and drop it at the top of the iMessage. A picture profile of that person shows at the top of the page where you dropped the communication.
  • The second way is to slide the conversation to the right, which gives you the pin option in yellow click it to pin your talk.

One-Handed Keyboard iPhone Message Feature for Flexibility

Most people like to text using one hand though it looks very uncomfortable, and surely it hurdles the user too. So for the comfort of the user iphone bring its one-handed keyboard feature.

It helps users type more restfully and move the keyboard close to the thump so it won’t hurt your thump. The procedure is as follows

  • Open your iMessage and click on the message section where you used to type messages.
  • At the bottom left of the keyboard, click on the world icon.
  • Three keyboard shows on the screen select from the three which one you want to choose either choose the left one, right or middle.
  • This will allow you to select the keyboard that which keyboard is nearer to your thump.

Do Not Disturb Mode For Groups

iMessages groups are cool, but they can be irritating at times. iMessages lets you activate do not disturb mode, particularly for text messages. To allow this feature:

  • Click on the “i” button on the conversation page.
  • Switch on Do not disturb mode.
  • On iOS 15, you can find this option as “Hide alerts.”

Backup iPhone Messages

To keep your messages secure, ensure that you take a timely backup of your messages and other data. One must take a backup of their messages on iCloud. To do this, open your iPhone’s settings > iCloud > Storage and backup, and then toggle on the iCloud backup feature. Further, ensure that the option for iMessage is turned on. You can also click on the “Backup now” button to take an instant backup of your data.

iPhone message Tricks: Dictate iMessage to write a text

You know one thing as life goes on, things get easier for us in the face of technology. Writing a message is more likely a vintage style. However, the future is your voice.

Can you imagine you are saying something, and the dictator in your iMessage will type what you’re saying? But all you need to do is thoroughly follow the simple process.

  • Open your conversation in the iMessage and click on the message section.
  • You’ll find the microphone option twice on the page, one on the right side of the typing message section and the second at the bottom right of the page.
  • Click on the microphone option and say anything. Suppose, “How are you.” The system will type that Message. This is a convenient way to write long messages.

iPhone Imessage Tricks: Handwritten Icon to Type Text

If you are fond of calligraphy and like to write in a traditional style. Give credit to the iphone that how it tricks your unconscious and gives the feature in your iMessage.

The process of doing it is quite simple. All you need to do is follow the steps underneath

  • Go to your iMessage and open a conversation.
  • Rotate your iphone, then click on a handwritten icon at the right bottom of the keyboard.
  • Write a text using i pen or with your finger and click on done and send.

after you write a handwritten message, send it, the message is saved at the bottom of the handwriting screen. To send the saved message again, tap on it. If you want to delete the saved message, hold it until the message shake. 

IPHONE MESSAGE TRICKS: Share your location Via iMessage

My personal favorite on the list is sharing locations through texts. The reason is that I used to travel a lot and during traveling, I face many problems regarding locations. However, I got benefited from the location feature on the iphone. But if you have the same alike situation, then follow the lines below to learn the procedure

  • As we taught before, open a person iMessage conversation with whom you want to share your location
  • Click on a person’s name and then “i” option.
  • Click on share my location and then gives the time frame that how long you want the system to share your location.

Additionally, you can also share your location directly from the Apple maps app. Here are the steps on how you can do it.

  • Launch Apple maps & wait a few seconds to locate you.
  • Click on Share.
  • Now, select Message from the share sheet.
  • Type the contact person and click on the send arrow icon.

Hide Shared with You for a Particular Person

With the iOS update, apple released the shared with You feature for iMessage. It allows the messages app to automatically separate the shared content and show them into proper apps. For example, all the sites shared with you are in the lick section, images in the photos section, etc. Although, you don’t always wish the content from every person to display in the respective app. Hence, you can also conceal the shared content from certain people to appear in the apps. Here’s how.

  • Launch Messages à click on the conversation with the content you want to hide.
  • Click on the name at the top.
  • Then, the switch-off Show in shared with you.
  • Now, tap on

New Feature of iMessage in iOS 16 You Must Know

iMessage just got more better with an amazing feature in the new update, iOS 16. This update is quite noteworthy as it brings many new features, including new notifications & live activities, a customizable lock screen, improvements to focus, multistep routing in maps, and big modifications to the message app. there is plenty of cool new thing in iOS 16, but the most significant are the changes in iMessage.

The greatest new capability in iMessage is the option to edit text. Have you ever sent a wrong message and noticed lately that you have typed it wrong? Now you don’t have to worry about it. With iOS 16, a brand new edit feature lets you edit the text.


For the first-hand user, it’s impossible to explore these hidden iphone message tricks at first sight. And many users are just using iMessage as normal messaging without knowing that there is much more to avail.

We tried to describe these hidden tricks concisely. To hunt more techniques, buy your first iphone. Continuous usage of your iphone will improve your knowledge, and shortly you will learn about more hidden features.

This article discusses tricks we know. For further queries, drop a comment below. We’ll search for that information and try to give the best possible answer.

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