Is the iPhone XR Waterproof? (Learn Exciting Feature)

The iPhone XR emerges as a water-resistant device as the iOS software and photographic features are constantly upgraded. It sounds great for those daring enough to take selfies near the water. The idea of a waterproof device turned into reality thanks to the iPhone’s emergence’s effort to satisfy its users. Since they’ve yearned for it for a long time, it is difficult to respond to the query, “Is the iPhone XR waterproof?” The response still suggests support for it. It does resist fluid as it comes with an IP67 rating, which means it has complete protection against the cover of tiny particles and is still waterproof for at least half an hour.

This article will learn more about IP ratings, which are the complete protection tips for the iPhone XR for solid and liquid materials, and the resistance of water to the iPhone, which will be in the subsequent section.

What Does Waterproof Mean?

After hearing the word “waterproof,” the scenario that comes to our mind to use the device entirely is waterproof. The waterproof means it is permeable whether the device is in water, but there is a catch in devices as gadgets are not completely waterproof but can be water-resistant.

Yes, of course, the iPhone XR undoubtedly stands up to the challenge of the water, but you should presume its limitations like any other electronic device. It is rife that whenever you hear the term “waterproof” associated with any device, then it will surely be resistant to water in all cases. However, sometimes it sounds absurd considering all devices are completely waterproof under all circumstances. It is not the case that iPhones, Apple Watches, AirPods, or any other Apple manufactured device are perfect in all circumstances. However, the iPhone XR can outperform its water-resistant device limitation. Thanks to its IP67 rating, it is a well-satisfactory iPhone called a water-resistant device. For more information, refer to IP67 in the subsequent section.

IP67 Shows Range Of Protection

Nowadays, the market has gadgets of IP67 rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which means devices are liquid (water) and solid (dust) proof. The numbers after IP shows the rating of water and dustproof. After IP, the first number indicates protection from 0-6 of solid objects like dust or sand, whereas zero shows no resistance. And 6 shows complete protection from solid objects. Another number after IP shows the protection from liquids (water or something). It has a range from 0-8. The rating means the gadget can be temporarily fluid-resistant but not for long. Apart from this, do not intentionally place an object on liquid or solid.

is the iphone 10 xr waterproof
is the iphone 10 xr waterproof

Water Resistant Feature of iPhone XR

The first and foremost thing is that no iOS is waterproof entirely. The iPhone XR is the advanced model of the iPhone X. The iPhone XR is water-resistant, but not for so long. It comes with the enhancement of built-in software and a camera and has an IP rating of 67. The iPhone has been tested in the laboratory for water and dust resistance. It is water-resistant for 30 minutes while underwater at a depth of 1 m maximum, showing the number 7. Which means it is still not resilient enough to be called waterproof.

As described in the above section, it is fully protected from solid materials by showing 6. It sounds exciting for those wanting to enjoy a watery place like a beach or pool, as it is not fully water-resistant for many hours but solid proof like dust or something. Why not try to be water adventurous with your iPhone? It would be best to have the protector for your iPhone XR.

Protection Tips for Waterproof iPhone XR

iPhone XR is waterproof and has a better resistance level to water and dust than other iOS. Although it has an internal adhesive cover to keep it safe from tiny particles. Still need extra preventive tips to avoid possible damages like in the previous iOS.

Let’s see the following tips

  • Use high-quality waterproof cases which are convenient to use also.
  • Escape using the toilet or while taking a bath.
  • Avoid selfies in the water, especially in rain or storms.
  • Keep away from the pool while surfing or swimming.
  • Expose your iPhone in all sorts of liquid, or immerse in pressurized fluid intentionally.
  • Disassembling the iPhone is like the curiosity of killing a cat.

Valuable Tips if iPhone XR Gets Wet

As mentioned above, the IP (Ingress Protection) is a built-in feature in iPhone XR. But in case of any watery flaws.

Follow these tricks, for instance.

  • Get off all the cables and accessories.
  • Gently wipe out with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Against hand, tap gently to drop out the water.
  • Place it in a dry or cool place or use a fan.
  • Get the SIM tray dry at least 5 hours before recharging.
  • Use an air dryer or cotton bud to clean ports and the device’s lightning connector.
  • Connect the charger completely dry.

Note: The essential point to remember is to avoid plugging in any device when it is wet. Whether it happens accidentally or intentionally otherwise, you have to see high consequences of damage.


Hopefully, the above knowledge about the iPhone XR is waterproof enough and fruitful. If you don’t take any precautions for the device, you really make a silly mistake by placing it in water. It seems that you have lost your investment and caused damage to the device. Better to use a catalyst cover for extra protection that has a feature to charge wireless also. A hardcover makes it challenging to use your iPhone and lose its beauty. For further damage, if it happens, contact Apple company.

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