iTunes For Chromebook Doesn’t Have To Be Hard To Install

Apple iTunes offers Windows and Mac Operating Systems subscriptions, allowing users to browse 70 million songs for listening on their portable devices. Adding Chromebook compatibility with Linux and Windows operating systems opens the door to an exhilarating experience unique to iTunes users. I’m sure you will find it handy when it comes to downloading iTunes for Chromebook OS without being native to its ecosystem.

Thanks to exciting features, convenient accessibility, and portability, Chromebook takes its iOS users on bridging uniformity between the two distinct ecosystems. With the intent of how to install Apple’s extensive iTunes music library on your Chromebook, the comprehensive guide is at your disposal.

itunes download for chromebook
itunes download for chromebook

How to Install Wine App for Chromebook?

Wine Application supports and integrates running Windows App on Linux OS. It’s imperative to install the iTunes Music Library with the developer mode On for Linux Operating System. Let’s start implementing the Wine container setup for experiencing the Windows iTunes version.

  1. First, launch the Beta feature on Chromebook. Then go to its Settings, where you can tab on Linux for the Beta version. You can then turn it on to activate it on Chromebook.
  2. After having the Linux Beta feature installed and activated in your Chromebook, the Linux terminal window will open up. You can even do so via its Applications Menu.
  3. You can easily install a wine application that demands updating the system packages using the given instructions.

    itunes alternative for chromebook
    itunes alternative for chromebook
  4. After that, you can perform the following command for downloading and installing it. <sudo apt-get install wine>

Activate the Wine App for 32-bits Supported Application

Once you have installed your Wine application, activate it for the 32-bit application with the following instructions. However, be careful in executing it one by one.

itunes for chromebook download
itunes for chromebook download
itunes app for chromebook
itunes app for chromebook

How To Download and Install iTunes for Windows Setup

download itunes for chromebook
download itunes for chromebook

It is time to download the iTunes setup for Windows 32-bits version. Then you can shift your downloaded file to the Linux directory. You can even rename the configuration file like “iTunesSetup.exe.”

  1. You can implement the command code by replacing the “iTunesSetup.exe” setup file name. After you are done downloading for iTunes setup, you can initiate installing it and then replacing the username with some appropriate name for your Chromebook. It is understood that the username must be for activation of the Linux Beta feature.

    itunes for chromebook os
    itunes for chromebook os
  2. With the Windows iTune setup, you can follow the instruction to go ahead by clicking “Next.”
  3. Then click “Install” with several installation options. After that, enable AutoRun if it is not activated in the pop-up window. Then initiate the installation process.
  4. Once you have finished installing it, then click “Finish.” That’s all about installing your iTunes for your Chromebook. You can successfully launch iTunes taken from the Linux Application menu. It should be available in your App Launcher.

How Can You Create iTunes App Shortcut

iTunes Setup file always requires you to launch it in App Launcher once you have installed it in your Chromebook. However, before executing it in your Chrome Operating System, you must modify the “iTunes.desktop” file.

  • When you open the Linux folder in your Files app, you can get through its directory.
  • Then navigate to the three-dot menu that will open visible at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose “Show hidden files,” where you can conveniently click through the following folder to locate the “iTune.desktop” file at Local>share>applications>wine>Programs>iTunes.
  • Just by right-clicking iTunes.desktop file then opens it in the text file to edit the system file.
  • The text file contains the Exec command in its third line that you must replace with the following three Lines. <Exec=env WINEPREFIX=”/home/username/.wine32″ wine “/home/username/.wine32/drive_c/Program Files/iTunes/iTunes.exe”>.
  • Once you have replaced it, you can save it with the renamed file using a Linux username. Now you can finally launch your iTunes App on your Chromebook.

Precautions On Setting Up The iTunes App

If you’re willing to access the library, click on the app icon to sign in to your Apple account. Sometimes, you can get a notification for an unsecured connection that you can easily dismiss and continue with your iTunes App experience. With Chromebook operational activity, you will notice that the Core i7 11th Generation Processor with 16GB RAM can be inefficient when running Linux-based Apps. You may encounter issues running iTunes in multiple layers.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1.    How Can You Download iTunes for Chromebook?

If you wish to download iTunes on your Chromebook, choose one of the options below. However, downloading and installing on a compatible platform takes some time and effort. Using the Chrome shortcut, you may download it. If nothing else works, you might want to try installing the Linux beta version of Chrome or a Chrome extension.

2.    Are There Any Alternative iTunes That Work Well For Chromebook?

If you can’t get the Linux-based iTunes software to work on your Chromebook, try one of the programs below that are compatible with your Chromebook.

  • Google Play Music
  • Wink Music
  • Spotify
  • Gaana
  • InstaDJ
  • Grooveshark

3.    How Can You install iTunes without Linux on your Chromebook?

If you want to get most of the iTunes soundtracks without any installation of the Linux beta version, then try out the official website by visiting: You can log in to its online musical platform. After that, you can then create a shortcut to its page. You can follow the given steps via the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, then go to “More Tools”, then navigate to “Create a Shortcut”.

4.    Why Can’t You Download iTunes For Your Chromebook?

iTunes is not compatible with the 64-bits version therefore you can’t download it on your Chromebook

5.    Can You Get iTunes App for Your Chromebook?

Yes, you can get iTunes App musical experience using the Chromebook Linux version.


Hopefully, it seems to be an effective and unpretentious way to utilize iTunes on the Chromebook. All you need to do is just subscribe before entering the library of millions of melodious soundtracks. You can share your valuable suggestions in the comments in case you come up with any other beneficial alternate method.

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